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Originally Posted by Bigsimsfan12
This took waaay too long to take. Especially because moving my sims made them stack on top of each other. I need to find a way to stop that from happening.

Use OMSPs.

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Originally Posted by maxon
Use OMSPs.

Thank you!
It was a nightmare trying to get them to all stand near each other but not close enough that they'd get stuck

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The Randons:
Ned & Blanche (preggie with their third child, Geneviève)

Their sons, Vincent (left) and second-born Julien

Blanche, Vincent and the Bump

Ned and Geneviève
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#354 Old 1st Mar 2015 at 11:42 AM
Yenni, his wife Alisha (left) and daughter Scarlet (right) settle down for a game of Don't Wake the Llama!
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I proudly bring you the Munson Family!

Alivia with her children Charles(3) and Emma (1 month). She's a single mother who is still suffering from the passing of her beloved husband, Glenn, and is trying to figure out how to raise her children alone and keep themselves from crippling debt.
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Jason Larson first read Sylvester Kat to sleep...

Then turned around and read Felix to sleep as well!

He soon went off to bed himself, another victim of the soporific effects of Ginia Kat's classic Scout Finds the Sandman.

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I've lately been playing a lot in my medieval neighborhood, Kingdom of Arde, and especially with a family called Gulbaer. The Gulbaers are a lower class family, making their money mostly from agriculture.

The family used to consist of parents Leda and Max, their six children (three boys and three girls) and their two dogs but three of their eldest children have now moved out to build a family of their own.
Before that, all members of the family would start their day by tending to the crops and feeding the animals - except for mother Leda, who would open business - the Gulbaers have a modest tavern in their house.

Adna, the eldest of the children, was married off to Komei Tellerman's medieval version and they live in his house with Adna's younger sister Miana and her husband, Amin Sims.
Adna had adjusted perfectly to her role as a barmaid and a fill-in parent to her siblings that her marriage and move out of the family house came as quite the shock.
Here she's embracing her father after seeing him for the first time in months.

Her life isn't that bad though. She still has her sister/best friend to help her get used to all these big changes in her life.
When the girls aren't cooking, cleaning, taking care of the harvest or passed out from exhaustion, they do some looming.
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Kate, Caroline and little Flora. And one of the litte once in the crib. Don't remember who

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Well Wiliam Willows,one of the dads in the pic I posted before just died. Leaving his fiance Alice with a kid (Tobias)and a toddler (Timmy).
Timmy seen here in the arms of Williams fosterkid Purple Girl.

She is the daughter of Williams old roommate Debra who died when Purple Girl where a little kid. So she has lived with William her whole life and consider him her dad. Now Alice has taken over being her gardian.
I never could imagine the game giving me this result when I made William and Debra in Cas a long time ago. I did move them in to a house thinking they would be a couple. But they never really hit it of romanticly. They where just good friends. Yes they did have sex a few times. But then William fell in love with Alice and Debra was kind of obsessed with the telescope

This is Alice best friend and neighboor Liv. She is such a familysim. Juggeling both little Timmy when he was a baby and her own daughter Pia. Liv helps Alice alot. Babysitting when she works since she can't afford a nanny. Alice just sent both Williams son Whitey and Purple Girl to Uni and that is expensive in my game. 20 000 each. Everything costs money in my game. She had to sell some curtains to be able to send Williams grave to the cemetary
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Winnie Beare tucks in her baby sister Claire, who really shouldn't be in the big bed but whatever. It's not Winnie's job to be the bed police.

Little sister Ursula wants to dance with her, but between the chess problem and the phone I don't think that's happening right now.

Otto Iana gets up in the wee hours of the morning to change the first diaper on one of the twins. I don't know whether it's Chuck or Charlotte, but he does, obviously.

Tri Ku tells his favorite uncle, Derek Zarubin, a dirty joke about algebra. Sometimes I look at the symbols and am curious to hear these jokes; but an algebra-based one is probably over my head, anyway.

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I have a family in Desiderata Valley (whatever it's called) where I am only playing them, no rotations. I am quite enjoying it.

Steve Clover teaches his newly-aged toddler son, Toby Clover how to walk while his very tired pregnant wife, Lilly Clover sleeps. Steve cannot stop laughing as Toby thinks "walk" means crawl...

Edit: A pic of Lilly and Steve building a snowman! (Waiting for Lilly's first bump)
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My favorite dad in my game. Also, they are the cutest little family ever my god.
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The noble line of the Suvelds has nearly met its end - only Anda, the Queen of the Kingdom, is known to be alive. But her sister, niece and younger brother made it out alive, escaping from the burning building moments before it collapsed. Amna, her little brother and infant daughter relocated to the working part of town as they had no money, no proof of their identity.
Karo, the only male heir to the Suveld name, will grow up with only a faint memory of what was before. The one item he has to remind him of his life as a little lord is his fine nightshirt.

Amna has sworn to herself to keep the memory of her parents, her older sister and her husband alive for the sake of her little daughter, telling the infant tales of life in the old mansion.

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The Martin Family
Cerys' first birthday. Grampa Gabe didn't get hugs off his first grandchild

Jacob holding Prudence as soon as she was born. Look at the happy Dad!
She was born a few moments before his birthday (In Riverblossom it's common for Sims to settle down and have children as 'young adults' (8 days before becoming adults))

This very well timed photo
Cerys really loves her baby sister, even if it means she has to share all her toys and their very small bedroom.

I love this young family

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The great Grunt Parenting Fail in action. Neither Uncanny nor her father-in-law Buzz seemed too sure about what to do with Matilda. Hint: it has something to do with the visible green fumes emanating from her diaper.

(I guess it can be expected: Lyla raised Tank and Ripp, Ripp raised his little brother Buck, Buck raised his little brother Howitzer, and Howitzer raised his nephew Gunn until he moved out. And Uncanny inherited both her father Elwood's parenting fail and his hankering for yellow aliens.)

So it became rather inevitable that Gunn would assume the role of brother-dad now that he's a teenager:

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Brothers Edom (brunette) and Rafa (dark) Gulbaer (sons of Max Gulbaer) greeting each other with understandable enthusiasm after spending a lot of time apart. The birth dates of the boys are very close and they've been best friends since childhood. Due to his high education, Edom translates and writes texts for the local monastery while Rafa lives at the Royal Castle with his wife Regina as servants.

Here's Queen Amna Suveldnoil (wearing a crown) kissing her trusted friend and sister-in-law, Lady Garla Vart (wearing a veil-y headpiece), older sister of her husband King Tremus.

The Newsons (from Apartment Life) live quite a rough life - Ginger married an elderly merchant to give her siblings enough money for a home and all that gold has long since been used. Gabriella and Gallagher do their best to keep smiling despite the dirt, hunger and the cold.

And here's Max Gulbaer and his late second wife, Kada. She was pregnant with their third child at the time when she fell terribly ill. Max refused to leave her side - the couple's daughters, Hura and Kada Gogha, were looked after by Max's eldest surviving daughter, Adna.
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Denisha and Tyler Harper from the Pregnancy Pictures thread, with their new little bundle of joy, TJ!

#368 Old 29th Mar 2015 at 8:28 PM
thought I would share some screenshots from my play session today!

The Sims/Leong household. In the middle is Brittany Leong, and her daughter Lara. Jake is her stepson, and Lara's half-brother (they share the same father, who unfortunately died when Lara was a baby).

The Sims/Leong villa. I'm really happy with the style of how this turned out, I just need to work on the interior some more..

Babies in the Jennison household! They are fourth gen! It was a complete surprise because there are no other twins in the family (or in my game, actually). They were named William and Jason, after Peter's deceased father and Annabeth's deceased brother respectively.

Annabeth and Peter get to grips with parenthood! Luckily they have a teen daughter on hand to help.

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Felix and Sylvester Kat have life figured out. Sorta. Kinda. Felix whispers to her brother Sylvester that, now that Jason and their mom are married, a spaceship is going to land in his butt like it did for Mister Goz.

Edith Love kisses her sleeping granddaughter Britannica Upsnott. She wanted her granddaughter's name to be "Brittany," but her fool daughter Janice and idiot son-in-law Brent wanted something "unique" that "sounds smart." At least, Edith muses, Britannica got her brains from her instead of them.

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Sunday dinner with the Harper family!

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Ripp and Ophelia (Nigmos) Grunt with his two abduction children.

#372 Old 7th Apr 2015 at 3:28 PM
While Vidcund bought the Spectrum to code on, his daughter Laika prefers the games. Sure, SSX3 is more advanced... but a classic is a classic! While she games away, her superhero stepmom Brittany shadowboxes along to Batman's 8-bit adventures.

While they may have fought at first, Surt and his mother-in-law Crystal found common ground in mean-spirited gossip. (It doesn't surprise me that Surt's so fond of her: Crystal's a grouchy, fight-picking Fortune sim who keeps her grudges well-tended. She's a lot like his mom!)

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Meet the Hunters, the newest family in (Greater) Veronaville!

They have moved into 22 Toboggan Way, Bluewater Village. In front is little Hermes Hunter, followed by his mum Miriam and his big sister Candy. Behind them is Nicholas Watson, who at the moment is merely a lodger, but may well become Miriam's boyfriend and perhaps one day even her husband. Nicholas and Miriam are both very easy-going Romance Sims, so they're unlikely to rush into a committed relationship.
Originally I was going to make them townies, but I liked the look of them so much that I made them a playable family. They're the first new CAS household in my Veronaville since November 2013.

On their first morning, before the welcoming party arrived, Miriam found a little time to play with the kids' dolls' house. I'm glad I got that mod to let adults do something constructive with it. Meantime Candy and Hermes were splashing around in the garden swimming pool.

Around lunchtime their neighbours Malcolm Landgraab and the Ramirez's arrived to welcome them to Bluewater. Like all newly moved-in CAS Sims, Miriam made lunch meat sandwiches for them. While they ate, she had a little talk with her son. I think he was asking her where babies came from.

She answered that it all starts with a kiss. Perhaps a good age-aware response. Except that he'd spent half the morning exchanging family kisses with his sister. Goodness knows what he's thinking now.

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The Veronaville kids are alright.
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The third generation of the Harper family has arrived! Here's Grant and TJ with their new baby boy, George:

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Luis Iana came home at the end of a long hard day at the office, realized his wife had twins while he was gone, and immediately grabbed a bottle and went to work!

Though Lacy Skirt is the least satisfactory grandmother in Drama Acres, this sixth grandchild - Chase Skirt - has sent her permaplat, so she actually plays with him. His Mommy, Daddy, or uncle can deal with the diapers!

Geraldine Mander attends her Uncle JJ's teen birthday and gets to know her Aunt Amanda, Daddy's favorite sister, better.

Sara Starchild's waved her daughter Alta Mira off to college, and Juan Baptisto will be growing up in a few days. This may be her last opportunity ever to read him to sleep.

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