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Default The House Flipper Challenge.
The House Flipper Challenge.

Apologies if this is similar to something else out there, but I’ve not seen anything similar, and had this idea after playing House Flipper. 

Aim: Your Sim is fresh out of school, and with university not available, wants to make their money using their hands, and become rich by buying houses, doing them up, and selling them for a profit. Once you have developed a property in each town, you can buy your own house to live in.

How-to: Make a sim, any old sim. Might be useful to have loner, and neat, but not essential. They must have the Mansion Baron aspiration though. Set aging to long. Whether to set to fill empty properties is up to you, but I think having it on is more realistic.

Starting with Willow Creek, buy the cheapest unoccupied house, Crick Cabana. Buy a woodworking table. Each day, if you complete a piece of woodworking, you can then renovate one of the following:

  • one interior room
    the exterior of the building
    the roof
    the garden

In order to fully renovate the interior, the following must be completed:
- the walls and floors must be replaced with one of a better quality.
- You can change the colour of windows, but windows can only be replaced when you renovate the exterior.
- Internal doors must be either replaced or have the colour changed.
- All furniture must be replaced with one of a better quality.
- You may add appliances, furnishings, decor and lights, but none may be removed. Each property must beg furnished a cooker, fridge, bin, and some form of washing and drying utility.
- Walls can be demolished or built, but this takes a day.
- Gardens must have some harvestable flowers, fruit or veg.

While you are doing this, you may not get a job, but should register as a House Flipper or Property Developer. You have full freedom to socialise and do anything else once your tasks for the day are done, and there are obviously no restrictions on having relationships or getting married. Neither are there any restrictions on making money any other way other than by getting a job, so feel free to collect, paint, busk, etc. You may also use your creations to decorate if you wish, or sell them for money - either is fine. It’s also fine to sell the furniture you’re replacing.

Once a property is complete, you must wait for the next day to sell it. That day of sale you receive your payment for the property, (cost of house + money spent + Profit*) and obviously must purchase your next property, so is considered to be moving day, and thus, no renovation can take place on this day. (So, an example would be: Mon - move into Crick Cabana, Tues - renovate the main room, Weds - renovate the second bedroom - Thurs - renovate bathroom, Fri - renovate exterior, Sat - renovate garden. Sun - move to Oasis Springs. Mon - start renovation there.)

Property Restrictions
Willow Creek properties must all have clapboard exteriors, and traditionally-styled fences.
Oasis Springs exteriors must be in keeping with property’s original build (so Meditteranean or Modern, then).
Windenberg - the exterior of the buildings must remain wooden cladded, so only the colour may be changed, and again, fences must be in keeping with the property.
San Myshuno - Anything goes, and naturally, there’s no exterior to renovate.
Newcrest, Forgotten Hollow and Magnolia Promenade may remain undeveloped.
Brindleton Bay exteriors must match the Cape Cod style of other properties, unless it’s Ragdoll Refurb.
If there are no available unoccupied properties, develop a business lot of your choice using the same principles. You can force someone to evict a property, but it costs £50,000 in pay-off money, and £25,000 in legal fees.
Any existing property traits may not be removed. Be careful - the first time around I tested this out, my sim died repairing objects after gremlins broke EVERYTHING in the flat!

Each property accrues a greater amount of profit, so Property 1 gets you £10,000 profit, Property 2 £15,000, Property 3 £20,000 Property 4 £25,000 and so on. Business properties receive double the amount of profit of the residential for that property. So if Property 3, it would be £40,000. You will obviously have to award the money through cheating, and it’s probably a good idea to write down how much you have when you buy a house and keep track of what is spent.

You don’t have to renovate for clients, but you might prefer to, so I’ve provided some here:

The Clients.

Mrs Barlow has recently lost her husband and wants to downsize. She likes the colours cream and blue, and favours traditional furniture. Loves gardening and cooking.
Mr Sanders is a middle-aged single man who likes to fish, watch tv and eat. A good kitchen is important to him, and he likes the colours orange, brown, cream and yellow. He likes a more modern style.
Miss Raleigh is a middle-aged single woman, an avid reader and dog lover. From an aristocratic family, she loves old-fashioned traditional furniture and favours dark racing green and cream as colours for her surroundings.
Mr Lee is an up and coming stylist. He and his husband are determined to stay on trend, but one Mr Lee favours purple and all things modern, while the other prefers an understated muted grey and a more minimalist approach. They’ve compromised to request a purple and grey modern environment. It must have a bar though, and things for Mr Lee’s chihuahua.
Mrs Boxon has just divorced her husband and is moving into a new place with her two children, a female child and a male toddler. She prefers white and blue as colours, and asks for a reading area for her to get some peace and quiet in the evenings, away from the madness of being a mum during the day. She likes gardening, and would love to have some play equipment and toys for the children.
Luke Sheehan is a fresh-faced new actor. He’s not too fussed about the house itself, except it has to have a mirror or microphone in every room, a musical instrument, and a woodworking table to help him develop the skills he’ll need to get to the top. He likes black and white.
Mrs Du Pre has fallen on hard times. She used to be married to the great media conglomerate Mr Du Pre, who cheated on his wife multiple times, but he strangely choked on some puffer fish one night. Unfortunately, it appeared that just before his death, Mr Du Pre signed everything over to his mistress in his will, so Mrs Du Pre is now not-as-rich as she ought to be. She favours the colours grey and red, and favours a modern style.

Once you have renovated one property in each town, you may then choose to either buy and renovate your own house, or extend the challenge by building your own houses, using the same principles.
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I like the idea of this challenge. I'll be sure to try it one day.
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Nice idea! I have the original game bought on Steam, and never actually thought about it. I'll definitely try it out soon.
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