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Default Custom animations can be made
Dear Fellow,

I have a great news. We can create our own animations if we have.

- A 3d application which can export/Import SMD skeleton animation. Milkshape
1.7.8 and Maya 5 with additional scripts are these applications.

- Miche Animation Converter (It does not support some Joint, But i think SimPE new version can import a SMD animation).

- Basic knowledge of skeleton animation.

I have made an animation in Maya 5 Unlimited with Prall's Exporter and HL 1 SMD Exporter and succssefully exported in Sims 2. You can also use Milkshape.

Go to site. and you will find a tutorial on a coustom animations.

I can't work in SimPE but there is a tutorial here which shows how to add an animation to an object.

So i hope we might see some new animations.
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#2 Old 6th Jul 2006 at 11:15 PM
I think it's been done before, but it's still useful.

I'm more interested in finding out how the current in-game animations work. We barely know 1/4 of how everything functions in them. If we know how the current ones work, we can make better custom ones, as well as being able to just modify the existing ones, instead of starting from scratch.

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Feel free to check out the specification on the wiki and contribute if you can in that case . ANIM files (not .anim, but .5an) are actually the second version of a format that was too resource intensive, so there's a lot of filler and only required data in order to speed it up.
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chelnov, thx for the update. Does this only work with maya 5? I have maya 7 and Prall's 2.5 mel script. Will they work? Can you make a tut with a simple anim that explains how you are setting up the layers and paths for export?
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