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Father and son gaming party
Philbert Laferrière on the left and Philippe on the right
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Mario and Claudia Granville-Carver, father and daughter
Gaming is serious business

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And here is the whole little Destraz family, the day they moved in, from their appartement, into their first house...
From your left to your right, Émile, Pierrick, Camille and Henri. Second, little Flo and Gato doggie.

Je mange des girafes et je parle aussi français !...surtout :0)

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Somehow managed to get all of Goneril and Albany's children into 1 frame without even trying. It's particularly difficult now that all 4 have moved out, and Ariel and Miranda are barely speaking, since Miranda is the mother of the Monty heir, and Ariel is the current Heiress to the Capp family, but it was Goneril's birthday so everyone tried to put aside their differences to raid the fridge.

A collection of photos detailing trying to sleep when you have twins:
(Staring Violet (Joque) and Tank Grunt, and their twins Trigger (blonde) and Sterling (brunette))
Day 1: One twin doesn't want to settle in their crib

Day 2: Mummy has to deal with twin 2, while Daddy sleeps and twin 1 continues to not sleep in crib

Day 3: Twin 1 finally settles in crib, but now twin 2 doesn't want to sleep in the same room as twin 1.

Thank god they're children next rotation

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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Let's hope my tumblr followers don't see this... this post is a complete spoiler for them. Oops. Anyway, I have tons of family portraits for my build a city challenge families, but there are 10 households, so here's my favourite family to take pictures of. I wanted them to have a girl but the game was like: "Nope! Here, have three boys!"

Here's the Burris family at the end of year 2.
It consists of youngest Javan, father Niel, eldest Noah, mother Joanne, and middle child Joel.

Here's the family after the first round of year 3.
Though they had Javan late, it's Javan's birthday in this picture. He's not as young as he appears!

Here's Noah who has moved into his own house at the end of the first round of year 3.
His boyfriend who he's been dating since he was a teen will join him soon. He just has to age up first. Buuuut mods are wonderful, so they're still happily dating and in love. They just have funny animations.
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The Reamons
Former Townie Juan Reamon, CAS sim Kandis Reamon (DeMico), and their born in game sons Julius and Jaden. This is the couple I've said in previous posts that have been autonomously not sharing their bed after the birth of their 2nd son. However, apparently they found some time to woohoo somewhere when I wasn't looking, because Kandis is 10 hours pregnant with their 3rd child. Perhaps they are the type to think that having another baby might fix their relationship.
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Here's the Chadwick family at the end of year 2.
It has mum Fiona, dad Mike, and their quads Mable, Daniel, Shelia, and Gwen (left to right.)

This is them at the end of the first round of year 3.
In the back there is new werewolf roommate Terence Carli (and alien bump.)
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ET Luvers Family

Melloy Family
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Default Some Fathers
In honor of Father's Day I present some fatherly photos

Andante Hart holds his daughter Stacia.

The Wellington Men, (Highest to Lowest: Cedar, Lee, and Cypress) getting excited watching sports. You are the TV.

Jarome Thackery between his daughters Alarie (left) and Alanna (Right). He has an older son named Antoine who is in UNI and couldn't make the photo.

Anton Kapitha and his son Roderick. Missing is twin daughter Rosaline but sims only have enough arms to hold one toddler at a time.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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For once I'm not posting a spoiler. XD I'm a bit late for father's day, but here's the household of my favourite dad to play with right now. He has raised his little girl all alone since she was born, but he is also has a job as he's attempting to unlock the Law Enforcement career for the 'hood which means this household has basically been an all out battle between me and the social worker. I won, naturally!

At the end of the last round in year 2.
We have single dad Raven, his daughter Olivia, and bird Chippy to keep her company whilst he's working.

And here we have them at end of the first round of year 3.
Raven is now with his new girlfriend Tia, and there is a baby that has yet to show itself. (Chippy is still alive and well too!)

Cove Family (ts4 family tree)
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Default A Wellington Families

Jonas and Cheyanne Wellington, these goofy parents spinning in the background, have known each other since they were children. They even made a spot in the couples thred back when they were in college together. Jonas is an architectural planner and Cheyanne is the Police Chief of Isla Del Kashmire. They are so lovesick their kids can't even.

Speaking of kids, they are: (from left to right)

Sawyer, eldest sin a future wold traveller. He's almost done with UNI himself in another two semesters.
Piper, the baby of the family and the only one who had grown to develop her father's features. She's one of those teens who are more into reading books and looking through telescopes rather than going to parties.
Atticus, the twin who doesn't look too happy to be there. Maybe he's just tired of his mother nagging him to get a haircut.
Amelia, the twin that is happy to be there. She is a future oceanographer with how much she obsesses witht he ocean. She supports her twin's decision for longer hair.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Bonsai Tree, her husband Arnold and their little boy, Sycamore:

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The Quarry family
From left to right: Watt (35) holding Wally (0), Baret (8), Milon (6), Onora (40), Heriot (9)

Watt moved to Cliffside to work in the mines. Onora came through on a caravan ten years ago and just never left, she does odds and ends from acting as a midwife, running the hospice and generally looking out for those who are down on their luck. Their oldest son, Heriot (blond) acts as a big brother to all the kids in the hood. Baret (standing, dark hair) was born only a year later and trails after their father constantly begging for stories or games. Milon struggles for attention as the middle child and can act out, his older brothers keep a careful eye on him.

All in all their tiny two bedroom hovel is quite cramped these days.

The Garin family
Yvain (27) lives with his sister Lette (21), his neice Tibb (4) and his former fiance Agnes Brook (32).

Agnes (red dress) steals from merchants and nobles passing by Cliffside for a living. She moved in with Yvain madly in love but soon the stress became too much for her and she broke off the engagement. Thanks to her deep pockets she owns half the village at this point.

Yvain and his sister just started a vinyard. Tibb is Lette's daughter with a townie.

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At the end of the year 2.
Newly single dad Dean, gravestone of mother Rylie (who is also Olivia's mother), and son Keith. (And cats, Tango and Leo.)

At the end of the first round of year 3.
Minus his new girlfriend who moved in after the round finished.

The entrance of the second round of year 3.
With elder girlfriend Anya, who moved in after divorcing her cheating ex-husband.

At the end of the second round of year 3.

Cove Family (ts4 family tree)
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This is a rarity for this family: all sitting down to dinner. Toni is a dog breeder so rarely gets to spend time with her family, husband Manuel and sons, Fernando and Eduardo.

And a different family entirely. Ellie-May, old prostitute, looks on at her rather pretty illegitimate daughter, Alexa.
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14th Jul 2016 at 10:52 AM
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The Hart sisters are now all wed and no longer 'Harts'

L to R: Melody Kapitha, Harmony Calhoun, Rhapsody Cosgrove, and Sonata Greystone

It's been a long time since they've had a family photo session , not since the three youngest were in college. Sadly, their father Matthew has passed and was not included. Shortly after this reunion, their mother passed as well.

L to R (Clockwise):

Kimmy, a matriarch that will be missed
Melody, now a fine looking woman with a medical degree
Sonata, currently living with her in-laws and using their talents to run a pottery shop
Rhapsody, now applying for jobs despite being married to a super rich guy
Adagio, an elite operative in SCIA but he'd have to kill anyone that spread the information
Harmony, a strict but fair assistant professor at the local Kashmire Community College
Andante, police chief of Memosa Bay yet can't afford his own house. Probably due to kid expenses.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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@Charmful, I missed your Sims and their stories!

"God created dinosaurs. God destroyed dinosaurs. God created Man. Man destroyed God. Man created dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs eat man...Woman inherits the earth."

- Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park

My Simblr | Hadi Family Tree
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Teal Topaz, Tia Opal (mother), Raven Topaz (father.)
Raven's eldest daughter Olivia moved out to live with her two childhood friends.

Gwen, Mike (father), Terence the werewolf (roommate), Plamen (Terence's alien son), Daniel, Mable, Fiona (mother), Shelia.
All the blond/es are the Chadwick family in last name, Carli are the other two.

Cindy (Sandra and Diego's daughter), Sandra, Diego, Erlene (Diego's granddaughter from Cecilia), Cecilia, Marisa (daughters of Diego and ex-wife.)
Cindy and Sandra are Wilchester in last name, whilst the rest are Flores.
Diego's last child Elonso (his alien son) lives with boyfriend Noah and is currently pregnant. Erlene's father is a townie named Forrest.

Gale Wilburn, Belle Wilburn (mother), Mason Wilburn (father), Travis Wilburn.

Cove Family (ts4 family tree)
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I dont want to repeat myself a lot but I really love all your pictures.
Is amazing how the same game can look so diferent depending on the player,
Everytime I see your families and read your comments about them I try to imagine how they are living. Each pic has a lot of stories!!!

Come to the dark side. We have cookies.
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Candi and Gilbert Brookland (previously Jacquet) holding their child, Jonathan. Same baby, but different shots. You can see Jonathan inherited Gilbert's genetically blonde hair, but Candi's eyes. I think he's a nice baby.
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The Watson Family portrait, painted by Fairfax's local artist, Dante Liber.

Connor Watson is a self made man who clawed his way to the top of the Law career. When he met Carmen (who happens to be the Nightlife Diva), they became the richest most well known couple in town.
Son Connor Jr is an extremely intelligent young man, well on his way to completing his first novel.
Daughter Chloe is a typical toddler, I haven't played her much yet.
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My simself with her brother.
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Hitchworth family: Tim (father), Pearl (mother), Brock. (They had a little bit of a unexpected blue son. :D)
In the middle of the second round of year 3.

End of round three, year 3.

I'm hopefully going to build them a new house soon so they have a little more space for them and the two cats they have. They're a bit cramped as of right now.

Cove Family (ts4 family tree)
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The West Family

We are expecting to have another baby soon.

Samuel is the father and Kaira is the mom.
Ruth is the oldest, Sierra is sitting next to her big sister
and Abram is the smallest, sitting in his sister's lap
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