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Default Problem with compatible downloads/games purchased in profile
I don't know why I hadn't noticed this before, but when the downloads section is filtered by Compatible for me, it gives me different Sims 2 SPs than the ones I have selected in my profile. Where it says "Showing downloads compatible with..." it listed TSS and Ikea even though I have H&M and K&B selected. I eventually got it to select the correct SPs by trial and error

I have all EPs and don't play the other games, so I don't know if there's an issue with those checkboxes.
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@MrsM'Quve: I've noticed similar issues. I can't locate my own items in the search area, including recent submissions. Even with all filters removed Which makes me wonder if it's just me, or everyone. Either way, if my recent submission doesn't show up in Download search, then I'm not sure how anyone is finding it. Apparently, some have managed. I find it strange though that I can only access it through my profile. Is that by design, or a bug?

Edit: If I hit "go" instead of "Clear Filters" after checking "All Downloads," my stuff shows up. Candace requires the Outdoor stuff pack. However, the filters sometimes seem to think I have Luxury Suite instead of Outdoor Living, when I clearly checked Outdoor Living.

So I really don't know what the deal is.
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@BulldozerIvan Thanks for the report about the error with the Sims 4 stuff packs. This was caused due to an incorrect adding of the latest stuff pack, which is now fixed.

@MrsM'Quve This was also a bug, which is now fixed and it should correctly display the Celebrations and Teen Style you have selected in your profile.

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