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I am really starting to get into home building. I started a sim in college last night, and I plan on seeing what I can do in college, then when he grows up I'm gonna run a business, make some servos, and eventually marry him to a plantsim good witch

I also want to get a butler. Yeah, they're cocky, but they have the skills to back it up :p
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when the basic scenarios get a bit dull, i have a mini story i play out in my mind and it works out okay for me.

i create a female character, have her fall in love and have a baby with a male sim, kill the guy one way or the other, then repeat the whole cycle to see how many kids your sim can have. the most ive ever had were 8 biological kids, a step child, and a grandchild (there was one more baby on the way but the sim died of hunger). o and have all of the children age except the mom. elixir of life usually does the trick for me.
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Quote: Originally posted by Tenielle
KittyKuba- Snooty Sims has a zodiac compatibility chart here

Thankyou~! Thankyou!
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I've started a skunk farm. Every time one comes by, I pause and use moveObjects to trap it and add it to my skunk pen
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Quote: Originally posted by HystericalParoxysm

Learn to create!
For many people, this can be just as fun and addictive (if not more so!) than actually playing the game. With all the help, support, tutorials, and info available to you, why not try it? Some of the more advanced stuff can be quite complicated, but you may surprise yourself at how well you do at simple things like walls and floors and recolouring objects and clothing.

"Don't Panic, Start Here!" is a great starting point for beginning creators and links you to the proper tutorials for complete creating noobs.[/url]


I never created for TS1 or 2 and I have no experience whatsoever with programming. But I was wondering... is there any "Don't Panic! Start Here!"-like tutorial for TS3? Where can I find it? Do someone like me - no programming skills - stand a chance at doing any CC for The Sims 3?

EDIT: This might not be the perfect forum to place this question... (since it's a thread at TS2 category. My bad. I'm still interested in this Don't Panic version for TS3, so if anyone knows, please send me a private message or open a thread in the approppriate section or something)
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jurocha, this is definitely not the proper forum for TS3 questions or Create questions. Please check the Create menu in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.
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Prosperity style playing makes my game much more interesting. Read more about it here.
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I recently went into Strangetown and checked everyone's memories, bios and photos and decided to do something with Olive Spector and Nervous Subject. Nervous lived with the Beakers (who I plan to torture in some fun way in the near future, for subjecting Nervous to all of those experiments) so I got the Tombstone of L&D and made him a toddler again and moved him in with Olive so he could have a second chance at a better life. My plan has been to have him grow up well, with many skills....maxed...if possible...a private school student as well as going off to college. I've been doing the same with Ophelia when I have the time. What I've accomplished is his skills over half full...growing up well twice (walking, talking and potty trained and an A+ student)...he's a private school student and his hobby is games. He also adopted the stray...Alegra. I'm not sure what I'll do with him after college. This has been fun and he's my favorite sim at the moment. I've taken many pictures but have never uploaded anything so I don't know if I'll do that. Thanks to HP for this topic...lots of great suggestions. Oh, I amost forgot...I made Olive a zombie. She froze accidentally during a snowstorm so I had Ophelia pay Grim ...very little....which he did not appreciate
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I don't know why, but I always have more fun building the houses and creating the interior of them (I'd download them onto the site, but I don't have any internet for my gaming computer).

The gameplay is a bore for me though -- I always make their lives perfect by using maxmotives and kaching to pay their bills. Maybe I'll forget about that and take a risk.
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Now I am really getting into playing the sims 2. One day, I was just so bored out of my mind, I said, hey why not just play the sims 2 for a little while. And now, it's just as much fun as when I first started playing.

I've gotten into playing supernaturals latley namely, good witches. They are so much fun, they have little spells that let them have special abilities, and they can summon things, and have poitions, and go to a secret lot just for the kind of witch they are (which is goregous btw) there are two lots, one for evil witches and one for good witches. So far, I've only been to the one for good witches, because that's all I've really played.
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Quote: Originally posted by Annababy
Personally, I have three entire neighborhoods going Each neighborhood has a different theme thing going on.
...Springerville, where everyone is bi, no one gets married, everyone cheats on their lovers, everyone has multiple babies by multiple partners ... cheating is the expected thing.

My 3rd hood is my legacy challenge hood, except I have my own set of rules, in that every day that passes represents one year, so the founder started out in 1800.

I think these are great ideas! I never make my sims cheat on each other*. I feel so bad! But maybe if that's the point of the neighborhood and everybody's doing it.. haha sounds fun. The generation thing is also really cool and interesting, but I definetly don't have the patience for that! Plus I dont really like "period" clothes. I mean they are very well done and detailed but they just don't do anything for me.

well obviously romance sims, but not in a living together or family environment
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You know I used to do theme neighborhoods, I might get back into that again. I had 3 neighborhoods. One was retroville all houses were from a time period in the past, and all objects, and sims clothing in that household refelected that time period. I started with 1900's and went all the way to 1980's. That was a really fun neighborhood to play. And my second neighborhood was called hollywood. It had only celeberity sims downloaded from mts living in mansions. My third neighborhood was sci-fi. with a moon neighborhood terrain, for lots and nieghborhood and all aliens downloaded from various sites, or some that I made myself.
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What's kept me interested over the past year is a custom neighbourhood with no pre-built houses or lots at all. I started with 4 families, each with their own distinct genetics. The thing is that each 'tribe' was made up of relatives only, no spouses etc. It was fun to see who would pair up from different tribes and produce children.

The houses started very basic and I played very 'gamey'. They were simple tribal people, with sheds for sleeping and showering in. I now have streets full of nice houses that I would love to live in, and around 100 sims that I play in rotation, using Seasons to keep lots close to each other in time (no getting more than one season ahead of the rest). Its been a lot of fun building the houses and occasionally adding community lots. Its amazing how the neighbourhood has built up over time.

I'm now onto the second generation born in-game across several families, trying to keep to a 2-child-max rule to keep things getting out of hand. The interbreeding has been interesting, especially with some of the strange 'alien' characters I introduced with special skintones etc.

Now I find myself setting challenges, like making my own custom 'university' by dumping most of the neighbourhood's teens and career rewards (skill boosters) on one lot. I also want to set up some sort of palace/governor's mansion. I also made my own Nightlife sub-hood for tropical holidays. Meanwhile Bobba Fett kills off the unwanted NPC's using firebombs and a custom sword object. I have Pets and Seasons but have yet to really try self-sufficient farming or pet careers. I love the different possibilities of this game
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I've been focusing on my born in game "Bloom-babies" and seeing how they turn out...I'm on my 3rd generation and they are taking over the neighborhood. Now I'm looking at having some of my households engage in challenges. I don't really have to *try* to keep myself interested because there is so much "material" available in daily life that I'll just be going about my day and it'll hit me that I want to try something or build a specific house...or something. And if I hit an uncreative point, there's always the challenges here on MTS.

Beware of Elves giving wedgies.
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I've been playing with very few cheats. To develop possible mates for my booming legacy I create families of 6-8, leave the funds at 20,000 and try to make them prosperous. And try to make the family have more babies. It gets crazy. I also try to make sure all teens have their first loves, kisses etc., without cheating. I try to get them married off and expecting without cheating or let them have babies out of wedlock but be engaged to someone else. I look to their behaviors for a lot of inspiration- who's attracted to who, who's mean and who's incapable of studying.
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This seems stupid, but I take my elder sims and move them into a huge house with excersise equipment and skill-building furniture, and I just have them read and paint with motivedecay off. Until they die. I hate playing elder sims once their kids have gone off to college. They're so boring and so are their jobs, and it's hard to have affairs with other elders (makes me sick.)
Another thing I like to do when I get sick of regular playing is I make little movies or music videos. They usually turn out really stupid since I don't download alot of music, but it's fun to learn about new camera techniques.
And also, if you have alot of EP's, making a wereworf-vamp-zombie-witch-plantsim. You don't have to include the vampire since they're really hard to play when they're also plantsims. (Since one of the plantsim needs is Sunlight, and vampires needs go down in sunlight. So use lamps )

Quote: Originally posted by obsessedj3e
I've started a skunk farm. Every time one comes by, I pause and use moveObjects to trap it and add it to my skunk pen

Lol that's hilarious
Imagine all those skunks sniffing around...

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u no i have all these EPs on my lappie yet it seems when i play the sims i dont actually 'use' the other EPs! thnx for the suggestions!
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I would like to share an idea:

I loved the witches from AL!! Inspired by the tv show Wizards of Waverly Place, I had a witch marry a non-witch and had the witch turn their children into witches and wizards when they were teenagers.

For their house, I lowered the ground beneath their house to make a secret place with all the witch stuff like the glowing witch lamps and chairs and shelves with all the weird ornaments on it. There are no stairs or anything to get into that place. the only way is by magvestium..

I also made all of them wear normal clothes so they looked like normal people, except for their skin. I made the teenagers do stuff like making the waiter at the restaurant fatter. Its really freaky but funny.

I had LOADS of fun playing that family.
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Sometimes when I'm bored, I make a family with two completely different dogs/cats (so maybe a skinny black male cat and a really fat female with multicoloured fur), and then breed them.
You end up with loads of really funny animals on your lot!
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You are absoulutley right on stop cheating. It is so fun without money cheats. When you use money cheats its boring because you can get them what they want in a snap and also you end up giving them a gianormous house with like 100 rooms they dont use. :p

JuLiA WuZ hErE
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Thanks for the suggestions! I get bored playing really easily (especially since I used cheats). Now I've been browsing around and I've started playing some challenges and they're actually pretty fun.
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Quote: Originally posted by obsessedj3e
I've started a skunk farm. Every time one comes by, I pause and use moveObjects to trap it and add it to my skunk pen

OMG, I want a skunk farm now. XD But then I'm the type of weird person who wondered if you could adopt a pet skunk if you got the relationship high enough. XD
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Im back at sims 2! lol
Im starting off in a fresh new neighborhood and I came up with an idea to have 1 interesting fact for each sim. (not the townies though)
This suggestion is not new, but my ideas I've thought of myself. Heres a few that Im using that you can use!

-Computer Phobia- dont buy a computer if that sim is in the household!
-Obsessed with fruits- My sim has this fact and she named her daughter Berrie (berry). She also has cherry prints on her dress and she owns fruit trees lol
-Favorite Color- decorate your sims home with a color
-Symmetrical Freak- this sims house must be symmetrical! eep kinda hard lol

Theres others but I dont remember them now lol.. Hope this helps though.
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I do the color themes in my game a lot. I have one sim that likes white and yellow. So her house is yellow and white, with a white fence. Got her a yellow car. The inside on the first floor has a pale pinkish rose color accented with yellow. On the second floor there is a lot of yellow on the walls. I used a light, almost white wood floors for each level. The third floor, where the master bath and master bedroom are, is where I used my favorite yellow walls, paintings of yellow flowers, and yellow flowers in white pots for decor.

What I like about color themes is doing them a little at a time. So I never decorate the entire house at once, because if I find some new cc, then it takes more work and is more costly do undo earlier decorations. So, I add to certain rooms each visit. But if something major happens, then I might remodel an entire floor, or a good portion of the house on small lots. It helps keep the game fresh so I don't have to visit a bunch of lots just because I got new cc. I just wait until I visit their house to look around to see what I can add or change.

Then I have some sims that wear all black with very little of other colors. I usually make their homes with darker and richer colors and no pastels.

I even have themes when I am building houses. One time I made a few houses that I used greenhouse walls for the garage. I try to mix up the neighborhood so I don't have identical houses right next to each other. And when I do make similar houses, I will change it so that the gardens are on different parts of the lot, the front doors are different, the upstairs balcony is in a different location, if they have one, and some may have flat roofs or custom roofs. None of my houses are exactly like another, even if I am making houses with similar features. I made a bunch of split-level houses once but only two of my families are living in them. The rest are in the houses bin.

Sometimes I even try to make a game of trying to remember what the house is like before I go in and play. There are only a handful of houses I know well. Probably less than that. Some I only remember the main floor layout. I went to a house the other day and was looking at the second floor, wondering why I never gave them a bed. Maybe I was planning to remodel with some custom cc. So, I put a bed in the empty room with night stands and a dresser that were in one of the sims' inventory. Later, when I was looking to see where the telescope was pointing because a sim rolled that want, I hit the page up key one too many times and discovered the third floor, with the bedroom already fixed up. Oops. But it does keep the game interesting seeing so many different types of houses and gardens made in ways I like them.
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I recently got bored with my game, doing the whole 'happy family' routine. So I decided to play a neighbourhood I've barely played, which was Strangetown. I started with the Singles family, and it's definatly not boring.

I refused to use any cheats, cheats for money, cheats to make friends etc. I gave all four sims a makeover then got them jobs, I've never had so many chance cards at once! Each sims has had at least 2 chance cards each, I've made them change jobs frequently while I waiting for the right one to come up. All of them have turned out badly, either they lost money or a skill point. Even one sim (which was a fortune sim) lost their job over a chance card, and they went into aspiration failure, which I never had before. It's definatly kept things interesting, I'm off to play them right now.
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