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Default Values of different skills

According to ,
"0x000C and 0x0009 are mechanical and cleaning" (bkn1978)

I would like to know what are the values of the others skills ?

Thanks !

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Literal values (if you're changing the value in a BCON, or entering them as literals in a BHAV):
0x09 Cleaning
0x0A Cooking
0x0B Charisma
0x0C Mechanical
0x0F Creativity
0x11 Body
0x12 Logic

BCON values (If you're changing an existing BHAV to point to a different line in the global skills BCON):
0x011B:0x00 Cleaning
0x011B:0x01 Cooking
0x011B:0x02 Charisma
0x011B:0x03 Mechanical
0x011B:0x04 Creativity
0x011B:0x05 Body
0x011B:0x06 Logic
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A just saw your PM. Thanks again !

Edit : By the way, "skills" are "comp├ętences" in french : you were right
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