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Default Wall texture considerations Pt1
If you are used to draw and import wall texture in 256x512, as the game asks you to do:
You'll start with this..:
and you ended with something like that: Pic 03

The image is deformed.
If you want the geometry to be respected, you will have to work in 256x768 in your graphic program. pic 04
Import the .bmp in the Home Crafter projects folder in 256x768.
OR after you've finished your work in 256x768, resize it into 256x512, then import the .bmp in the Home Crafter projects folder. pic 05

Keeping 768 will give you a more neat texture. pic 06
Resizing in 512 will make it easy to work with SimPE and is needed for Mac users. (thanks *Laure*)
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Default Wall texture considerations Pt2
Nothing new, nothing great, just some more considerations..

Some wall will be rejected or tagged. Why?

- If you’ve just placed an image you've found, on a wall without even taking care of deformations (see Pt1)....pic1
- If the texture have a seam....pic2
- or is if it’s poor or blurry....pic3
You also noticed the glitch on the last pic. This is due to the fact that part of the right side of the wall is reproduced on the left corner of the same wall....pic4
To get rid of this glitch, your multiple panel walls must be seamless.
Also take the time to zoom real close to a corner to see if the last pixel row is not lighter than the rest (often due to anti-aliasing).
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this is nothing unusual as a wall is 3 tiles high and one wide.
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Leaving it at 256x768 will make it unusable in the mac version of the game. Only wall textures sized at the default 256x512 work. Any other dimensions ---- even a single pixel smaller or larger will be rendered as a grey wall in the mac game.
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I knew the game resized the wall paint...that explains why Bobby looks tall on all my billboards for my Bobby Bussinesses...thanks now I can make him the right size.

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That's why I always make my walls in two sizes, I start off in 256x768 and import that one into my own personal game (neater texture) and resize it to 256x512 for upload on the Net. When you work with just plain wallpaper textures and two mouldings you can easily create them directly in the default size, but when you when you work on a bit more complex wall patterns/constructions, I prefer to use the 256x768 size in order to be able to see the result it would have in the game. Resizing afterwards will make that the texture looses a bit in quality, but that's how it is. Sharpening the resized wall in your graphic program will give worse results most of the time.

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I am unsure as to what you are saying here. Do you mean that the wall template size should be 256x768. If so where do you get the 768?

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Amberandcarlos: I didn't mention any template, because I don't work with templates. I create the .bmp wall image in my graphic program - with sizes 256x768 and then transport it to Homecrafter to get it into the game. If the walls I created will be put up for download I resize them to 256x512 in my graphic program, before transporting them to Homecrafter and pack them.


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So by shrinking the 256x768 to 256x512 in graphic program, your image looks squashed? Then it looks fine in game? I have a mac so I have lots of grey squares that I'm trying to fix.
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There really isn't anyway to fix the files on a mac unless you have virtual pc and can run simPE. But, yeah, if you resize a 256x768 to 256x512 it looks weird in your graphics program but if you reimport it using SimPE it will look ok in the game.
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So are you saying that Homecrafter will import the 256x768 image into the game of a PC (non Mac) user? It's not necessary to resize?

Just want to make sure I'm clear on this. It ought to make doing tile so much easier.
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Mollypup: If you make your own walls and give them the size 256x768 in your graphics program you don't need to resize them to the default size if you install them on a pc (for Mac you need the default size). Homecrafter accepts other sizes too (bigger) but I keep myself always to 256x768.
What I notice if I install the same wall in both sizes into the game, i.e. the original in 256x768 and the original resized to 256x512 (with two different names of course), is that the original one is slightly neater than the resized one. But hey, we have to consider the Mac users too when we put them up for download on the Net and even if it means a slight loss of neatness, the walls still come out very well in the game. The important thing is that the bmp images you make in your graphics program are very neat before resizing them. If you already have a blurry original, then the resized version will be even worse.


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