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Default Picture Guidelines
In order to make threads quicker to load and easier to browse for everyone (fast and slow connections alike) we have the following guidelines set forth for posting pictures/images.

These rules are effective immediately as of this posting. All of the following apply to ALL forums on the site except where noted.

Inline Images:

Inline images are those that display in the text of your post, using the [img] tag. These are different from attached images, which are uploaded using Manage Attachments.
Dimension Limit: Images may not be larger than 1280 pixels wide by 1024 pixels tall Any graphics editing program can resize an image.

File Types: Images should be posted in JPEG/JPG or GIF formats only. Please do not use PNG or BMP images as these are uncompressed and usually huge in file size. Any graphics editing program can save a JPEG - JPEG format is much preferred because it is usually the best in quality vs. file size.

File Size: Images should not be larger than 250 kbs. This should be plenty even at maximum image size at a decent level of compression. Most any graphics program can save JPEGs at multiple levels of compression to fit the 250 kb file size limit. Photoshop's Save For Web feature is especially useful for this as it makes for very small file sizes with great smooth compression - but even if you don't have Photoshop, the free program GIMP will compress JPEGs at different levels and show you the file size. To see an image's file size, right-click on the image on your computer or in a browser window and choose Properties.

Picture Limit Per Post: You may not post more than four (4) inline images per post. Please do not double post to get around this limit. This limit (unlike the others) applies only to the Sim Pictures, Discussion and Downloads areas of the site - you may post more images elsewhere (so there is no image limit per post for stories, contests, etc.).

Multi-Posting Pictures: Please only post specific pictures once for things like the Sim Pictures and Drawings/Art threads. Posting the exact same picture in the "Most Beautiful Sims" and "Most Beautiful Females" is not allowed. Choose the most appropriate thread for your pictures and post them once. You may post -different- pictures of the same sim in separate threads, but please keep this to a reasonable level as any one sim could probably fit into 15 different threads there.

Attached Images:

Attached images are those that you upload to your post using the Manage Attachments button. Attached images are generally only allowed in specific forums and thus will not work in all forums.
Dimension Limit: You are limited to an attached image size of 1280 pixels wide by 1024 pixels tall.

File Size: File size limit is 250 kilobytes. To see an image's file size, right-click on the image on your computer or in a browser window and choose Properties.

All Images:
No Nudity/Adult Content: While we are not prudes, this site is usable by ages 13 and up, and we don't want angry parents. Any nudity (that is, female nipples as well as genitals or butt cracks of either gender) must be obscured (blurred, covered, cropped out). It should go without saying, but do not post pornographic images here (obscured or not).

If you violate the guidelines:

If you post pics beyond these limits, your post may be edited to temporarily remove the pic - you can edit your post to fix it later. Please be kind and polite if a moderator informs you that your pics are not within the guidelines. - they're just doing their job and all you need to do is change it.

If you really want to post something bigger or a different format...

You can link to it instead, either by using the [ url ] tag around an [img] link (so your picture that does fit the limits can be clicked for the larger/different format version that doesn't) or by simply posting a link to the image as text. You can also always collage separate pictures together into one picture using an image editor.

How to post pictures?

For instructions on how to actually share your pictures here, see: How to post pictures?
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