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My brain loves to make things more difficult than they really are sometimes. Does anybody else have this problem?

I've spent the past 2 years propagating houseplants. Clip a stem below the node, put the cutting in water, wait for cutting to grow roots. Once roots are roughly 2 inches, put cutting in soil. Keep soil damp, but not soggy until cutting develops air roots. Depending on the plant, this can take a couple of weeks to a month. Once air roots are developed, water the cutting (s) according to the plants' needs. Not all plants can be propagated this way or at all. Some need to be divided, whatever. Propagation, division, neither are a big deal. Easy, peasy.

I've been thinking about what kinds of foods can I grow in the house. I have microgreens coming so I can grow and dehydrate some of the herbs I use on a regular basis, but for other things like cherry tomatoes, my brain was like, yeah, no. You can't do that, it's too hard. In reality, it is not. It is basically the same thing as propagating houseplants but with a few extra steps. A seed has to be sprouted, then they need to be fed when roots develop. The only other things they need is light and air movement. No plant likes stuffy air and all plants need light. Even shade plants like hosta need light and get what they need as shade outdoors is much brighter than a dark corner in a room or a bathroom that doesn't have a window.

Maybe this "it's too hard" problem isn't entirely one of my own making. There is no shortage of people on YT and around other places that like to make things more difficult than they are. A lot of them do so to lure people to their Amazon links so they can get affiliate cash, but then there are those that don't. They link to what they use, but show other ways of getting the same task done while spending very little. I found one of those people yesterday. I won't be ordering from Amazon, but the few things I do need, I can get from Home Depot. They won't be exactly the same, but they'll do the same thing. A netted pot is a netted pot. A seed doesn't care if it is sprouted in rock wool or coco coir. Both are just a medium to hold the seed in place.

If anybody is interested in giving growing some veggies hydroponically a try, here's the YT channel I found that is useful, easy to follow and not complicated. Some fruit can also be grown hydroponically.
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