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Default Maxis Limits Challenge
Okay - so for a little while lilsimsie on YouTube seems to have been doing this kind of challenge - and I've decided to make up a few of my own rules and post it up on here for others to use for fun - if this is a repost then I cannot recall it at all and I apologise.

The Challenge: Renovate a pre-made EA/Maxis Build from any world/lot you like WITHIN set limits similar to what the original builders seem to have been required to meet.

The Rules
  • Lot Value must be the same OR less than the original
  • Lot Item Count - including Doors, Windows, Landscaping, etc - must remain the same as original build and all substitutions must be like-for-like or similar
  • No Move Objects On
  • No Content Packs other than those originally used (Base Game for Base Game, Base Game and University for University builds etc)
  • You can't delete entire room types (a second bathroom, a second bedroom etc etc) - it must be able to accommodate however many sims were originally intended for the house - so you can't turn that 2 bed, 1 bath house into a 1 bed, 1 bath house; You can have open plan rooms (delete walls from entry between kitchen and living) - or add walls to make a separate kitchen.
  • You can't add or subtract traits the lot didn't already have or change traits

What CAN you do then?
You can change up the flowers, the floors, the walls, the wallpaper, fences, you can change which doors, windows, stairs etc are used - you can change the items BUT they must either be a like for like item (lamp for lamp) or similar (end table for coffee table) - you can change terrain paint - you can change where the walls are, the size of rooms/building, position of rooms - you can add a floor or basement if you like for moving rooms to etc - make it bigger or smaller - There's LOTS you can do.

But the objective is to try and make a house that looks BETTER than EA/Maxis managed - while using those same restrictions.


Ah - yes - I said like-for-like, or similar - but that would cause an issue for the toiletless houses of GuruRomeo and whoever the other one was (according to Romeo it was more than just him who forgot the bathroom in a build[??]) - HOWEVER one must assume that they were intended to originally have bathrooms - so you may add bathrooms but it can't increase the value of the home more than 5,000 simoleons over the original price (this is still a challenge after all).

I hope this isn't a repost without me knowing and that other people could have some fun with it. I know I've had fun with it having already done it on Streamlet Single and uploaded it to the gallery with the #MaxisLimits tag.
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