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The Sims 4 No Free Will Challenge
The Sims NO FREE WILL Challenge!
I created this challenge!
The aim of this challenge is to control 8 sims and keep them alive and happy with no free will, give them the best life possible and aim to have an awesome house, good jobs, skills, fall in love ect,
and do all this using the short lifespan, free will must NEVER be allowed.

Starting out:-
Create/download 8 sims they can look however you want, they must all be young adults, they be in relationships with each other or be family ect, you may choose whatever aspiration you wish but not family as you can not add to your household ever!
you can have any traits you want, i would have some be mean grumpy insane ect, just to make it more fun. Once you have created your family you can move were ever you wish to no cheats at all can be used you can make your own home of get one from the sims 4 gallery, once you have created your 8 sims and there in there new home you must go into your settings and turn off free will and set the lifespan to short, once you press play after setting up the challenge you may NEVER PAUSE YOUR GAME this is to make it more of a challenge and stop you lining up your sims to take care of them selves, if you are plying in your own time you may only pause if you have to example needed to use the toilet or being interupted during playing your game, if you are doing the challenge on youtube you may pause for the same reasons also when editing, if you have needed to edit part of your video if you have been interupted then you must explain this to your viewers who may check the time and day in game to make sure your not cheating all edits must be explained, i will be playing this challenge in all the sims on my youtube channel if you need to go into build/buy mode that's fine but do not press the pause button same goes for when you have finished playing and you wish to save do not pause, the game must remain on the normal speed at all times, you may speed up if you wish but remember your sims will not look after themselves if any sims dies you fail if you break any rules you fail!(all rules listed below)all 8 of your sims must die a natural death(old age) for you to complete the challenge.your aiming for your sims to be awesome, have many skills awesome jobs make your house as fabulous as you can and even fall in love, the more you do the the more epic you are at the may not cheat at all or use any mods that will help you out, i'm very excited for this challenge and hope you will give it a go, if you want to do the challenge on your youtube channel credit must be given, and don't forget to let me know i would love to see your videos

No Free Will challenge rules!:- must play with a full household at all times intill your sims die of natural causes (old age) once they die you may NOT add more members to your household, if any of your sims die you fail!

2. you must NEVER pause the game, it must remain on normal speed, you may speed up if you wish (exceptions are made for mistakes when you first start) you may only pause if you need to use the toilet go have dinner or you get interupted ect! if you pause the game for any other reason such as trying to stop a sims death then you fail!

3. play on short lifespan. this is to make it more challenging to get good jobs money ect and also to prevent the challenge from being to long you may play on normal lifespan but once you choose a lifespan you MAT NOT change it.

4. you may have any 8 sims you wish all custom content is fine but once you make them you may NOT edit them at all!

5.No mods that will make things easier for you, no cheats at all (you may cheat and use mods to save your game if you have any problems like glitches ect) if you have MC command center then all setting must be on 0 and you may not bring up and of the menus while playing this challenge.

6. there is no point system for this challenge but your aiming for your sims to have epic lives the more effort you put in the more awesome your doing. may use rewards but none that help with needs your sims jobs or gaining money ect, NO POTION OF YOUTH you may not use anything that stops your sims from aging. can mke money however you wish NO CHEATS!

9. free will must be off at all times! When you travel everyone must be with you!

10. Have fun and let me know how you did

The challenge is complete when every sim in the household has died from natural causes (old age) if you keep everyone happy and give your sims an epic life then your awesome at this challenge! Remember once you start play you may never press that pause button, Good Luck!

Credit must be given if you do my challenge!
This challenge is still in development so if you are doing this challenge be sure to check for updates and rule changes
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