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Tutorial: Making Eyes Townie-Friendly.
Posted here since I can't start new tutorial threads - sorry!

This tutorial is based largely upon Zarkan's "How to create a TOTALLY custom neighborhood" tutorial on MATY. I am merely rewriting it with visual aids to help someone who found it a little confusing. I also included information on binning and de-Petsing eyes, since you will be in the same place anyway.

If you'd like more information on Sims genetics, there is a thread here that has a lot. It's not organized in neat little bullet points, but it's certainly worth wading through.

The included information on de-Petsing eyes was originally posted by beosboxboy, here. His tutorial is far more detailed, and may be of use if you find my quick-and-dirty recap a little too, well, quick-and-dirty.


Difficulty level: Easy.
Time per eye file: 3-5 minutes (once you've done a couple. The first few might take a while if you've never used SimPE before).

If you've never run SimPE before, just take a deep breath, and read everything. There's a lot of information to look at, but if you read carefully and follow instructions step-by-step, you'll be just fine.


If you've never edited something you've made in BodyShop before, you will need to use the files in your ".../My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/SavedSims" folder - NOT the folder labeled "Projects". If you're having trouble finding your file, but you have a good idea when it was made right-click in a blank spot in the folder and select "Arrange Icons by....Modified." This will arrange the files by the time they were saved, not by the random numbers BodyShop tacks onto files.

B. Rename your working file(s) so you can tell your working file(s) from your backup file(s). Put your backup(s) someplace safe, like a clearly labeled folder on your desktop.

C. Open the file with SimPE. The file opening dialog is in the "File" menu in the top bar.

D. When your file loads, look at the window labeled "Resource Tree". There is a line entry that says "Texture Overlay XML (XTOL) 1" (circled and labeled 1 in the screenshot). Click this item.

E. In the window to the right of the Resource Tree, you will see a line that says "Texture Overlay XML: blahblahfilename". Click that item (number 2 in the screenshot).

F. In the bottom window, called "Plugin View", you will see the "CPF Editor". In order to make your eyes townie-friendly, you need to pay attention to 4 lines of information (circled and labeled "3" in the screenshot). You edit them in the little form box on the right side of the CPF editor.

"version (dtUInteger)", "product (dtUInteger)", and "flags (dtUInteger)" are very quick and easy - just delete whatever is in the "value" form field on the right. When you click on the next item to be edited, they will automatically reset to 0x00000000. The fourth circled line, "creator (dtString)", should have its value set to 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000. Just delete whatever random string of numbers you find, then copy and paste all those zeroes right into the value field so you don't have to count them.

G. Hit the "commit" button in the bottom right hand corner, then save. You're done!

Of course, you'll need to test this. The quick and dirty way to test this is to load the edited file into your game, enter CAS or BodyShop, and hit the random sim button until your new townie-friendly eyes come up. If your game crashes when loading eyes (and it wasn't crashing before, and you haven't added anything else to the game), pull out your edited file and do it over.

Final notes:

There are a couple other things you can do while you're making a file townie-friendly, since you'll be right where you need to be. You can bin eyes, and - if you used Pets BodyShop - you can patch your eyes.

To bin your eyes, read the lines in the CPF editor. You will find a line called "genetic (dtSingle)". You can assign this number as 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. 0 is the most dominant, and 4 is the most recessive. (The eyes in this screenshot were assigned 4. By default, custom eyes are set to 0).

If you lose track of which eye you are binning, go back to the Resource Tree (where #1 is), and click the line that says "Texture Image (TXTR)". When you click on the line that appears in the right-hand window of the Resource Tree, you will see the image in the bottom window.

To do the Pets Bodyshop fix: if you have Pets, you will have a line in the CPF editor that says "parts". Duplicate that line by clicking the "add" link below the value window. It will appear at the bottom of your list. Rename that line "outfit" in the "Name" form field. Done! :D
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Moved into tutorials. Sorry this one got missed - I don't know if folks were quite sure what it was for to begin with.

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Wow, this will be big help! Thank you! I always wanted to know how to do this, and now I know!

I have to try this out now!
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Thank you!!! You are my hero and I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!
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This was a great tutorial! Thank you so much! Now, just a question. Do you know if you do the same thing to make skins townie friendly?
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Thank you for this excellent tutorial - it's so easy now!

This was a great tutorial! Thank you so much! Now, just a question. Do you know if you do the same thing to make skins townie friendly?

You do it slightly differently to townie skins - load it as before then goto
Skin Tone XML (XSTN) and click on whatever comes up in the window to the right. Then just change the items in the bottom window as you did with the eyes. Easy!
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So glad I found this - I plan on making both of the eye sets in my game work together as far as genetics go.
Thanks so much for typing this up!
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15th Mar 2010 at 3:38 PM
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How do I change the dominant values with Maxis-eyes/hair/whatever?
Where do I find the files, and what are the names of the originals?
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Originally Posted by HeidrunH
How do I change the dominant values with Maxis-eyes/hair/whatever?
Perhaps these will help:
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Originally Posted by Mootilda

Thanks a bunch! Now I just have to try this out!
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