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Default Tutorial - How to set up dynamic menus with prim 0x0032
Greetings to all!

Here is a tutorial that should help all who start to work with dynamic menus. Though I am far from being an expert, I learned a lot while I tried to get the dynamic menu to work, and what I have learned is written down here. Maybe this text will help someone. It is not a "programming guide", but it covers the most important basics.

There is also a template file available ( ) which contains a small, working setup for dynamic menus. This file can be modified freely and should help to get a start. How the file was built is explained in the tutorial.

Any comments, critics and notes on obvious errors I made are welcome.

Have fun!

(P.S.: I tried to upload this PDF to the Tutorial sub-forum, but I'm not authorized to do so. Following the moderator's advice, I post the PDF as a zip here. "" contains the tutorial, "" the template package file for dynamic menus.)
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