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Default Need Internet for New GUID in SimPE?
I am new to using SimPE for cloning objects, bodies, etc. and in the steps of creating said pieces, it says you have to register with the SimPE people through the program. Well, I have no internet connection on my Sims 2 computer... is there anyway to get a new GUID and enter in into the program without a connection or am just forced to overwrite the Maxis objects? Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.
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Provided you have internet access with any computer at all - I assume you do as you're posting in this forum :D

Register an account on the GUID databas just by browsing to the SimPE site

Click on "GUID" in the top menu. Then you should see a link to Register etc etc.

If registering does not automatically assign you a block (I can't remember it's so long ago) use the "Add Block" link. You will get a range of 256 GUIDs assigned to your account. You can make a note of these to keep offline, and a table where you fill in for yourself each GUID and what you gave it to.

When creating an object, you are able to type in a new GUID manually without using the feature to register it online.

You won't have to log into the SimPE site again until you have used up all 256 of your GUIDs.

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Thanks a lot... I appreciate you taking the time to answer my newbie question... this should make things a bit easier.
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