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Default LotRotater - Rotate a lot
It's relatively easy to change the location of the front of a lot, and to add and remove roads, but changing the sun direction is currently impossible. However, I think that it's do-able, with some work.

- Rotate all 2D and 3D arrays.
- Adjust the location of all objects.
- Rotate all objects.
- Rotate roofs, pools, and other non-standard structures.

- Object rotations are done using quaternions, so I'd need to learn about them. However, they're supposed to be pretty easy to use.

- Lots which have been rotated by moving the front of the lot seem to maintain some memory of their previous rotation. Would need to ensure that all traces of the previous rotation are removed.
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Does it make a 2x3 and turn all contents to the side and make the lot 3x2 then? If so, would the be a way for ONLY turn the content of the lot without moving the lot itself?

Sounds VERY useful though!!!

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Originally Posted by QBUILDERZ
Does it make a 2x3 and turn all contents to the side and make the lot 3x2 then?
That's right.
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Default Rotating a quaternion
Techy stuff about quaterions:

To rotate a quaterion 90 degrees, try adding a unit-scale 90 degree quaterion to the existing quaterion. Same for 180 and 270.

Note that the LotAdjuster is currently setting the portal quaternions to one of 4 possible rotations. It is very likely that these 4 quaternions are the unit-scale quaterions for 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees.

Quick check: add two 90 degrees and should get 180 degree.

If this turns out to be correct, then rotating the objects becomes almost trivial. Since this was the stumbling block for me, this may make the program just a matter of grunt-work, on the order of writing the LotAdjuster itself.
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I just realized that I didn't fully answer your questions, above.

Originally Posted by QBUILDERZ
Would the[re] be a way for ONLY turn the content of the lot without moving the lot itself?
No, this isn't really possible, since there would be an issue of whether the lot was large enough for the rotated object coordinates. What would the LotRotater do if the rotated building (walls, roof, objects, etc) didn't fit anymore?

I'm trying to understand the purpose of this idea. If it's just the lot size, then you can use the LotAdjuster to change the size. The only other thing that you might want is to keep the terrain (to match the neighborhood terrain), but rotate the building. Is that it? Or, was there some other reason why you might want this?
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niol, I'd appreciate it if we could keep all lot-modding information in one place. The main research thread seems like the best place, since this info isn't specific for the LotRotater. For example, the LotAdjuster already uses these fields to ensure that the portals are placed and rotated correctly.
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Interesting question: Can the lot lighting file be used to modify the sun direction for a lot imposter?

While looking into this, I found out that Hook at MATY created a set of files which should change the lighting on the lot itself, for Seasons:

[Update:] Yes, the files in the last post will change the sun direction inside the lot, but will leave the sun direction of the lot imposter as it was.


- Lighting files must be in the TSData\Res\Lights subfolder of the most recent EP, in my case the Mansion and Garden installation folder. Full paths do not seem to work for this cheat.
- The files included in the thread aren't labelled correctly. The final light direction is dependent upon the initial lot rotation. The sun on the lot is always in a corner, so you'll have to experiment to determine where the light will be.
- The files included in the thread are for Seasons (EP5) and include EP5Lights.nlo. If you are using a different EP, it probably makes sense to make your own versions of these files, including the appropriate EP<x>Lights.nlo file and any EP-related changes to the lighting.txt file.
- The files included in the thread say that they change the light on the lot to match the light on the lot imposter in the neighborhood view. You may not want that, although I see no indication that this is actually true.
- If I copy the neighborhood lot imposter lighting from the main lighting file (base game) to the individual lot lighting files, the lot imposter doesn't change (even if the lot is saved after entering the cheat). So, there may be no way to change the lot imposter lighting on a per-lot basis. Of course, lot imposters for the entire neighborhood can be rotated using this tutorial:
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