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More updates. I'm getting closer to filling out the entirety of the town and am nearly done finishing the church in its entirety.

An experimental lot I'm adding to the colonial-era part of the city that hasn't been restored and is still pretty slummy by comparison. It is based on images of Binondo and San Nicolas in Manila. This pair of buildings is meant to represent an apothecary, or basically an elixir consignment store. The supernaturals in the city (with the exception of the modern political clan, the Marquezes) tend to hang out in the colonial part of town as a nod toward old superstitions. One of the families I'm working on is an out and out expy of the Addams family, but based on monsters from Filipino folklore.

The Simeon Memorial Library, in universe donated by the eponymous political family of the same name. Said family also owns the house next door.

The De Salas Ancestral Home. They've since married into the Simms family. Current residents include the town's Cardinal and his sister.

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Update: I re-added the lots and began making huge adjustments to the original neighborhood. I had to re-adjust which place goes where to reflect Manila IRL. For it to plausibly be a part of Manila, The urban part of Camayao must face the sea and the rural part is loosely based on lakeside communities away from the City Center. Of course, there's no location IRL that allows the lake to be that close to Manila Bay, so it's all suggestive/artistic license on my part at this point. As is, I'm basing Camayao on a pastiche of several Manila-region cities. I can confirm that not all of that region is as built-up as Manila and there are large swaths of land that are just undeveloped wetlands (in hindsight, this might have made this delta the worst possible place to put a major city), which might solve part of my distant terrain issue.

What I thought was the East Bank was actually the Southern Bank.

Rather than start anew, I decided to keep the old files. I'm thinking of using Isla Paraiso's weather conditions and Bridgeport's water, if that's possible, for the colors of the water.

Now, a few buildings. Ahab's, a chain coffee joint that was built into a restored old house.

The Navarro Building, the town's city hall.

Street scenes of Poblacion, the old town of Camayao.

I also made this spreadsheet to keep track of the lots I need built, plus some of the proposed pre-made families who would live there.
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