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Default Replace Elder meshes?
In Sims 2, it was possible to use adult meshes as default for elders. So my elders had the same body as before, but with hunched shoulders. Is a similar process possible in Sims 3? I hate that the bodies are so different and the sliders are limited. Could there be a default replacement of some kind that would allow them to continue to have the same body shape as adult/young adult?

Hope I'm making sense here. I probably could have done it for Sims 2, but not sure how to begin for Sims 3.

ETA: Someone asked the same question and there are a few options, but no replacements that I can find
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This won't replace the elder body shape, but Shimrod101's Do The Locomotion mod gets rid of the hunched over posture:
You'll need to register to view the thread and download the mod. Here are some notes:

This mod changes several of the walkstyles used by sims:
  • Pregnant sims walk with the normal female walk.
  • Elder sims use the normal walkstyles used by adults.
  • Teen females use the YA and adult female walk.
  • Ghosts use the normal walkstyles, both child and the other ages.
  • Simbots use the normal walkstyles; they still run with the jetboots.
  • Mummies use the normal walkstyles.
  • Stride of Pride and Walk of Shame are replaced by the normal walkstyles; sims still get the moodlets though.
  • Ghost dogs, cats, and horses are given the walkstyles of the living animals.
  • The jumping kangaroo deer running-style is replaced with the trot walkstyle.
  • NEW with 1.38: ElderCane walk is replaced by the SouthernGentleman Cane walk, to remove the bent back look when using canes.

It is technically possible to replace elder bodies, but it will be on a per-mesh basis and would involve editing the vertices at the seams where clothing items connect (neck, torso, ankles).

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Nraas Master Controller has settings to use adult clothes for elder and teen. I know neck and ankle seams on teen don't align properly with adult clothes, and the body proportions are off, but not sure how elders look. It's easy enough to try.
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