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Default >5 levels lot templates for TS2 base game (EP0) users
A. Description of the reporting

It's been tested that blank lots with walls built with the max level height cheat enabled in EP1-UNI does NOT crash the TS2 base game (EP0). :bandit:

This's at least true in my base game. So, welcome to share your experiences.

So, hereby, I'm posting some template lots for TS2 base game (EP0) users, so they can try to build >5 levels in their base games.

B. About the templates:
1. 11 Template sizes: 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, 4x3, 4x4, 4x5, 5x3, 5x4, 5x5.
2. There's no 5x2 template coz I couldn't get a plain one. So, in other words, all lot templates are plain (for more info about what "plain" means here, read the tutorial "How to do Post-SC4 Neighbourhood-Terrain-Levelling (NTL)"
3. Single-wall-fragments or column are used to replace the 1x1 room to keep > 5 levels.
4. only 2x2 lot will be posted here, pm me for the other sizes.

Note, these lot templates were introduced from an EP1 system with the level cheat on, imported into an EP0 system, and then these packages were saved once in and exported from that EP0 system. These templates have been tested workable after re-imported into the EP0 system.
(for lot compatibility issue, read Unfurnished = ep compatible?:

Yet, regard this as some betas and try at your own risk, and I hold no responsibility for any undesired consequence.

C. Installation note:

You'll find a file with an extension ".7z" or called 7-zip. just decompress/extract it as if it's "rar" or "zip" when WinRAR >=3.41, 7-zip-manager >=3, IZArc >=3.5, power archiver >=9, ZipGenius >=6 or else... by right-clicking and "extract...(whichever way)"

[No restart of the game] is needed to [install a lot in sims2pack file] and [access the installed lot @ "house bin"]. The trick is by any means to have your neighbourhood screen reload. Say, entering a lot and go back to the neighbourhood screen, or switching to another neighbourhood. After a neighbourhood screen has reloaded, the installed lot will appear in the house bin without the game restart. This is true when the Clean Installer is used.

D. Reminders:
1. No "thank" post.
2. Technical comments, problems, reports, screenshots and suggestions are welcome.
3. Any direct or indirect commercial usage of these lots are prohibited.

Hi moderators,,

I wonder if it's good to have a subdirectory, a thread or a way to get some template lot threads made known and/or available to who may be concerned...

Coz an idea to find some lot templates at build mode may not be a common idea people have.

Thanks or all the mangerial hard-works...


Niol :nod:
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I agree! A template sub directory would definately come in handy....
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