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Default Is MTS still restrictive about polycount?
I remember when I tried to upload some of my creations many years ago for Sims 2 and Sims 3 often they were rejected because of high polycount. Is MTS still restrictive about this subject? I'd like to upload hairs ranging from 20k to 45k polygons. We know polycount today isn't the main factor for performance issues and with all the LODs everything is easier for the GPU to handle. Only old GPUs would struggle. Anyway, I'd like to know the MTS position about this nowadays.
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Hey there!

I think back then we had a difficulty pinning down what's exactly too high, especially for hair (So we didn't even have references really, etc). We do now though!  I personally published the way we look at polycounts now right here, though it does have mostly clothing:

Now, for hair, (assuming it's not clay hair ) I'd say if you use the 'plane' technique, I'd say try to keep it to the following (assuming it's an easy cut):
- For a short cut, keep it to 10k,
- Shoulder length 15k - 20k
- Over the shoulders - 20k - 30k
- Longer than that - 25k - 35k

Now if it's a ponytail or braid, I'd say that it's any of those hairstyles + 5k  (Braid could be higher, depending on how long it is)

I will be honest, looking at what was uploaded before, (assuming you were Collin2  ) Were actually fine regarding polycount! Although we have reached an age where, like you said, people have better computers. We're more used to higher-end meshes, etc etc. Now that doesn't mean though that 50k or even higher would be fine, especially since a medium-end computer wouldn't be able to handle those.

Though, if you wanna share a few pictures here before uploading them through the wizard, always feel free to do so  That way, you also know if it's a tad too high or not. (I doubt it, given the other hair uploads you've done, but I understand the concern!).

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for the answer. I didn't know about that post of yours. I feel a bit dumb now hahaha Could've searched better. I'm sorry. I think in 2009 I posted a 6K hair for sims 3 which was rejected because it was considered to have a very high polycount.
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