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Default The Family Business (A Mob Legacy)
So I know that there is already a "Mafia Family Challenge", but mine is quite different. I'm trying to play this in my own game and wanted to get it written out anyway so thought I'd see if anyone else was interested. This is both a Legacy challenge and a Lift Restrictions challenge, and I wasn't quite sure where to put it.

Basic Premise

You are aiming to create a line of Sims in "The Boss" criminal career, but the title should mean more than just a paycheck. Your founder and heirs have their hands in a lot of other pots, and they don't trust anyone outside of their family.

Getting Started
Create a single Sim of any gender and appearance. If desired, you can start as a lone teen and take some time to get them an A in school, build skills and story, and find them a future partner (someone they can conceive children with). I recommend that you give them the family oriented and kleptomaniac traits, but that's up to how you want to play. They must have the Public Enemy aspiration, and can't change this until it is completed.

Your Sim will either start on an empty lot with 10000 Simoleans or in an unfurnished apartment (if you have city living) with 5000. If you started with a kleptomaniac teen the only source of income at this stage should be swiping objects. Have them join the criminal career and get pregnant/impregnate their partner as soon as they are able. (optional: if you can't narratively fit in a reason why they would try to have a kid at that stage of their life, MCC has a 'risky woohoo' setting. If you don't use that, you can just pick try for baby and pretend that it's an accidental pregnancy)

You may choose to move in the partner and have a shotgun wedding or not move them in at all and just have sole custody of the baby. If you do move in the partner at this stage they will be a stay-at-home parent and the family will be supported by your founder's paltry Criminal Career paycheck and whatever side hustles they can manage. You may want the stay-at-home parent, because either way there are going to be many more kids on the way. You should quickly end up with a full household. With so many mouths to feed, your founder will try to rise through the ranks as fast as possible. Unfortunately for them, higher rewards lead to higher risks.

The real challenge starts when your founder sim becomes "The Boss". They've still managed a mostly normal life up until then, but all of the sudden there's a target on their back. A lot of people want them gone, and they could have hired someone to slip something into their food, or bribed their doctor to cut just a little to deep, or tried to sneak someone into their house. They don't know who to trust.

That's when the kids start to step up - each taking their own role.

The Boss/Family Head
While your founder can do anything before reaching this tier, there is a lot that's beneath them afterwards. They must be given the objects with the highest stats you can affod for their personal use (example: 10 energy beds, best computers, décor with good environment etc.). You may not direct them to do any cleaning or cooking actions or tell them to change diapers or potty train a toddler. It is fine if they do these things autonomously.

The Boss and Heir can only eat food that has been prepared by a household sim (more on that later)

The Children

Once your Sim becomes "The Boss" several restrictions will fall on the household. These restrictions can be temporarily lifted by having an offspring of the family line meet the requirements for their specific role. Special rules apply for the roles of "the Heir" and "the Enforcer", but I'll get into those at the end of the list (those are the fun ones, so stick around). The others are based around maxing specific careers.

Once a family member maxes their career, they can be moved out of the household (and possibly in with their fiancées and/or children) with a minimum of 40000 Simoleans (their cut) and the restriction will be lifted for as long as they are alive. They are still supporting the family from a distance. You will want to do this as soon as possible, as there are more roles than household spaces. Once the sim dies, the restriction falls back into place until you have a new household sim in the right career track.

You must choose the most corrupt option for every school and career chance card, unless it is for a child or teen with the Good trait or it will cost the sim their job.

(note: if you don't have a pack that gives you a certain career listed here, you can either leave it off or come up with your own requirements to fill it)

The Smuggler
Career: Astronaut (interstellar smuggler)
Restriction: You don't want anyone keeping track of your purchases - especially when you got the funds through questionable means. No using build or buy mode. You can only move objects that you already own around or into and out of the household inventory. Only collectables and craftables can be sold through normal means

Gen 1: If they can't get new things legally, this kid is going to find another way. Once they reach the interstellar smuggler branch of the astronaut field they are able to get materials and objects in and out of the household undetected.
Other Generations: reach level 5 rocket science and join the astronaut career.

The Oracle
Career: Oracle
Restriction: no using electronics. No making phone calls (not including career things), inviting sims to travel with you if you're not already on the same lot, or sending texts. You never knew who might have planted a bug.

Gen 1: Bothered by the fact that their family has reverted to the stone age, the Oracle sets out to create the most secure platform for them that they can. The restriction is lifted once they reach level 5 programing and join the criminal career heading towards the Oracle career.
Other Generations: Since they are working with an already established network, the restriction is lifted once they start their career regardless of their level. Only Tech Masters and sims on their way to becoming one can do programing actions.

The Doctor (GTW)
Career: Doctor
Restriction: No taking pregnancy tests, having babies at hospitals, or taking medicine. No cashing in aspiration points. You need a medical professional with the family's best interests at heart to give you self-improvement advice.

Gen 1: Very concerned by the fact that no one in their family will seek medical attention, the Doctor takes it upon themselves to provide it. Restrictions are lifted once you reach level 5 in your career
Other Generations: Reach level 3

The Law
Career: Lawyer (Discover university), or Detective (GTW), or Politician (City Living)
Restrictions: You've been getting a bit too much attention lately, and you're not sure how much longer you and your brood can avoid jail time. You might need to cool it for a bit. No criminal activities outside of work, including hacking, theft, assault (or getting into fights), drinking without permission (if you have a vampire in the house) or murder.

Gen 1: Someone needs to clean up around here. This Sim takes it upon themselves to sweep some of their family's...less than ideal activities under the rug. The family can commit crimes in their daily lives again once The Law reaches level 5 in their career
Other Generations: reach level 3

The Tinkerer
Career: Scientist (GTW) (base game alternative: max handiness and logic)
Restrictions: You don't want any repair men poking around or consult any experts that might see something they shouldn't. All broken objects must be replaced instead of repaired, nothing can be upgraded, and any already created scientist objects or robotics (DU) can't be used

Gen 1: The Tinkerer figures out how to do things for themselves. The restriction is lifted when they reach level 5 of the scientist career or max handiness.
Other generations: reach level 3 scientist or level 5 handiness.

Special note: only the tinkerer can craft woodworking objects or use the robotics station.

The Cook
Career: Culinary
Restrictions: Not even food can be trusted on the off chance that someone might have tampered with the ingredients or slipped something into a dish at a vendor's stall. Your sims must survive on quick meals, harvestables, health potions and need fixer serum (if you have a Tinkerer) unless you have meals leftover from when the previous cook was still alive

Gen 1: the Cook uses their connections in the culinary world to ensure a safe line of food products and intimidate local vendors to ensure that the food is safe. Reach level 5 of the culinary career.
Other generations: Reach level 3 culinary

Tip: since the boss and heir can never eat food made by strangers (the risk is too high) you might want to have these sims complete the Fresh Chef aspiration to be able to stockpile some food.

The Heir
Any biological child of the Family Head or next Heir in line can be chosen to be an Heir, but they must be selected as a toddler. They are no longer eligible if they end up with the Good trait. They should be raised as the little prince or princess of the family.
In order to take over as the next Boss, the heir must first complete the Public Menace aspiration before reaching the top of the Criminal career.

The old boss will retire when the new boss steps up and live out their days within the household.

And finally...


After all, this wouldn't be a mob challenge without some hardcore crime. I recommend using the Extreme Violence mod for this one, but it's not necessary as long as you get creative.

The Enforcer is the only sim in the household that is allowed to intentionally kill other sims. In some cases, they will actually be required to kill other sims. Under normal circumstances they can never be moved out of the household. In order to hide their identity and even their existence, they will never leave the property unless they have a job to do or interact in any other way with a non family sim or a target. They can go to school as children and teens, but a sim that ever chooses to "make friends" at school or gets into a conversation with a non-family member is not eligible to take this role. They will not take a job. When they are out on a hit they must be dressed in a way that covers their face and as much as their body details as possible. Enforcers must be YA or up, and they must first max their fitness skill and either their logic or charisma.

One of the milestones for the heir to complete their aspiration is for them to witness a death. The Enforcer will ensure that this happens

To the children of the family, these Sims might seem like their sweet old aunt or uncle. They helped look after them when they were young, tended to the cowplants in the basement, and made all of their problems go away.

Any household sim with a grudge can make a 'request' to the Enforcer, and the Enforcer will eliminate the target. They must kill or beat up sims that break the hearts of a household member (by flirting with someone else or turning out to be married), anyone that insults the Boss, and klepto sims that steal something from the household lot. They must kill any non-relatives that witnesses them kill another sim or discover the victim's urn. Toddlers, babies, and pets don't count as witnesses. Who are they going to tell?

If they are not able to kill the witnesses within 3 sim days, the witness will be able to go to trial and the Enforcer will have to change their name, appearance, and leave the household. You can choose to deal with witnesses to minor crimes (which includes things like a non-family sim being in the same room with a sim that is in the middle of hacking, getting caught swiping objects, or assault/getting in a fight with someone that wasn't a victim or family present) in a few different ways.

1. The Enforcer kills them. If the witness is a child, you have the option of killing one of their parents instead. You have 3 days
2. The Enforcer roughs them up to intimidate them into silence. This can be done either through the extreme violence mod or by winning a fight against them. If the Enforcer loses the fight, the victim has to die. (again, can be transferred to the parent of a child witness). You have 2 days for this option.
3. Another member of the household seduces them. Within 3 days, get the witness into a relationship with a family member. If the witness is a child, then they should become 'best friends' with a household child. If you feel like it, you can get the household sim to conceive a baby with the witness to give them some extra incentive to keep quiet.
4. Give them "hush money" (-50000)

If you fail all of these methods, the sim that was seen committing the crime has to change their name and disappear.

Genetics and Trait Rules

Good news! You can age sims up whenever you want. You can make that baby into a young adult ready to contribute to the family in a couple of sim hours if you feel like it.
Bad news: If you don't put in the effort to raise them, you might not like how they turn out.

Sims that end up with the Good trait must be raised to young adulthood and then leave the family. Move them out immediately with 20000 Simoleans. Family members may phone, visit, or chat online with them, but they cannot be allowed back inside the house if they visit in case they see something they shouldn't and feel compelled to go to the police. Good sim children and teens must have an A before they can age up - after all, you still have some responsibility to them even if they are leaving at first opportunity.

Here's how you can have some control over traits:

Aging up babies with...
Regular friends with family head: Randomize toddler trait
Good friends with family head: Choose toddler trait

Aging up toddlers with...
Skills below level 3: New trait must be randomized
Happy toddler (all skills over 3): You can roll the randomizer 3 times and pick between those traits. If the first trait you got was "Good" you have to keep it.
Top-Notch toddler (all skills maxed): Freely choose your trait.

Aging up children with...
No aspirations completed and a C grade: Roll the randomizer 3 times and choose the trait you want least. If you rolled Good first you have to keep it, but you don't have to take it if it comes second or third.
No aspirations completed and an A grade: New trait must be randomized
1 aspiration completed and an A grade: Roll the randomizer three times and pick between those traits. If the first trait you got was Good you have to keep it.
2 aspirations completed and an A grade: Freely choose your trait.

Aging up teens with...
A C grade: Roll the randomizer three times and choose the trait you want the least (with the same exception for the Good trait)
A B grade: Roll the randomizer and take what you get
An A grade: Roll the randomizer three times and choose between those traits. Keep the Good trait if it comes first
An A grade and the Responsible trait (Parenthood) or one skill up to level 6 (base game only): Roll the randomizer 3 times and pick between those traits, but you don't have to keep the Good trait
An A grade, the Responsible trait, and the Good Manners trait (Parenthood) or a maxed skill (base game only): Freely choose your trait. You've raised a kid that respects the family.

Sims that age up with the Compassionate trait should be treated as a Good Sim.

Normally, only children of the family head or the heir will be part of the household, but there are exceptions. Other household members may have romantic relationships and conceive children, but they must not move their families in. If a female household sim besides the family head or their partner becomes pregnant, they are allowed to keep the baby until it is aged up from a toddler (or earlier) and then they must send it to the father's household. Illegitimate children such as these or children that family members conceive once they are moved out (likely if you have MCC) can be eligible to bring into the main household at child age or younger if the Family Head dies while the Heir is still a child or teen. Children may be adopted, but must be brought into the household as babies to ensure that they get 'the proper upbringing' and are not eligible to become Heirs.

It is up to you whether the Boss marries and brings their spouse into the household or pregnancies happen with outsiders. The Boss is the only one that can move a spouse into the household. Spouses should not have careers outside the family and can't fill any of the roles, but they can have hobbies that bring in money. It is up to you to decide how much power you want them to have in the Household.

Other rules:

1. If the Boss dies before the Heir is ready, you can make either the Heir or the Enforcer be considered as the new stand-in family head. However, they will not be fully equipped to keep things under control. Use cheats to take away 10% of your money per day until the Heir is a proper Boss.
2. You can have "Spare" children that don't fill any role and use them however you want (for instance, unlocking certain career rewards). Once you have decided that a sim is a Spare, they cannot be used to fill a role. Spares that join the criminal career can't be promoted to "The Boss". Spares are allowed to program
3. You can use cowplant essence of life/potion of youth once per sim, but they must be a member of the main household when you use it.
4. No one-time services (except for adoption of children or pets). You have to know the people that you are allowing into your home. Only regular maids, gardeners, and nannies, butlers, and mods that allow live-in services are allowed, and they should be treated as minor crime witnesses if they interact with the Enforcer. Again, the Boss and the Heir can't eat food made by employees.
5. Only the Enforcer can kill, but all other petty crimes or assault (except hacking) can be committed by any other family members as long as the family has The Law on their side.
6. See how many generations you can keep this going for!

That's it. That's a lot to take in so let me know if something didn't make sense
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