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Default WCIF the sim on the right's hair?
WCIF the hair from the sims on the right in both of these pics?

ty in advance if this gets found!!

(source of the pic: )
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The one with the braids is a free Peggy hair. - in the "Free Female Hairs" post, 2nd from the top. You need to log in at Simscave to access this part of the forum.

Search for or scroll to "2006 (part 2)(hairs: #002489 #002490 #002491 #002492)" and download the file "Download 2006 Part 2"

The mesh is called "peggyhairmesh0011-060903" (and the ID is 002489) - Peggy's naming system used to be confusing like no other system I've ever seen...)

I know there's been some recolors of this one, and the one in the picture is probably a recolor. You can most likely find versions with the mesh included.
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The blond one is also Peggy hair, Peggy Fh100327 or Peggy hairmesh06322 if we go by their other numbering.
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tysm yall ^^
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