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Default TS4 Downloads Area - Icon Change Suggestion
Hi again! I would like to make a contribution for this wonderful community that I think is a little bit necessary. I dedicate myself to make a Mod that changes the icons of the Packs In-Game so, could I give you those icons so that you can use them as symbols? I think it can help you with the aesthetic issue since those who are now look a little "strange". I can adapt them if necessary. Thank you!!
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Hi there

Thanks for the suggestion, but the icons that we have at the moment are actually the EA icons   They've just changed them over time in terms of style, so the older packs still use the older icons, while the new packs use the new ones.  I'd rather keep it something that everybody recognises from the games rather than something we ourselves make up.

Thanks though!

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The new-style icons are simply quite hard to recognize in small sizes. Additionally, new-style and old-style icons next to each other look inconsistent. It could be resolved by using “pure” icons, without backgrounds.
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