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Default WooHoo Challenge
WooHoo/Escort Challenge

This is my first attempt at writing up a challenge, suggestions are welcome! Also, I hope the content doesn’t interfere with the posting guidelines, if so I can re-word things.

Background: Pre-Get to Work, I was tired of sending my sim away to work and being left with little to do until she got home. I also enjoyed survival/jobless challenges, so I came up with this, originally calling it my CallGirl/Lady of the Night challenge. I haven’t fully fleshed out the details, but this is basically what I did. Once I finished the final tier, I married one of my Johns and started my legacy challenge with him, which is still running (ha).

Set up / Rules:
- Start on the smallest, least expensive lot, and bulldoze it.
- In world management, add a lounge/nightclub venue with a bathroom and bedroom to one of the existing nightclub/lounge community lots. (I used Euphoria Nightclub by KawaiiSimmerr from the Gallery; Red Light District by Xsyntinen is a good option too).
- For the home lot on tier two, I used “House of WooHoo” by Islarosexiv (me) but without electronics (the version shared is the final version with all restrictions lifted).
- You can add a fridge and a microwave to the community lot, near the bedroom area.
- Use cheat “Money 100” - you’re starting from the bottom.
- You may not build any skills aside from Charisma, and others that naturally come from interacting with other sims (Comedy, etc.).
- You may only make basic, level 1 foods for your Sim until the skill restriction has been lifted. No Gourmet cooking, no Homestyle cooking higher than level 1.
- You will only collect money after WooHoo has been performed.
- Set life to long during the challenge (not required, but it helps if you wish to complete it).
- Use the Simstats in the Simology pane (y) to keep track of how many time WooHoo has been performed.
- WooHoo goal numbers are cumulative (thus, WooHoo 100 times = total times WooHoo has been performed).
- You may not go to the Library, or own a bookshelf.
- You may not read books or have them on any of your lots until that restriction has been lifted.
- You may not own any electronics other than one small stereo (for "ambiance")until that restriction has been lifted.
- You may not purchase anything with aspiration points for the duration of the challenge.
- Mods/CC can be used at your discretion, but the challenge difficulty is really up to you in that case.

*Note: You may need to utilize household management to add sims to the townie population to reach the goal numbers for each tier.

Traits / Aspirations:
—> Choose the Serial Aspiration (helps with the bonus round)
- You can choose whichever traits you want, or if you want to make it difficult: Loner, lazy, materialistic, loves the outdoors, ambitious, genius, creative… basically anything but outgoing or romantic.
- Your sim will often be tense due to not building trait specific skills, or achieving anything other than charismatic endeavors. Tense sims don’t want to WooHoo.
- I prefer Romantic, Materialistic, Ambitious (It really bothered my sim to be without her own “new” material possessions, and she was often tense due to not having a “real” job, but she was always flirty and that helped).

The Challenge
Price lists at the bottom

TIER 1: Brothel
This is your home now, you can’t leave until you save up enough to move out on your own.

- You can only engage with clients that come to the lot. No invitations.
- You may not leave the lot.
- You must pay $250/day to the brothel (money cheat).
- If your Keeper/Madam gets angry/jealous/awkward with you, you must pay them $250.
- A “regular client” is someone you’ve WooHoo’ed with more than once.
- You may only sleep when the club is empty of clients, primarily during the late-morning hours. You must be available to work in the afternoon/evenings.
- You must order and drink at least two beverages from the bar (via mixologist, you cannot make your own) daily.

Goal: Gain 25 “regular clients” and WooHoo 50 times. Reach $15,000.
Minimum Duration: 5 days

Restriction to the Brothel Lot is lifted.

TIER 2: Streetwalker
You’re free from the brothel! You can now build on your home lot, solicit Sims, and have overnight clients.

- Your home may have a small kitchen, bathroom, and an open area bedroom and living/waiting room according to what funds you have saved.
- No electronics aside from 1 stereo, and kitchen appliances.
- No books or bookcases.
- You must accept every visitor that comes to your door, and you must complete a WooHoo with them for each visit (unless someone else is currently in bed with you).
- If you have a client in bed while another client shows up at your door, finish your WooHoo, collect your fee, and invite the next client in. It’s up to you whether you send the prior client away.
- You must shower/wash hands between each client.
- You may “pick up” sims passing by your lot, like a proper streetwalker.
- You may NOT leave your neighborhood. The likes of you won’t be welcome anywhere outside of your district.
- You must earn enough to pay your bills and maintain security, thus you must WooHoo at least 5 times/day.
- If you have time (which is unlikely) you can fish/dig for additional cash.

Goal: Pick up 15 sims from the street and WooHoo with them. Complete 15 additional overnight visits. WooHoo 75 times. Reach $25,000.
Minimum Duration: 7 days

Restriction to Neighborhood Lifted.

TIER 3: Escort
You’re in demand! You can now escort sims on dates, WooHoo on other lots, and acquire “Johns”.

- You can now acquire “Johns” via the “Ask to be boyfriend/girlfriend” command for financial gain.
- You may go on dates with Johns, as an escort, and WooHoo must be performed at least once with your date (immediately before or after the date, or during if you can manage/depending on venue).
  • You must reach at least Silver to get paid.
  • You also must get to a home lot with your date to WooHoo and get paid. If your sim leaves after the date, you must invite them back to WooHoo. If they don’t come back (busy/sleeping message), you just got stiffed and won't get paid.
- If your romantic relationship with your John dips below ~25%, you no longer get the John WooHoo fee. You must rebuild the relationship to above 25%, WooHoo once again, and then the John fee will be restored.
- You must go on a date at each of the community lots (except the Library) this tier. (Not all at once, of course).
- You must bathe between each client.
- If you have the GP, allow a John to wisk you away to a vacation destination for an additional fee ($500/day + Overnight charges).

Goals: WooHoo on another sim’s lot 3 times. Have 5 successful dates (with WooHoo). WooHoo 100 times. Acquire 12 Johns. Acquire 5 new clients. Take a trip with a John. Reach $40,000.
Minimum duration: 7 days.

Restriction lifted on Skill building.

You’re on top of the underworld, you saucy minx, you!

- Complete the Serial Aspiration.
- Invite all of your Johns to the current Lot.
- WooHoo with each John while all of your Johns are on the active lot (Collect $10,000 for achieving this).

Goal: WooHoo with a Voyeur (an additional sim on the active lot) 5 times. WooHoo 115 times. Reach $60,000.
Minimum Duration: 3 days

Restriction lifted on electronics and books.

Tier 5: Kept Pet
One of your Johns wants to pay to keep you only for herself/himself.

- John must be married to someone else.
- You must avoid the John’s spouse at all costs.
- You may not marry your John.
- You must WooHoo your John daily (even if you have to invite him/her over).
- You will get $2,000 / day from your John for your services.
- You must “break-up” with your other Johns.
- You must cook one meal each day for your John, whether he/she actually eats it or not.
- You may start to build one skill at a time.
- If you choose to have another client, you must not let the John know. The client pays more for your limited access, as well as for ensuring secrecy.
- If your John comes to your lot with another client in your bed or in a state of undress, you have to restart the current Tier with a new John.
- If restarting, you must choose a former John with the negative romantic relationship level (because you broke it off with all the others) and build it back to 75% or higher in order to continue.
- Take a romantic trip/vacation with your John to Granite Falls (if you have the GP) for 3 days.

Goals: Reach $75,000. Build 4 skills to level 10. WooHoo with your John 20 times.
Minimum duration: 5 days.

All Restrictions lifted.

Tier 6: Crossroads

Option 1: A fresh start
May not WooHoo with other sims until the following is complete:

- Build 5 skills to level 10.
- Get pregnant by your John (Optional).
- Receive a $10,000 settlement from your John for your silence.
- Invite John’s spouse to your lot while your John is there (Optional).
- Convince your John to leave his/her spouse (Optional).
- Break it off with your John and completely destroy the relationship, or marry him/her.
- Start a career.
- Move to a new home, and start your new life.

Option 2: Madame/Monsieur
- Build a brothel.
  • No electronics outside of your bedroom
  • Simple, spartan bedrooms for your staff.
  • Waiting room.
- Recruit other sims (Not Johns) to move in as brothel employees.
- You maintain your relationship with your current John, as he bankrolls your start-up costs.
- You decide the rules for your staff, and their earnings are entirely added to the community pot. If an employee becomes pregnant, they’re evicted.
- You spend your days socializing with clients, galavanting around town, drumming up business for your girls/guys, reaping in cash, and enjoying the finer things in life.

Price List:
Prices are typically per WooHoo, except when a client becomes a "John".

Tier 1:
For the first 10 individuals, you earn $50/WooHoo
For the next 10 individuals, you earn $100/WooHoo.
For the next 25 WooHoos (not individuals), you earn $250/WooHoo.

Tier 2:
Walk-ins (come to door) - $750/WooHoo
Pick-ups (solicited from the street) - $500/WooHoo
Overnight Guests (w/WooHoo, of course)- $1,000

Tier 3:
Basic WooHoo - $500
Escort (date) + WooHoo - $1500 Silver, $2500 Gold.
Overnight + WooHoo - $2000
Trip with a John - $2000, plus $500/day.
“Ask to be Boyfriend/Girlfriend” makes the sim a “John”, you earn a fee of $500 (one-time).
Woohoo with a “John” - $750
First-timers / New clients - $1000

Tier 4:
Bonus $10,000
WooHoo with Voyeur - $3,000
WooHoo Basic - $2,000
Overnights - $4,000

Tier 5:
John $2,000/day base (includes 1 WooHoo/day.)
Additional WooHoo with John - $1,000
Date with John - $1,000
WooHoo with client other than John - $5,000
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This seems like an interesting challenge. I am going to give it a go! :D
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Going to have to try this too
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Originally Posted by LadyLestat
This seems like an interesting challenge. I am going to give it a go! :D

Thanks Let me know if you try it! I actually had a lot of fun with it b/c my gameplay usually involves hanging around the home lot (Painting, writing, w/e). It was different to go out and actually mingle with sims outside of my household.

I was almost thinking, with the issues around Woohoo and negative moodlets now, it might make this a bit more challenging in the early tiers.
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i like this challenge! i´m still in tier 1. i have to say it´s difficult to woohoo with bartender every day so i skipped that. But you´re awesome for sharing this!!
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Originally Posted by meisjekattuk
i like this challenge! i´m still in tier 1. i have to say it´s difficult to woohoo with bartender every day so i skipped that. But you´re awesome for sharing this!!

Totally understandable, that one was a bit of an afterthought.
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I spend all my time trying to get relationships up only to have them reject any romance actions anyway. So frustrating, in what world does a hooker have to build a relationship with her john?
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Really? I find that with a few interactions - getting friendship to like 25% or so, I can start flirting; i.e., starting with "Ask if single" etc.

If you're still having difficulty getting Johns into a flirty mood, you can use the romantic lamp and enable the emotional aura.
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Originally Posted by islarosexiv
Really? I find that with a few interactions - getting friendship to like 25% or so, I can start flirting; i.e., starting with "Ask if single" etc.

If you're still having difficulty getting Johns into a flirty mood, you can use the romantic lamp and enable the emotional aura.
That's a good idea I'll give that a try.
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Kinda reminds me of my brothel remake but gj! I LOVE the twist. When I finish the runaway teen challenge, I'll def do this!
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