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How Do I Change The Defoult Roof Colors?
I have been trying forever to change the defoult grey color of a sloped ceiling. I tried to recolour various files and change some codes around but I can't seem to alter the defoult grey ceiling.

Does anyone know the path to the ceiling grey color?

Maybe it is impossible to change the color... If it is impossible please tell me so i can stop driving myself crazy trying to change it

In the image below I have a sloped roof, and some windows so you can see the grey roof. (the red arrow points to it)

Please help me

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yes, you can alter them...

One has to do the first thing and probably the second thing:
1. Make one's own roof recolour, especially with the colour(s) of one's want for the roof under/bottom.
2. Mod the roof material shader, especially the roof bottom/under definitions.
May check the highest game version one's using.

The current roof mod I've made only deals with the roof top, so it's irrelevant in this case.

Nice figure-out...
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Default Still Confused
I'm Still Trying

I am kind of new to this and may need some dumbed down instructions (such as pictures... They Rule!) I Have ceiling textures. The ones that act like objects and add a thin, solid layer of ceiling (Wich works good for flat ceilings), but not for sloped ones . Im guessing that the defoult underside of the sloped roof is locaded somewhere with the defoult wall textures (The color of the wallls when they are just set down and uncovered).

The picture above has a red arrow that points to the Maxis Defoult ceiling underside (you probably already knew that). I hate to bother you modders and i greatly apreciate your help. I'm still working on it and will post again if I figure out the problem.

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Numenor's roof recolour tutorial is already a graphical step-bystep tutorial. and the roofunder is gonna at most (0.8,0.8,0.8) 80% as the orignial texture just like any other HCP products..

If that's already good for you, it's unnecessary to mod the material shader unless you want very bright textures as roofunder. OK, my bad, didn't realise one may not need to alter the roof material shader.

The change you may need in the roof shader very simple, a recolourer like me can already do it...
materialDefinition RoofUnder
setDefinition StandardMaterial
addParam stdMatSpecPower 0
addParam stdMatDiffCoef (0.8, 0.8, 0.8) # <- (1,1,1) for full textural values
addParam stdMatBaseTextureName roof-manor-under
addParam stdMatBaseTextureEnabled true
addParam stdMatCullMode none
You may need change this small piece of codes as shown by "3# <-..." when you want the RoofUnder to be very bright.

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Yeah, that makes sence. It would be awsome if you could get me the path to the codes (Since there are so many files and I am not quite shure where the files lay) I have searched for a bit and can't find the code your talking about. You obviusly know a lot more than me on code editing and altering defoult Maxis textures. So, I would greatly apreciate if you could pass me the path to the code ( For example: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData....)

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you need no extraction at all

To search the code, just copy the whole codes into a word processor from the wiki pages linked in the previous posts, copy "RoofUnder" and search for "RoofUnder", the search will lead you there.

Reminder: choose the proper shader version for your game, say you've got up to EP3-OFB, then use the OFB version from the article history. Using an older one or newer one may cause graphical errors, but if it should happen as long as nothing saved, it's pretty safe. Normally, modding on matShader won't cause data errors but may damage graphical HW if HW codes are altered in some ways that stress out the HW. The codes shown previouskly won't affect the HW settings, so it should be a very safe modding.

alter what you need, then...

make your own roof shader global default replacement mod.

Lol, the file ID : (type, group, sub-group/high instance, instance) are already listed in the material shader code pages in wiki.

1. Just load simpe,
2. create a new package
3. right-click at the TGI window and choose "create resource"
4. move down to the resource tab interface, input all the IDs accordingly from the wiki pages and choose the "Maxis Material Shader" from the "drop-down" box (@ the right of the type input box).
5. commit and save.
6. either reload the package or add and then delete another resource file to reload the Matshad file.
7. at the plugin tab, paste the altered source codes there surely without the FTGI IDs from wiki source.
8. commit and save.
9. done...

good lucks...

The only thing is that I don't know if there's a way to create custom stand-alone MatShader mod yet. So, a global mod like this can conflict with another roof shader mod.

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I knew it could be done!

You rule Niol!

Thanks for your time!
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