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Default Private Message (PM) Rules and Guidelines
1. No insulting, harassing, threatening, or intimidating other members. If you wouldn't say it to your grandmother, don't say it in PM.

2. No warez or file sharing. Do not ask other members to send you files, free software, keygens/license keys, or anything of that nature.

3. No spamming in PMs of any kind. This includes any sort of unsolicited links to your site, asking people to join your forum, recruiting creators for your site, linking to your dragon eggs, etc.

4. No requests. Unless a creator has specifically said in their signature, profile, or posts that they would like people to PM them with requests, then don't. This site is about learning to make your own content, not asking others to make it for you.

5. When to use the forums instead: If you have a technical question to ask of a modder, ask it as a general question in the proper creation forum. MTS2 is all about collaboration between members, and having your question asked and answered in a public place helps a lot more people and helps our community grow. Likewise, if you are having an issue or have a question about something you've downloaded from a particular creator, please post it in the thread where you got the item - other people may be able to help, and having it posted may make others aware of the issue.

Failure to follow the listed guidelines can result in the removal of your ability to PM or you may be banned.

If you receive a PM that violates the above guidelines, please forward the PM to an administrator or moderator.

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