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Default What're the known links or references to correlate bhav, pie menus, OJBD, audio references, etc?
What're the known link(s) or reference(s) to correlate bhav, pie menus, OJBD, audio references, etc?

group IDs?
just being in the package?

Fences, roof recolours, neighbourhood objects, material overrides (recolours including HCP products), terrain paints rely on the xml files for recognition mostly presently.

but, there should be some file type recognition systems or rules listed somewhere for the game engine to start to read and recognise all these file types. Anyone knows/guesses/suspects something at least? Mind to share here?

It sucks they didn't make it as plural as they could while making out all those silly assumptions.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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What're the known links or references to correlate bhav, pie menus, OJBD, audio references, etc?

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Normal objects are associated by Group number, unless the group is FFFFFFFF in which case the association is restricted to current package.

Graphic resources are called by unique name, regardless of which package they are in.

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TTAB/TTAs id is stored in OBJD, Raw Data tab, field '0x0007: Interaction Table ID'.
BHAVs like Init, Main and others are referred in OBJf which has the same Instance number as OBJD.
Don't know anything of audio references
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I believe audio files are linked to the object by name in a text list.
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Inge Jones, Jasana_BugBreeder & Echo,

Thanks for the inputs...

But I guess I still need more inputs to try to figure out something in this issue.
So, despite my reply here, more inputs are appreciated...

Thanks in advance.
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Quote: Originally posted by niol
But I guess I still need more inputs to try to figure out something in this issue.
Can you please tell more of the issue - which object, what's being called or not called?
Just don't know what to add...
Of bhavs? Those from OBJf are called when primitive 0x0014 'Run Functional Tree' is called. Those referred in TTAB are called when corresponding menu item is selected
Quote: Originally posted by Echo
I believe audio files are linked to the object by name in a text list.
True like animations, materials for ChangeMaterial calls, and other similar stuff. Not that I succeed to play a sound but at least I learned that the STR# instance used by primitive 0x17 'Play/Stop Sound Event' is 0x4132.
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Jasana - I got a sound playing in my bumper cars reasonably easily (brum brum!)... But it may be different depending on the type of sound?

Niol - what problem are you having specifically?
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Basically, my personal problem is kinda close to Frillen's

But, I thought it was easier to add lighting to fences... thru the cres...

I've tried to altered the group strings into 0xFFFFFFFF, the name reference file's group string, FR, my objguid ID and fixed some previous errors in my editting for the fence xml file like the wrong cres references . I'm gonna re-try some of these since the cres reference fixes for other group strings.

I've tried to combine a light clone along with the fence.
I've tried to add the objguid ID to the fence xml.

none is working yet. or probably, I've made some known mistake(s)... If that is not to work out easily as I expected, I can hold it.

After all, the biggest interest of this thread is to not only find out and/or gather more infos about how general various file types associated but also seek a way to mod how the game engine reads these files in order to widen the possibilities of ways to some presently technically unaccomplishable attempts.
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Quote: Originally posted by Echo
I got a sound playing in my bumper cars reasonably easily (brum brum!)... But it may be different depending on the type of sound?
I guess it depends on opcodes to Play/Stop Sound Event it was 'water_drip_lp', but I gave up quickly on it so can't check where I made mistake. Perhaps I'll try again with new object

niol, sorry for the question but first of all, why adding light to fence instead of cloning a light placeable on fences? It would be easier for sure

Your package can't be opened, unfortunately - looks like you attached just 1 part of 2-part archive

I'm not too much experienced with fences, so I'm not sure if a menu can be added to them - XFNC has too little options compared to common OBJD, and there's no even Init bhav. Don't know - maybe call TurnOn/Off from another controller-like object? To think of it, TurnOn/Off in a fencepost lamp are named trees, and instance for STR# with named trees name - 0x0000012F - doesn't seem to be written in OBJD, so it might work for fences as well. Interesting, I'll try
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Sorry, I forgot to turn off OFB and re-set the WinRAR compression default options before rar-ing the file... :red face:

In that lighting fence case, I actually want to turn the club light into the posts emitting red "laser" lights to the surrounding along the fence rails.

Modding a post light is indeed my secondary option. I'll try that approach if that doesn't work out well.

As for a controller, I think one day I'll put my heart to learn how to do it but probably not today coz I'm tired right now...
No, that's a good subject to learn coz it can enable so many options.
On an another side, making new lines may open up even more possibilities...
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niol, I saw your lamp post in the game - in lamps. Wondering how it supposed to look as fence - it doesn't have additional railing and raildiag meshes and related resources?

Sadly, my 'controller-like' idea didn't worked either Tried to add interaction to a 'normal' object, with SetToNext(object with a fence guid) in it - SetToNext exits immediately, though fences with chosen guid are on lot

Therefore, I'd suggest you to try one of 2 ways.

1) Use fencepost lamps. For a start, just add allow on fence post' flag (opcodes 2A000E00000903070000000000000000) to the nightclub's Init bhav and see how its laser lights work when placed on a post.

2) (Somewhat crazy way) Make your light dynamically change its graphics when lights of same guid are placed on adjacent tiles. Somewhat like counters updated, but more complex since you'll need more states; maybe there are other objects with adjacency code? I play rarely so don't know all the objects yet
At least that's the way fences worked in Sims1, and I guess a stubborn person can recreate the code though personally I'd prefer first way.

Good luck anyway
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Thanks with a big bunch of flowers of your like(s) for your helps... I'll try the first suggestion... coz I don't know enough to do the second yet...
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