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Default We Value Your Privacy
For a few days, every time I visit MTS, a very aggressive pop-up window jumps at me with the We Value Your Privacy warning. Usually these kinda pop-ups just warn once, then you can click the "Don't show this message again" option and it doesn't appear anymore. Not this one! There is no "Don't show this again" checkbox, and it pops up at each and every page of MTS, in every minute. Browsing MTS have become an experience for me like browsing a virus-infested website. What am I doing wrong? Is it MTS or is it me? I always read the site logged in, and I mostly use Firefox on PC. Oh and it also pops up on my smartphone.
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Hi there,

I've seen it too, and I totally agree it's really annoying.  It's something new the ad partner added.  I'm actually working to remove that ad provider entirely since they've had some quite sketchy ads, as well as the whole "privacy" popup all the damn time.  Hopefully should be switched over in a few days or so.

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Oh thank you, you are wonderful! Thank you so much for the quick response and your help!
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