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I am finding some of my older builds to upload, redecorating and tweaking them a bit. First was a legacy house, now I am working on a high-set beach house. I want to make 50 uploads.

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27th Feb 2017 at 9:36 PM
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Pleasants: Mary-Sue got demoted, caught Daniel and Kaylynn, fired Kaylynn, she's furious with Daniel but he's not furious with her. Lilith ran away and Daniel got her back. They bonded over his punching bag, so while not friends, at least there's one family member who isn't trying to slap her all the time, and he helped her learn to study. Angela dated Dustin, which her dad does NOT approve of. Mary-Sue is dreaming of a vacation on Takemizu, or at least a promotion.
Langarak: Kaylynn, without a job, moved into the little tiny shack in the woods on the outskirts of town. I figure she has lived there a long time. She found she was pregnant, and unsure about the paternity of her babies. Daniel is trying to fix his marriage, Don still intends to marry Cassandra. She gave birth to twins, obviously Daniel's. Without her maid job, she found a job, very poorly paying, working at the prison. She isn't a very responsible parent, often leaving the babies asleep alone in their boxes, but she has no money to hire help most of the time. Sometimes her dates yield nice presents she can pawn. She goes out to Crypt O Night trying to find good men to date. She found John Mole, willing and available. She doesn't realize he's a spy and using her to get close to what he suspects are more criminal than just scandalous activities in Pleasantview. She's pregnant again, doesn't know who the father is again (Don) and pretty desperate.
Lothario: Don's juggling several women and enjoying it, moving up in his career as a physician, and getting ready for his wedding to Cassandra Goth. His newest conquest is Sharon Wirth, or maybe he's her newest conquest!
Caliente: Dina discovered she was pregnant, and because of the timing, unsure if it was that night when Bella was missing and she'd buried Michael that day when she and Mortimer comforted each other, or if Michael was the father. Nina also discovered she was pregnant, but Don is definitely the father because she didn't meet her second lover (Geoff) until after she popped. As part-aliens, all pregnancies are multiples, so both girls gave birth to twins. A quick DNA test confirmed Dina's twins are Bachelors, so everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Dina and Nina are both working low level jobs, and doing okay, but very busy. Neither has met up with Cassandra or Bella to just chat.
Broke: Dustin hauled his grades up enough to get both he and Beau into private school. Brandi got a job she hopes will let her work when Dustin isn't at school. Dylan was born. Dustin and Angela dated, snuck out, got busted, dated, lost their virginity together (one or the other used birth control correctly).
Dreamer: Darleen had it in for Dirk. While Darren still has a crush on Cassandra, he'd been around enough in the back of other people's first night outings to meet Kimberly Cordial who is quite cute and very available, and they started dating. Darren is working as a nurse, Dirk is working in the athletic career. Dirk got a restorable car and if his mom would stop scaring him he'd get that fixed up so he could take Lilith out properly when she sneaks out to meet him. As it is, they made out in the park just to get away from Darleen.
Burbs: just moved in--Lucy, as Cassandra's best friend's niece, is to be the flower girl. John is in Law Enforcement and Jennifer in Journalism.
Goths: Bella got returned, unsure what had happened and unclear on most of her life history, but she's still very into Mortimer and likes her children, so that's okay. She's working, she's unsure if she used to work but since she doesn't want to not have her own little income stream, she'll keep it. Mortimer doesn't care if she does or doesn't. Alex got a puppy--he was deep in the red, probably from summoning Michael to make Dina pregnant registering as death of a relative--and needed a pick-me-up. Cassandra is shopping for the right dresses for the big day and daydreaming about that, and her work is suffering for it.
Oldies: not yet moved in.
I'll be continuing with the Goths next time. I needed to install some dresses . . .

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Sawicki-Sanchez and Mafilio-Driscoll residences
And the Ania-Lupita saga continues.
Lupita didn't enjoy her night in 'the slammer' much.
She was let out at 06:15 in the morning.
Her dislike for Ania only grew and on top of that she was send home with the knowledge she would have to pay a fine.

She surely didn't want to see Ania, but yet Ania showed up at her home the next day. It triggered Lupita so much that she went outside to confront her.
'What are you doing here, you miserable blondy!'
Before Ania could blink, Lupita jumped on her back.

The first fight in Fayport's fact now. Everyone but Albin ignored the commotion.
Kai and Ryanne definitely were in eye sight of the event, but pretended to be too busy with telling each other dirty jokes, safely behind the fence in Albin and Lupita's garden.
Although Albin was the cause of the rift between Ania and Lupita, he had no problem egging the ladies on.

And he wonders why Lupita still refuses to sleep in the same bed as him and rejecting his serenades?
She's very disappointed in him.
Also, Albin shouldn't, on top of everything else, have started to chat up with Ania after she came out of the last fight winning. He should be on her side, Lupita, his wife, who stuck with all his shenanigans since university.
Ania and Lupita fought three times. The first fight was won by Lupita. The other two, Ania had the upper hand.

At the moment Lupita is no longer in love with her husband. The only thing she's willing to do with him is a ball game. Maybe for the sake of their two daughters she tries to act as normal as possible, but no lovey-dovey stuff.
Albin can forget about that. She does have hope she could fall in love with him again. That's her wish. Time will tell if their relationship can be repaired or that a divorce is inevitable.
She paid her fine of 200 dollars, send to Archie Gerhart, the police chief. He can't live off of the air, you know.

In the mean time, the Fayport cooperation gathered more participants for the Quantum Ten Program.
Ukrainian Odarka Popovich and Joel, with an apparently not so memorable last name, from the UK.
One to go and then they'll have a full dormitory.
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The only thing that has been happening in my game recently is home building. Transferring home floor plans to the game is so much fun. I recommend it to anyone who's looking for something new to do in the game.

After I'm done with a few 3 & 4 bedroom homes, I'll get back to playing with my sims. I can't wait to move some of them into the homes.

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The first class at the Our Lady of Simvia daycare is fully enrolled. Jaxon Cox, the twins Mya and Nivea Fancey, Nina Hamilton-Carr, and Patrick Tellerman Jr. are all attending with Jax's mum Christy as the 'teacher'.

Niveah and Nina are fast friends, and are the first toddlers to actually become friends in the group. They huggle constantly and it's adorable. Niveah doesn't much seem to like her big sister Mya though. Despite being twins, the two don't get on at all. Mya got a little left out, playing dollhouse by herself. She's got a natural knack for drawing, and spent a lot of time at the creativity table. The boys, Jax and Little Pat seemed to get on well - they found the other dollhouse and were playing together happily enough, which really left poor Mya out. There's an odd number of kids so someone was bound to be, but it breaks my heart a little that her own sister would rather hang out with other kids. Hopefully their relationship will shake out as they get older.

Jax finally got bored playing with Patrick during lunchtime and wandered over to Mya! I was super excited to see them huggle. He might be her first friend! Although maybe Niveah and Nina are just more socially advanced.

These five are Hollis' first generation and hope for the future, and while about half of them will have younger siblings shortly (Jax, Pat, and Nina) I love that they're going to go through school together. I keep the daycare hours short - just 9am-3pm, to stop too many skills from developing. The daycare also doesn't offer potty training, so for now, it's really more of a playgroup as all the babies are quite young. Once they start to reach 2 and 3, they should be turning up with more skills as their parents will start teaching them at home.

At the Dontaes:
Bob and Chrisha really need to get out more. Chrisha wants to be a journalist, and I'm happy to have her try... if she can find an opening. Mostly, she lounges around at home keeping house for her father. The two are very close, and mostly ignore the daycare when it's in session, which is good. Poor Christy doesn't need any distractions there. Bob has a locked want to fall in love, which is great. he's got a great face and some exciting genetics as a CAS sim, and I'd love for him to find one of the townie women and have a few more kids! I started a parade of them to attend his sermons, but only Melissa Fancey, whose daughters attend the daycare really seemed to take to him. Before I knew it they were friends. She's not his ideal ginger cook, but she does have a reasonable amount of cooking skill and owns her own eatery. Sparks may fly yet, especially as her children's father is busy with his other lover.

At the Green/Tellermans:
Mallisa has a locked want for a job in the education career. Unfortunately, as a CAS sim, she hasn't been to uni, and can only get an associates degree in early childhood education. She'll need to earn that from the local community college, or take a course online, so it'll have to wait until she's given birth to her second child. She and Patrick still have no wants to get married, although their relationship is very steady.
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I am proud to announce my transgender couple Jo and Alex have gotten their surgeries. And by surgery I mean SimPE.

Also to anyone that decides to change the internal gender of Sims using SimPE, their voices will change and the game will see them as the gender they are internally even though they still appear their "born" gender. And warning to anyone that has a CBOY installed, that will show up on the Female to Male Sims.

I have other trans Sims that I intend to give surgery too as well

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Not a lot. My latest splurge on downloads included something that's making my game crash so I'm in the middle of the painstaking process of narrowing down which one is responsible (why did I have to download so much?).
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Newly generated NPCs are sooo fun :D

First we got that maid. Her name is Crystal Ball. Wait, what? Crystal Ball? Let me double check...
Ah, no, her name is Crystall Byall.
But now I can't get out of my head that her surname is Ball LOL

And now the first burglary... and the policewoman looks like this!

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The Pleasants in Fort Osceola gave birth to Angela and Lilith.

Except of course they have black hair.

And of course when I pulled some defaults their parents' eyes reverted to blue.

So the twins look nothing like they're supposed to. Yay for SimPE.

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OMG Amura, that's the most awesome police hat ever! Burglars can't flee if they're splitting their sides with laughter.
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I took a short break from my medieval 'hood by playing my apocalypse challenge 'hood this evening. Last time I played, my founder had finally topped the medical career and married his girlfriend from university (he'd dropped out half way through when the disaster struck). She was pregnant and miserable when I opened the lot. She had a lot of vomiting and pregnancy motive drops, and she barely escaped starvation - I put it down to her expecting twins but the restriction of only preparing food once a day was hard. Her mood was also low from lack of filled wants, and she wasn't cooperating by rolling any wants that could easily be filled under the challenge restrictions. While his wife was suffering, my founder befriended and adopted a stray dog named Tucker. Tucker likes to chew furniture and pee on the floor - just what a cranky pregnant sim wants to deal with. Tucker is in the security career, and managed to get promoted to the second level. Twins Lauren and Vanessa were born just before their father left for work. They spent most of their first day being fed and then sleeping on the floor in the bathroom so as not to wake up either the dog or their mother, both of whom had a desperate need to sleep. The second day, the family got one crib, and the babies each had a turn getting decent sleep. Mom finally managed to eat enough cereal to fill herself up, and Dad filled a want to maximize all skill points.

And then it was time for the birthday dance. Lauren was quick to age up, but Vanessa got left on the floor for a couple of hours. Lauren was given a bath (I'm so glad they finally can have a full bathroom) and taken to the potty before Vanessa had her birthday. At the same time as Lauren was aging, my founder became an elder. He's now uncontrollable, and I don't think he's got any ability to take care of himself. The only useful thing he autonomously does is remove spoiled bottles if they annoy him when he comes out of the bathroom. He keeps trying to do things forbidden by restrictions, and when not doing that he plays chess until his motives are mostly tanked. Worse, the chess board is in the room above the one where the toddlers are, so they can't ask him for attention or food. Mom's mood is very low, but she did manage to fill a want to teach Vanessa to walk so it's out of the red. She now wants to teach Lauren to walk and both of the girls to use the potty. There are two more days before they age to child.

On the other side of town, I built a couple more ruined buildings. The largest is a ruined school - I've moved in the Gavigans and the Travellers. The Gavigans, Tina, and Trisha had been at the school when the disaster struck, and they managed to survive because they were in the basement where the music room was located. Tina and Isaiah must have been having a recital at the school after regular class hours. Trent had been on his way there when the science facility down the road had the big accident. He was turned into a zombie as he crossed the school lawn, and he doesn't realize how dangerous he now is to his family. His skin and walk didn't properly change, so I think I need to reload the game, but I figured that made for a good time to stop playing for tonight.
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Originally Posted by Raindrop_D
OMG Amura, that's the most awesome police hat ever! Burglars can't flee if they're splitting their sides with laughter.

Hahahaha, so far it's working! 100% efectiveness xD
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I only recently completed my second rotation of my Pleasantview-Riverblossom Megahood, and have a few bits and pieces to share as I wade through my third.

All of Pleasantview's eligible teens (plus Meadow Thayer) have completed four semesters of college now. Dustin Broke and Angela Pleasant parted ways on awful terms, as Dustin had been seeing Meadow Thayer behind Angela's back for the entirety of their freshman year. Dustin and Meadow are now engaged, and Angela is struggling to figure herself out. Lilith and Dirk are still together, and Dirk is by far the most accomplished student at Sim State University.

I created a downtown district and so far it only has a condo complex and a library, but I have big ambitions. Alexandra Teatherton moved into a condo and is making amends with her daughter. She's now a police officer. Then came the Gavigans, who quickly formed strong bonds with their neighbors. Mary is dear friends with Trisha Traveller, Priya Ramaswami, and Brandi Broke, while Isaiah found a best friend in his neighbor Tina. Nathan works as an actor and Mary stays home with Isaiah and their toddler son Jesse. The Ramaswamis have poor chemistry, so they aren't all too affectionate with each other, although they did manage to have a baby boy named Kabir, named for a famed Indian poet. They are socialites and are always having friends over for dinner parties and games. Lastly are the Travellers, whose home has an issue with the stairs, and while it's irritating, it's less trouble to work around it than it is to move everyone out and fix. Trent is having an affair with Nina Caliente, as well as embarking on an illustrious painting career. He aims to open a studio and gallery in the city. Trisha is the resident condo gossip. Tina is an adventurous animal lover who is rapidly approaching adolescence.

Also downtown is Florence Delarosa, who is pregnant with her lover Don Lothario's twins. She's opted not to involve him with their children as he is married to Cassandra Lothario (nee Goth), and would rather do without the drama and conflict. She hopes to open a community garden downtown.

I played through Riverblossom Hills as well, catching them up to speed. Patricia Wan is a successful journalist and likes rubbing elbows with Pleasantview's rich and famous. She still lives with Cleo, who has moved in her fiancee Camryn Lee, and has a few guys she's seeing casually, but is ultimately uninterested in much beyond her social life and career. Daisy Greenman has three bolts with Darren Dreamer and plans to leave Jason and move in with Darren and bring her daughter Daisy. Jules and Gabe O'Mackey are very close, and Jules has opted not to go to college to contribute to the household funds. The Viejo house has weird ACR relations going on, and I'm largely uninterested in them. Stella Roth has relationships with Gilbert Jacquet and Don Lothario outside of her marriage, and her family is none the wiser. Leod McGreggor is dating the nature hobby leader and intends to marry her.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, I'll post more once I've finished round 3.
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It's the first time i've dedicated a large amount, okay all of my day to playing the game since the semester started two months ago. I've slowly made my way about halfway through the round. Sims have died, children have become orphaned and placed with relatives, babies have been conceived to women who may not survive the birth due to age. Currently though I just realized that rather than having a community lot clinic. It would be much easier to create a NPC doctor to live in a residential clinic that my sims can visit for medicine. Mainly because I don't want to "cheat" using the comfort soup but also because too many of my sims have died from illness and I can't stand having to orphan another child just yet. Especially since this one has no family to go to as her (bastard) father is the one who died at the start of the round. So I just finished creating a very non-accurate Dr.Gregory House because I don't care how many years pass he will always be the greatest tv doctor.
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I'm playing the Monty Ranch. Mercutio wants to go to college, so he went to the public library to get some extra tutoring (using Inge's schoolwork pencil thing to make extra work) before going to the shopping center to get some new clothes and a cell phone. He also learned to break dance to get his fun back up. Romeo had brought home Ginger Newson, and after they talked a bit, he started rolling wants to flirt with her.

Meanwhile Patrizio Monty made friends with Stephen Tinker and Isabella spent most of the day reading.

Oh yeah, I went with that werewolf-vampire thing I mentioned in the story dilemma thread some time ago. All the Montys are werewolves and all the Capps are vampires. The Summerdreams are witches.

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Goth: The wedding went off with just the appropriate hitch. (Okay, and three crashes. Someone--John or Jennifer Burb or Tara DeBateau--has a bad formal choice: probably due to catalog recategorizers.) This in spite of Nina giving Don a back rub outside the gate when they showed up. Cassandra was busy talking with Junior Bridesmaid Lilith Pleasant and didn't see it. There was a moderate amount of slapping between the two junior bridesmaids, but their parents maintained silent treatment towards each other, so no actual fights broke out. Alex's puppy grew up during the party. (Did you know the buffet table can't be placed in inventory? The rest of the wedding paraphernalia is in Alex's inventory for someday.)
Cassandra had learned the chest pound from a teen who had caught the bus home with Lilith Pleasant one day when she was over visiting Mary-Sue, so she decided to book the honeymoon there. Don would have preferred Twikkii, but they went and had a good time. Cassandra, like any good family sim, got pregnant on their first woohoo. She didn't feel nauseous at all, just exhausted, so she hasn't guessed. Don behaved himself until the final night, when Cassandra collapsed into bed around five pm, and then he went out to the park and met Jasmine, a local girl, and they dated but didn't get past first base.
Back in Pleasantview, they moved into the house across the backyard from the Goths. It's huge, plenty of room for the big family Cassandra wants. Cassandra adopted a cat named Roux, because she missed Alex's dog and wanted a pet, and thought perhaps an indoor cat would be a better choice as she won't have time to walk a dog soon, she hopes. She's also constantly thinking about adoption, so I think that will probably happen, in time. Don settled down to skill build for the next promotion, while he had over $50k, and Cassandra's parents gave her just over $80k, they have a house to decorate and Cassandra never heard of newly-wed chic, so she's not picking out affordable pieces at the thrift store! It's a bit pink and frilly for Don's taste (largely the AL Socialite set) but he figures he can turn one of those bedrooms into a man-cave. They aren't going to have *that* many kids, after all! (Now if for some reason they ended up raising all the kids he's already got but doesn't yet know about . . . but I like Nina and Kaylynn, I won't set up that sort of situation. Yet. Maybe. Hmm.)

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Fayport University
The ten new participants for the Quantum Ten Program settled in the dormitory and got acquinted with one another.
Abimbola Dimka found the painting room and finished four paintings in his first semester.
One would think he would settle for a drama major, but nothing could be further from the truth. He chose physics for study.
It did hurt his feelings that his paintings were sold for little money. Maybe that's why he apparently sees his creative streak as something on the side.

Aatos Kilpela from Finland and Joel Knowles from the UK also insisted on physics.
Aurelie Comtois got directed to the product design major. Borislav chose mathematics and Faven is considering.
Elliona Dobunaba from Papua New Guinea considers to choose that as well. She will definitely not choose psychology.
She already figured people can be complicated. She might be directed to choose for agricultural production.
I'd like to see her living on a farm tending to small farm animals and crops.
Oneida Bustamante doesn't know what major she wants. She only knows she doesnt want drama.

Oneida replaced Lulu Pafuti by becoming the gossip of this group. She couldn't stop badmouthing the camping owner's wife, to everyone who was willing to listen to her.
She seems to get along the best with Odarka Popovich from the Ukrain. The latter is also good friends with Aatos, but he likes her more than she likes him.
Elliona and Hyun equally hit it off in the friendship department. It doesn't have to mean they would be willing to become more. She's double bolted attracted to Borislav.
However, Borislav Gorev has set his eye on Faven Senai from Eritrea. She accepted his flirting with her. His next step is taking her out to The Coffee Platform across the street and maybe after going to Social Call, a place for games. He hopes she likes that.

Most participants were active on their own in gaining sufficient skills to pass their exams. Three of them needed a push to be able to make it.
So far everybody seems to get along. Only Elliona managed a dislike, for one professor King. Why did Hyun let him in the dormitory? She wonders.
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I've put buffet tables into inventory lots of times, Sunbee, full or empty. So the question is - are you different, or am I?

Miguel and Harlan Gavigan just returned from their honeymoon in Three Lakes. Since both of them had already learned the chest pounding gesture, every time they entered a lot they pounded their chests in unison. They also woohooed in the sauna, came out in their underwear, went on a tour still dressed that way, returned with poison ivy, and then Harlan went into critical cold mode. The fire at the Spa not doing enough for him, they had to come home, fix him hot chocolate, and put him to bed. On another tour they found a map to a secret location, but Harlan was afraid of meeting Bigfoot so I didn't send them.

Harlan has the "forgiving" benefit so maybe his enemy status with the refugees living in his house - Brittany and Ashley Pitts-Upsnott, whose daughter is half of the other part of the "big happy queer family" they're putting together, will begin to decay now.

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At the Cox's:
Christie Cox gave birth to her second child Brayden Andrew Cox on September 3. He was born two and a half months early, but has no significant birth defects thankfully. His big brother Jaxon is suitably nonplussed by the arrival of a squirming screaming muppet in the 'baby' bed next to his big boy crib.

Christy was going into menopause (aging up) in literally three days and I felt that allowing her to give birth to Brayden naturally was unfairly complicating the delivery and endangering both mum and baby. (read: her motives were dropping too fast all of a sudden, and I just couldn't manage her alone with Jax without neglecting one of them. Jaxon is a lot of work.)

On her doctor's advice, her labour was induced and mum and baby are both recovering at home just fine.

At the Fancey's:
I wandered over to Melissa Fancey's place to check in on her and her twins, and it was an absolute disaster. Neither Melissa nor her girls are in the best condition. Needs dropping every which way, Melissa hauling bottles until she nearly starves, the front room covered in dirty nappies and stinking discarded bottles. The social worker seemed to be around the corner at every turn with angry toddlers screaming for naps and food and cuddles. To make matters worse, the girls still largely dislike each other but Melissa wrangled them back onto a regular sleep schedule that has one up while the other naps. Time apart is doing them a world of good, and they simply ignore each other at daycare because of the presence of other kids.

Mya is the more outgoing twin and needs attention most, while shy Niveah doesn't much want to socialize. I find it hilarious then that Niveah's the one who's made a friend and Mya hasn't. We'll see how they do when childhood finally dawns.

In the meantime, I don't know how to get them sorted out. They can't afford to move on the tiny stipend they're currently living on, and Melissa just doesn't have the time or the energy to open her eatery. The girls are sucking the life out of her and she just can't manage without another pair of hands around the place. Thank goodness for Father Bob coming round to help out by taking out the trash, and cleaning up the bottles, and giving a helping hand with the girls so poor Melissa can get some sleep. There might be more on Bob's mind than simple friendship, but given the state of things, I don't think Melissa minds at all...
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I'm contemplating rebuilding my Downloads folder... Which would mean I would have to completely rebuild Fort Osceola and Sycamore Grove, because I have 0 clue where 90% of my build/buy CC came from. The CAS stuff isn't so bad, I've tended to be much better in organizing that, but build/buy is intimidating me.


It only popped into my head because when I loaded a lot, a bunch of graphical errors were happening. Pink flashing dressers, trash cans, and even a townie's outfit started flashing pink. It was kind of funny, she was stuck in this awkward position with only her head moving, and another townie started flirting with her. Wish I grabbed a picture.

But, hey. I'm sick, I have barely any work left for this week... Why not? Plenty of time on my hands. And plenty of hair to pull out too.

@Essa , I have no clue how you do it. Props to you.

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Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
I've put buffet tables into inventory lots of times, Sunbee, full or empty. So the question is - are you different, or am I?

Oh, it's definitely me! I even put move objects on and it wouldn't go! It was the Celebrations Stuff Pack buffet. So I stuck it under the Goth Mansion roof.

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The newest baby of Hollis was born tonight. Sandy Bruty gave birth to a daughter called Lilian Joy Bruty for her boyfriend, Gian Barrucciolo. The birth was bittersweet as Lilian will be Sandy's only child. She and Gian had a celebratory woohoo immediately following the birth, and I was shocked to hear baby chimes. I sent Sandy upstairs to restore her needs, but she was still too ill from her recent delivery and with aging up in just five days, she miscarried the baby the following day.

If I wasn't an idiot and had saved immediately following the chimes, little Lilian would have a sibling. As it stands, I had not only failed to save after the chimes, but I'd also failed to save after Lilian's birth, and would have had to go through all that again too. In the end, I have this miscarriage option in my game because sometimes life isn't fair, and sometimes tragedy happens. So poor Sandy wept (and I made sure to give that idiot Gian a memory of the miscarriage too).

Sandy will be a stronger sim for this, and a great mother to her daughter.
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I don't have enough time to play right now, but I try to open and play random houses just to don't forget my families, yesterday I noted that Mickey Smith is the men with the most relationship on my Megahood, he has twenty something, and no one has caught him cheating, so maybe he will continue this path of lust and betrayal...
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Originally Posted by Ather
I'm contemplating rebuilding my Downloads folder... Which would mean I would have to completely rebuild Fort Osceola and Sycamore Grove, because I have 0 clue where 90% of my build/buy CC came from. The CAS stuff isn't so bad, I've tended to be much better in organizing that, but build/buy is intimidating me.


It only popped into my head because when I loaded a lot, a bunch of graphical errors were happening. Pink flashing dressers, trash cans, and even a townie's outfit started flashing pink. It was kind of funny, she was stuck in this awkward position with only her head moving, and another townie started flirting with her. Wish I grabbed a picture.

But, hey. I'm sick, I have barely any work left for this week... Why not? Plenty of time on my hands. And plenty of hair to pull out too.

@Essa , I have no clue how you do it. Props to you.

Well, I'm doing it step by step.
I'm just making sure my essentials are in place and I'll fix things as I go. I may play with aging off to be sure everysim is the way I want them to be.
Hopefully I'll be able to play this weekend or later today.
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Hopefully you can start playing as soon as possible, Essa! Best wishes.

"God created dinosaurs. God destroyed dinosaurs. God created Man. Man destroyed God. Man created dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs eat man...Woman inherits the earth."

- Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park

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