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Default I need some shadow help.... some door shadow help.... please?

Ok, I don't give a hoot about the animations anymore, but please I need to figure out how to reverse that inside/outside door shadow....

I know I've bumped this.... but I didn't want to clutter up the forum with multiple posts on this project...

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I hope I'm not in over my head though....
I've finished reversing the meshes... which was a huge pain in the you-know-what mostly due to my lack of skills, I'm sure....

But now I've run into a couple of issues that I need a little direction/help with...

1) Ok, the dang thing is animated.... and when a sim passes thru the door, it opens of course, but the "rolling up" of the garage door panels still goes to the side it normally would... not to the side that would be correct in the reversed door

Can someone tell me - just generally - what I need to do... I mean... I really don't even care that the roll-up is there, but I do want the door to raise up..... is there a way to still have the garage door "raise" without the door panels appearing above it?

2) Next problem is the dang shadow thing.... what is it that tells the object to darken as though it were inside.... my backwards door - the outside of it goes shadowed and the inside of it stays brighter.... .. is it the wallshadow er... mesh?... can I fix this by reversing it? --- edit2add guess not cause I tried it and it didn't and been searching all over with terms door and shadow and not finding much I can use
3) My other problem is a recolor problem... none of the maxis recolors are available .... i cloned the garage door, didn't check the 'pull only default color'... all the texture files are in the package but in the game the door isn't recolorable.... I cloned it again... to see if maybe I just screwed up somehow... but had the same situation.... it's possible I made a mistake twice, but I was just wondering if anyone knows if the garage door package is different in some basic way where I need to go about the recolor thing differently.......

I hope this made sense....
I'm including the garage door package...
and also a small lot - the one in the picture.... just in case someone wants to fiddle with the door you won't have to take the time to build the set and everything....

I'm sorry for so many questions.... and I don't expect anyone to give me detailed instructions... just a few general pointers so I know where to start looking.....

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Well for the animation, if you can disable it that'd prolly be fine. Since there is no animation for the car to back out on to the street with a sideways garage, it's not essential to have it roll up. As for the other problems, since I'm not in the object creation area, I can't help ya. But I'm sure others can. Good luck!

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I can't even figure out how to disable it.... other than to make the whole thing decorative only,.... and it just looks so much cooler to have the door open when sims walk thru it,... not so much concerned about the cars,, ... I'll figure it all out eventually (er ... I hope)

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I need some shadow help....

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Not sure if yous till need help with this, but for the shadows maybe you need to look in the texture files or material definitions and switch them. The shadow is a mesh and it has its own texture, so I'm guessing you need to modify either the texture or maybe some settings in the material definitions.
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