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Default Around the World Rebuild Challenge
Around the World Rebuild Challenge

I set this challenge for myself and have absolutely loved doing it, so I thought I'd share it so other people can do it too. This is a renovation/rebuild challenge for the worlds. It's very simple, but should get you a fun DLC-agnostic base save for future playthroughs that lets you travel around the world!

The Goal: Rebuild all the worlds you own in the style of a different country or region of inspiration than it is by default. (Ex. Asian Willow Creek, Australian Oasis Springs.) Alternatively, you keep the place of inspiration and recreate a real-world location. (Ex. Del Sol Valley with real Hollywood buildings.) You must follow the Rules and Restrictions.

Rules and Restrictions:
- You can only build with Basegame, Holiday Stuff, and whatever pack each world came with. This keeps things DLC-agnostic and adds more challenge.
- All worlds must have a theme that is either different from their original theme or a more specific version of the original theme. Unrealistic themes (post-apoc, scifi, etc.) are allowed!
- All lots in a world must stick to the world's chosen theme. No world travel within a single world.
- You must always first attempt to renovate the default lots. This adds some challenge! If you get really frustrated, bulldozing and rebuilding is ok (but only after a 1st attempt).
- Every residential neighborhood must have at least 1 community lot (of your choice). This lets Sims always be a walk away from community fun.
- Every residential world requires at least 1 starter lot. This does not have to be a house, but it still has to have something, like the trees and grass in that one starter lot in Del Sol Valley.
- Every residential world requires at least 1 rental lot. This can be as simple as a shack or an elaborate mansion. Up to you.
- Vacation worlds have no lot restrictions but must still abide by all other restrictions.

You win when: You finish at least one world! And you can always keep going if you want to.

If you do this, I'd love to see the results! Let's travel the world together!
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