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Default Break The Curse Challenge
Our story started a long, long, long time ago with your Sims Great-Great-Great-Grandfather. Well, ironically he wasn't that great.
Henry Blackwell was a rich man, a handsome man, as his Great-Great-Great-Grandchildren would say in this year of 2017, a f**kboy.

Tall, dark and handsome.(Tall is a relative term)

As Henry arrived at the weekly Ball, he saw her. You know the story.
Guy see's girl, girl smiles, guy falls in love and proposes, girl reveals true identy, guy is upset, girl feels betrayed, girl no longer believes in
true love and puts a curse on the first female born of his blood. Happens all the time.

For nearly a century the Blackwell's only had boys...

Meet Timothy and Greta Blackwell. As most people would say "They're nice enough."

Timothy and Greta have lived a happy albeit boring life and their luck is about to change.


"....She's...... kind of cute?"


Your Sims parents have kept her closed off from society her whole life, to protect her from other people.
...Well at least that's what they say.
Now it's 25 Days before her 25th birthday, when the curse becomes permanent unless you can break it.
How do we break the curse? Well true love's kiss of course! The witches heart was broken when Henry *cough* f**kboy *cough*couldn't love her after seeing her true self. If she is proven wrong, that love isn't just superficial, that someone can love somebody unconditionaly, the curse will be broken. After searching tirelessly
her parents have found 5 suitors willing to meet with her. Whether they're looking for love or the family's money, maybe one can break the curse.

*You will need a dice or if you don't have a dice you can use a dice phone app, a random number generater website like or you can cut 6 peices of paper and number them 1-6 and pick randomly.

First you must create your cursed Sim and her parents. She must be a Young Adult and I strongly recomend Alien. You can also use Vampire if you really want to.
Your sim should have similar features to her Alien form, though it's not a rule.

I did it the old fashioned way with this sim, by remembering presets and tweaking things around for awhile. If there are slight differences between the two forms it will be
virtually un-noticeable do to the Alien skintone, eyes, makeup and so on.
If you want to use a Sim you have already made you can make her human and then in game use the testing cheat "traits.equip_trait trait_OccultAlien" this will make your Sim's human form her Alien Disguise.

Next you must create your 5 suitors. You can choose two traits but you must asign one of each Unflirty, Noncommittal, Mean, Snob, and Loner.
Each of them will have a "default interaction" Which I will explain more in depth below.

1- Friendly
2- Funny
3- Mean
4- Mischivious
5- Romantic

Although your Sims parents have basically imprisioned her, they do love her. Make her living quarters nice. It can either be the top floor of
the home or in a tower outside the home. She cannot have her quarters in the basement. Nobody puts baby in the basement.
She is not allowed to leave her quaters so you must have a bed, toilet, shower/bathtub, sink, and garbage can. You may have a small kitchen
if you choose, but keep in mind you will have to deliver food if you don't. The parents can enter at all times and the Suitors when it's time for a
date. You will also need a bookcase, a easel or musical instrument, and a chessboard or game table. Here is an example of a Tower:


Take your dice(or one of the other options listed above) and roll until you get an order of which suitor will see her first.
For example if the "Friendly" Sim is on the bar 2nd and you roll a 2 first he will be first up. Keep rolling and rolling until
all 5 are in order. This is important to the game because the first will have a huge advantage over the last. If you think
you will lose track keep the order written down somewhere.
*DO NOT just go in order of the bar

Everyday there will be a date, determined by the order you've made. Your Sim can switch to her disguise during the date but
must stay in her Alien form in her free time. It is quite draining for her to keep up her mask.

Once the date ends the suitor must leave. During the date your Sims can play on the chess board or play on the game table. During the date you can
not control your cursed Sim, only the suitor. You will roll the dice 15 times during the date. No less and no more. Each number stands for what type of
social you will need to preform. For example if you roll a 3 and then a 5 that's bad news bears, honey. It would be much better to roll
a 1 after a 3 so you can quickly apologize. If you roll 6 then you will have to preform the Sims default interation like I mentioned above.
A suitor with the funny default interation will have a 16.6% more chance of performing a funny social than the other four.
Once your cursed Sim and a suitor become good friends she must reveal her Alien form to him. Roll the dice. 1-3 is a good reaction and 4-6 is bad.
Preform 3 extra friendly socials for good and 3 mean socials for bad.
1- Friendly
2- Funny
3- Mean
4- Mischivious
5- Romantic
***You can preform any interaction other than "First Kiss"

If a suitor reaches "Soulmate" within 25 days, you have two options
-You may have True Loves First Kiss, and break the curse. You can do this by entering the cheat: "traits.remove_trait trait_OccultAlien"
-Or you can pull a Fiona from Shrek and wait until time runs up, because you a dope as heck Alien and you love eachother unconditionaly.
Either way the curse will be broken. After all “It’s not the power of the curse, it is the power you give the curse.”

This is my first Challenge and first post on MTS.
If you plan on trying this out I would !!LOVE!! to see how you play it!
Any questions or problems let me know, constructive criticism is welcome! :D
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This challenge seems really interesting, although you may need to update those rules a bit and more. Namely, after doing this challenge, the game has more updates, patches, add-ons and sets.
Also, one had to ask that if you don’t want to use vampires or aliens, can you use mermaids? I do have that TS4 dream islands add-on.
Plus, this challenge gives pretty strong Shrek / Fiona vibes. I love that movie series, although the one who put the curse on Fiona wasn’t the same as your challenge, but the (evil) fairy godmother. And the savior was supposed to be Prince Charming, who messed things up and was late, so Shrek then got the princess.

"By night one way, by day another / Thus shall be the norm / Till you receive true love's kiss / then, take love's true form." Sorry, but I got a strong Shrek/Fiona vibes from this challenge. :D
I think I'll make this challenge little bit harder and make my self new rule that princess can't go date after sunset. Because, of her other form that should be secret till the end.

Personally, though, I thought it would make the game a little more difficult for myself, as the princess is not allowed to go on dates after sunset so that her second form is not revealed to the suitors.
And yeah, I actually thought I might actually use an alien in the game. Easiest, in a way, though I wouldn’t have fun adjusting with cheat codes. But try it anyway.
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