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Filters do NOT apply on this site?
So, I got a few new Expansion packs today and I wanted to change my filter on this site to get the stuff that's compatible.
So I change the packs in my profile, the filter is set to compatible, it only shows Sims 3 ONLY stuff.

If I change the filter to the expansions I want, it gives me an error, there is no content there.
I have to change the filter to "All" to see mods from different expansion packs.

Also; if I change to "All", go to a category, like "Housing", it's still all Sims3 stuff.
Also2; I managed to get other expansions to show up, but it's only one icon, not all 3 next to each other. I have less and less mods to choose from.
What do I do?

Is there a way to only get the packs I have to show up?
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