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Default Putting lots next to each other
Is it possible to place two lots right next to each other, how do you build on the edge of the lot?
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You can place lots very close to one another, but you cannot build right up to the edge of the lot.

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To have easily closer lots this Niol's tut may be helpful : http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=103896

You know a site allowing re-upload of free build/buy stuff in lots ? Help us to update the list !

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There's no way to build most wall types to the last edgy row of a lot inclusively (the grid areas and the sides of the last edgy row).

But fences can help do the illusion provided that they're not defined to support the next grid page level like most wall segments.

Most custom contents are still lack of some infos to show up in the neighbourhood view, so it's kinda unrealistic to expect they can fill the "gap" yet.

However, the roofs especially those which can spread further than usual may get drawn to fuse with a lot right beside.

The linked tutorial is to place lots with plain sides. It's reasonable that not all users want plain landscape...
So for those who want non-standardised lots around, may make some new lots anew and place them right beside the present one(s).
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