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Default Building clouse to the borders of the lot
Hi, I'm holding a contest where I have build a lot for them to work on. Now my problem is that the bedroom is to small and will need to be expanded in order to work in the game. That would not be a problem at all if I had not build the house to clouse to the borde of the lot (2 squars). Do anyone know how/if one can build into that area. I know that you can lay floor and build fences, but what abourt walls? Is it doable?

I hope anyone can help me. If not They will have to make a grand extendtion on the house and I don't want that if there is any way to provent that.

Thank you for your time.
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#2 Old 21st Mar 2006 at 4:00 AM
There's still no known published way to do so yet.

The best I can say is to plan and build the buildings away from the border by reserving some spaces for possible expansion in the future.
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Thank you. I think we will build a extra story on the house.
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This probably won't help, but however, you can build fences within those two rows of grid. Sometimes, i use those fencing to create a sunroom, or artroom, etc.

You can find my bodyshop contents at Garden of Shadows as Nthdv.
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maybe reduce the size of some areas to increase the room space

I read all the comments you leave, even if they are made a year later, thank you all:)

Any lot building requests are considered, just pm me:)
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