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Default Sims freezing in a Maxis house?!
Okay, i need your help.

I recently moved my sims into a Maxis created house, the Cape Cod Classic.
First time i notice this, my toddler was playing in the attic bedroom with her toys. Her temperature was low, so i gave her a bath. After that i didn't see it anymore, so i figured it was a bug.
Now her sister (teen) was painting a picture when i suddenly noticed she turned blue. She almost froze to death.

I've attached some pictures of the roof, but i can't see anything wrong with it.

Can anyone explain why my sims are freezing but no furniture snows over? It doesn't snow inside, it doesn't rain inside. They don't dress into outerwear when they enter the attick, but they do freeze...

EDIT: I tried replacing the roof, but that didn't solve it. I replaced the roof by dragging the long gabled roof across the whole upper floor (not sure if that info is needed).
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It sounds like the attic aren't 100% enclosed by walls, however I've heard others complain about their attics not working after Seasons, so It could be a game glitch!
Have you tried to remove the Chimney to see if that corrects the problem?

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Yup, doesn't help. I can't find any gaps. All walls show and cut away like they supposed to do.
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Maybe it's for realism. IME attics are always too hot in Summer and too cold in Winter

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there's some info and a plausible solution for that in this thread

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Thanks Megativity13, I had just figured it out myself. I went to post the solution here, but since it's already in that thread, i won't have to.
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Well it would make sense most attics have no installation thanx megativity for the pointer just incase mine's start to freeze!

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Linkage for roof and attic things:

A. build feature tutorials/hints/tips:
Bigger attics
roof Attic walls

1. weather-related (snow, hail, rain, outside or inside)
attics in seasons [abel1980]
Info box indicating weather state @ build mode
seasons and roofing
Sims freezing in a Maxis house

2. cheat helps:
RESOURCE: Helpful roof slope angles

3. build feature helps:
How Do I Make This Roooooof?
%$%*$( ROOF &(*&*__^$
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Niol, i should have pm-ed you. Lol.
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Originally Posted by angel f
Niol, i should have pm-ed you. Lol.

Yes Niol always have a handful helping links, always use the Nioogle search engine :D

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:red face: . Just hope the links and infos at least may be helpful.

Besides, not always, probably just the common ones.
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