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Hello, my first thread here, my problem is laid out below, I would be most appreciative is someone could post me a solution, and before any says anything if this has all ready been asked before, I have search the forums as much as i can but the problem doesnt exacly have a easy title to serach for.

The Problem:
after brousing the lots available in MTS2 i saw a couple of castles and forts, but they all seem small to me, so I decided to cosntuct my own. So i set off creating a fort spanning multiple lots, 8 lots altogether (i have nightlife so the others are veiwable in live mode). So this is where my problem comes in, I need to know if there is anyway of allowing Full Walls to be built all the way to the edge of the lot, as at the moment i have lots of small gaps in my wall.
I have tried the "move_object" cheat but it only enables my to place floor tiles to the edge and still not actual walls. so i am asking if there is a cheat or mod/hack available that will allow me to acomplish this.

Any help would be most appreciated.

PS, Thanks for the move, I didnt realise i had changed forums
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You may build across the road, yet building to the edge of the sides is still not known or publicised done yet as least this's true for Build forum.

Yet, you may read the following related threads around the same issue...
Note not all the mentioned attempts were tried out yet, but not everyone concerned about this issue is willing to try all...

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niol, your second-to-last link doesn't take me anywhere ("you do not have permission to access this page" etc etc) ... I know I did request a build-to-edge-of-lot hack a while ago, is this my own request or somebody else's? Do you have any other pointers to it?

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I'm unsure either.

The access to the thread is limitted now, and I can do nothing about it I'll have to check if I've a copy of the thread from my collection...
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