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#1 Old 12th Jul 2006 at 12:07 PM
Default Custom Neighbourhood Wireframe!!!!
Have followed this tutorial.......

Thats for importing custom neighbourhoods from Sim City 4, to Sims 2.

Worked fine....really easy, have a neighbourhood I made in Sims 2, but, In the load the neighbourhood screen, my custom neighbourhood pic doesnt look normal!!!!
It is a sorta wireframe!
heres a pic....

I had a look in all the folders in Sim City 4, including the one where I got my neighbourhood, and cant find a pic of it anywhere.
I dont even know if you have to put a pic into Sims 2 indipendantly or not.
I know that this little problem of mine doesnt effect the game at all, but it's just annoying to see that wireframe every time you load a neighbourhood.
I went over and over the tutorial at the link above, and have done everything exactly as it states.
So could someone please solve my annoying problem???

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#2 Old 12th Jul 2006 at 4:02 PM
i have the same problem how do we get the pictures there?
anyone please help!
I have a realy nice neighbourhood and i want to upload it here

Greetz erwin

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Try this.....

Attaching a picture to your neighbourhood

Once you enter the neighbourhood view, arrange the view so that it looks at its best, then take a snapshot. Pictures will be stored in "My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Neighbourhoods/N***/Storytelling" where N is the number of the neighbourhood. Bear in mind that neighbourhoods are numbered sequentially, so that if you keep the two that came with the game and then create a new one, that's going to be number 4, and so on. However, if you delete one, future neighbourhoods will be numbered to fill the gaps.
You will need to take a number of pictures, with the number depending on which expansion packs (if any) that you have. You can, in-game, switch between neighbourhood terrain types with the following cheat code:
terraintype Desert
Sims 2 came with Desert and Lush terrains (although you'll need to type 'Temperate' for some reason)
And Nightlife introduced 'Dirt' and 'Concrete' Simply replace the word 'Desert' with the appropriate type to take the rest of your pictures.

You don't have to resize them, since the game does it automatically, but you will need to resave them as .png files and rename them as follows:

If we assume that the city map was called "Tester", you should have:
* Tester.png - this is whatever you want the default image to look like, so copy your favourite one and name it this.
* Tester_lush.png
* Tester_desert.png
And if you have Nightlife:
* Tester_dirt.png
* Tester_concrete.png

That should do it - you now have a workable neighbourhood map and the pictures it needs. Make sure that you include the .sc4 file and the 3 (or 5) .png files when you upload your neighbourhood.

Taken from this tutorial
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Default your pb
They are copied as default N0??_Neighborhood.png in the “…\…\…Sims 2\neighbourhoods\N0??” folder when a nbh is created.
You can replace them by your own. (the Maxis used size is 300x225)

Else, you have the marvellous default one with his wonderful green lines !]

It is not a bug you see marvelous maxis default.

open the n00? folder you will see a n00?.png its the wonderderful green one. Replace it by one of your nbh /storytelling/folder in the right format (.png) correct png image size is a multiple of 100*75 .
In the sc4 folder you have normaly 5 .png/nbh they become the n00?.png when you create a new nbh... look at my tuto. I explain it.

I hope i help you

You know a site allowing re-upload of free build/buy stuff in lots ? Help us to update the list !

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Thanks Jonesi & patul, I will try both your methods


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