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Default Tutorial: domes, dummy levels, and boolproped roofs.
Hello everyone! I've gotten so many PMs and comments on my lots that are constantly asking me, "how did you do that?" I actually made this tutorial quite a while ago and uploaded it to the official site, but I will post it here and put a link in my signature so that you can ask me any specific question you have. Hopefully this will reduce the number of comments and PMs I get asking how to do stuff.

Here is the tutorial itself: Link

Here are some examples of what this tutorial will show you how to do:

Dummy levels

Sloped roofs



And the sloped glass roofs

Please feel free to ask any questions here and I will try to answer them!

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Thanks! I can do domes now!

And your married?

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I love your houses, and how detailed they are.
Keep on building!
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Thanks soooo very much!! Now off to build !! :D*Twitch*

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I searched and didn't see anything about this, so hope it's okay to ask this here. I'm trying to make the dummy walls as in the first part of this tut (which is very helpful btw! have bookmarked it) with Apartment Life (unpatched, no hacks), and it doesn't seem like the constrainFloorElevation cheat is working. Did it get broken in some recent EP?
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Are you sure that your typing it correctly?

" boolProp constrainFloorElevation false "

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