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Default Tutorial!! How to lower slope of octagonal roofs!!
Yes, I know the title sounds horrific, but it's actually quite cool. I was preparing the maxis victorian home for my legacy family while I was removing the GIANT octagonal roof, I accidentally clicked on auto-roofs and then undo, and voila, I know have the title above. `o`
Of course, this tutorial will/can be added onto.
Okay here we go, this is what I made:

not interesting, right? well.

maxis cheated a little while making this house, by modifying the roof. See the 1-2-3-4 that's instead of three. :O
Here's how it should really be:

Well, delete the said octagonal roof,

and lay out a new one,

eww!! it's all pointy! D:
have no fear, the ( ) auto-roof tool is here! [/boasting superhero voice]
Well, you can click any auto roof tool you want, and then all the roofs are replaced,

See? Not good, I want my medevil (sp? :P) spire back, so I click undo.

:O! Zomg! Not as pointy!...but not as appealing. :[
Oh well.
I hope I helped you even further master the octagonal roofs. :D

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Hmmm... Interesting. Have you checked to see if it stays after exiting & re-entering the lot?

One of the ways that I make the octagonal roof (and often other roofs) look better is by adding a 4-click dummy level to my home. This gets those droopy eaves up off my pretty walls. Looks like if that was done with this technique and then those 4-click walls were removed that there is a chance things might line up adequately.

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Cool, one more undo usage in build mode...
Thanks for the tip.

It does save.
This works for the conical ones as well. but the dome doesn't work out in my experiments.
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Boy, i wonder how much of this wierd stuff maxis actually intended?

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Take a look-see, hmm...? Go on, click them:
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Could you please find or retake your pictures, this sounds like a really cool thing you found, but your tutorial is rather worthless without images.
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agree with Phae, I can't see the photos, don't know what to do!
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i can't see them either they all say "this image has been moved or deleted"

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I have just started building houses in Sims 2 and of course I start with a difficult ouse that is octogonal! LOL anyhow I would love to have a pretty roof on my house as it is going to be the strtig house for my Victorian Legacy Family. Any help out there?!! I know this is a older pot but its all I have ! Thanks in advance!
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If anyone still has this problem who has night life or higher (i believe thats what ep this cheat works for) ih have a solution. So what you do is lay down your octagonal roof (i dont have the ep that the circular roof comes with so idk if it works for those roofs but if someone does can they see if this works for it and leave a pist thnks) and then open up the cheat menu (ctrl+shift+alt) and put in the cheat roofslopeangle #. then go to auto roofs and click on Remove Roofs. Then Press the undo button or ctrl z and there you have it. now your roof is in the Slope you want. keep messing around with it until yhu find the perfect fit. ih havent tried to exit the lot to see if the roof stays yet because for the past couple days ive been working on my own project so test it and leave a reply. ty. Im so happy i can finally help someone with mii sim nerdieness lol.
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Why, yes, yes it does save. I'm not sure I'll ever be satisfied with my oct. and cone roofs, but this does help. Thanks rhea!
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26th Nov 2012 at 3:31 AM
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