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Default Vampire-Burglar Challenge
Vampire-Burglar Challenge

◦ Steal 3 items per home.

◦ Steal 3 items from every home within every residential world.

◦ Become “Globally Famous” by livestreaming your burglaries.

A burglary outfit. I mean, you could go around thieving whilst naked, but...actually, sure, why not, go nuts.
For those who’d like to wear something, you can recreate the iconic burglar outfit like so:
▪ Black Basegame beanie – For keeping your conscience warm when not in use.
▪ Discover University mask – Y’know what they say, “The bigger the mask…the bigger the felony.”
▪ Black leggings (any kind) – That figure of yours really should be added to your list of crimes.
▪ Black Basegame gloves – Genuine leather?! You monster…
▪ Striped black and white Basegame long-sleeved shirt (yes, there’s one for females) – The best time to wear a striped prison time.
▪ Whatever shoes you’d like – For stepping on little Johnny’s dreams of going to university.
◦ Otherwise, get creative. Maybe you want to rob people as a do you. Bobo was known for crafting a shiv out of a balloon.

Kleptomaniac trait – For access to the swiping mechanic. Toothbrush? Check. Toothpaste? Check. Extra underwear? Check. A history of kleptomania? Che- Wait, what?

Vampirism – For access to the necessary powers for burglary. The Thieves’ Guild requires a plasma oath.

Eternally Welcome power – The major tool of your trade. It costs 2 power points, and can both lock and unlock doors. When used on whatever door is considered the “front” (not always the first door you see), it opens up the house without knocking. How else would you break into homes? “Lockpicking”? What’s next, yelling people off of cliffs?
◦ Fun tidbit: This power also allows you to lock doors. Which means you can lock people in rooms (so long as nothing you want to steal is in them), leaving you free to steal without their interference.

Always Welcome trait - This reward trait costs 500 satisfaction points, and can be useful when you want to grab a quick shower in someone’s home or cook them a meal in return for their life savings, without the AI routing to you to kick you out. Su casa es mi casa.

A getaway method:
◦ Bat form (2 points) – Part Woohoo location, part aerial transport.
◦ Medi-portation (Spa Day – Lvl 7 Wellness skill) - ...and for my next trick...
◦ Bicycle (Discover University - $100) – The most powerful land vehicle ever invented.
◦ Mist Form (6 points) – The safest way to smoke.

• Most of the story points are all up to you.
◦ Why has your sim turned to burglary?
◦ Do they want to become a famous criminal, or are they working towards an end they can only get to through burglary? (They can always start out one way, and eventually become another).
◦ Do they want to go it solo until the end, or start a team?

• The one sticking point is that you need a fence.
◦ Is your fence also your sire?
◦ Are they a recurring character in your challenge, or an unseen NPC?


• Within each neighborhood, you’ll have to steal 3 items from each home for the home to be considered “cleared”. Community lots do not count, though you can add those to prolong the challenge.

• Sims leave the streets for home around 10pm, and start crawling out of the woodwork around 5 to 5:30am. This is your primary window for thievery.

• Since the basegame kleptomania only allows for one item stolen per 6 hours or so, you may visit the target home during the daytime (in normal clothing), but you must befriend/become lovers with one of the household members in order to avoid suspicion during a daytime robbery. If no one is home, go nuts.
◦ If you opted for friends, you may steal from them once during the day. The other two must be at night. Any more, and your friend may become suspicious.
◦ If you opted for lovers, you may steal from them twice during the day. The other one must be at night. Any more, and your lover will become suspicious.
◦ Choose whichever (above) suits your story.

• Create a secret room/vault for your stolen items, and sell them all at the end of the work week (Fridays). (The depreciation they undergo in live mode is the fee from your unseen fence).

• You must also have a job/business alongside your burglary, in order to explain away the money you accrue over time, and eventually (if you so choose) the fame. No need to worry about laundering your ill-gotten gains, as you’ll do so through purchases and upgrades within your home/business.

Notes on zoning into a target’s home lot:
• If you zone into a target lot and someone appears beside you, you can bite your way in using “Drink Deeply”. If someone catches you, or you need to get someone out of the way for a bit, go ahead and indulge. It’ll up your power bar, but if you do and they awaken, you’ve no way to do it again within the same trip (similar to the swiping cooldown).
• If zoning in with tenants and taking the time to drain them gets annoying, you can use Improved Autonomy During Loading Screens by Weerbesu to eliminate that issue, as tenants will instead be indoors, doing other things.

Notes on how Kleptomania and swiping work in-game:
• If a sim is within 10 tiles (with no obstruction between them and the item you’re swiping), they can and will catch you. This rings true in EVERY direction, so even if Jane is engrossed in her soaps on TV, she still has eyes in the back of her head with regards to thieving. Think of it less as a cone of vision, and more of a circle. 360-no-steal. Funnily enough, though, if the item is 11 tiles away, even if you’re 10 tiles away, they won’t see you steal the item even with direct line of sight (I guess sims are near-sighted). Pets and babies cannot catch you stealing (you could do it right in front of them).
• They cannot see you through windows, the 2nd tallest wall height, full walls, and picket-fences. I’ve not tested the tallest fences, but it does suggest that the fences and windows are just transparent wall décor.
• The Mischief skill determines what, and how expensive the items you can swipe are (the list of item types is in the attachments to this post).

• No looking up the values of items. As you steal more and more items, you’ll naturally develop a feel for the values of certain items and item types.

• Avoid getting caught. If you get caught whilst stealing, the game will prevent you from being able to attempt it again for about 6 hours or so.

• Avoid being seen. Works hand-in-hand with the above, but outside of the gameplay of being caught in the act of stealing, if you’re seen by a tenant of the home you’re burgling, your theft won’t count, and upon returning home, you must sell the item stolen, and cheat your money back to what it was before the sale. (turn testingcheats on, then type: money [amount] without brackets).
◦ If you’d like to avoid making your theft worthless, you can beat up one of the tenants. If you lose to them, the theft is worthless. If you win, it’s counted as one successful robbery.

Vampiric Abilities:

• Cast Hallucination (1 point)
• Command (3 points)
• Irresistible Slumber (4 points)
• Mesmerise (4 points)
• Deprive Needs (5 points).
All of these serve as creative ways to distract, re-direct, and immobilize tenants, but be aware that sims can still sense you within the same room (so gameplaywise you can be caught stealing, even if asleep or mesmerised), and can see you if you walk in front of them (so storywise you'll be caught, except if asleep or mesmerised).

• Vampiric Allure (3 points per rank).
• Emotional Influence (6 points per rank).
These two serve as ways to manipulate sims in order to become friends/lovers quicker during daytime robberies.

• Detect Personality (2 points).
This is used to find others to add to your team (if you choose to have one) and/or your fence (if you need one).
◦ You’ll want people who are also kleptomaniacs (for your team).

• Vampire Creation (3 points).
• Sun Resistance (5 points per rank)
These are more dependent upon you and your story. Maybe your vampire gifts immortality to those who join them. Maybe burning under the light of the sun is an added incentive to finish up robbing sooner. Whatever helps to enhance your experience.

• Occult Student (1,2,3 points) - Allows you to use more powers in a single energy bar.
• Vampiric Strength (2 points each rank) - Makes fights easier if you get caught.
• Child Of The Moon (4 points per rank) - Does both of the above (and stacks with both).
• Super Speed (5 points) - Huh? What burglar?
All of these pretty much turn the challenge to easy mode. Usage of the aforementioned is up to you.

Alternate Challenge Modes:
Spell-BurglarS-Witch-ing sides.
◦ The Kleptomanic trait is replaced by the “Burgliate” spell, freeing up an extra trait slot.
◦ The “Transportalate” spell can be used as transport.
◦ “Eternally Welcome” is replaced by knocking.
◦ All powers are replaced with their corresponding spells, and for those with no equivalent, it’s an added challenge, as well as an advantage with spells and potions that have other benefits.

• If playing on PC, you can download Better Swiping by MagneticSouth. This mod removes the cooldown and Mischief skill requirements for robbery, and adds more items to the “swipeables” category. With this, you’ll be able to steal more at once, and even steal extra items without having to lengthen the challenge. Also, if using the mod, you can make it so that the heavier the object, the more people are needed to swipe it (meaning that as you go along, you'll eventually need to form a team).

• Otherwise, you can lower the theft item count requirements to shorten the challenge.

Thief Sim-ulator
◦ No take-aways, but your sim must learn the programming skill, and cannot sell any computers until they’ve all been hacked into (use the computer and make a plugin).
◦ Before placing an object into your vault, you must replace the framing/paneling, or spray-paint the item (change the swatch. If each swatch is practically a different item, then it’s fine).
◦ Your sim must carry a laptop around to hack into the security systems of more luxurious homes (create a virus).
◦ Your sim may also use programming to hack the target’s accounts prior to, or after completing their home (Lothario Trust Fund is their banking service).
◦ If caught by a tenant (whether you managed to beat them or not, or if you ran away) your sim can hack the police database to wipe away the witness statements (Crumplebottom Servers).
◦ The rest of the hacking services are just for your entertainment and ill-gotten gains, but just remember to spoof your IP (upgrade the computer) before attempting anything illegal.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: txt Klepto List.txt (725 Bytes, 1 downloads)
Description: List of the items that can be stolen (in an unmodded playthrough) using the Kleptomaniac trait.
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This seems like a really fun challenge!
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Originally Posted by BrightCea
This seems like a really fun challenge!

Thank you I've been playing its prototype for a while.
Do enjoy!
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