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#1 Old 19th Sep 2008 at 8:28 PM
What have you done with the sims in Belladonna Cove?
Have you played them? Have you read into thier storys and carried on from it, or led thier lives in a completely different way? Who has ended up with who?

For me so far...I turned the Cordial sisters into witches of course! Kimberly has got together with Armond DeBateau, after she accidentaly got knocked up by him. She's going to move in his big fancy apartment with him now. Samantha...well, i planned on getting her together with Gabriel Green, i made them fall in love and everything, but when i went to play the Greens for the first time, Gabriel and his roomate (forgot her name?!) automosly woo-hooed and fell in love. So, i guess they made thier on decisions on that one! So, Samantha's currently on the look out for a new man!

And thats all ive done so far, im still in the process of making them all over and remodelling all the homes.

What have you done so far?

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#2 Old 19th Sep 2008 at 8:41 PM
I was about to make-over the newsons then did'nt cos i found them incredibly ugly with wierd genetics. I re did the cordial sister and thats all. :D

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#3 Old 21st Sep 2008 at 11:59 AM
i also made the cordial sisters witches, kimberly bad, and samantha good ( like in bewitched ) then i moved smantha out, had kimberly adopt a girl who is also an evil witch now. its so funny seeing them both together. i plan on making samantha live in a nice house with a kind off candle shop and do good things for people who buy stuff.

i havent really played other families yet, i looked at the rich guy and the adopted daughter but didn't like to play with them. i did however played with his ex, who lives in the trailerpark. only reason for that was the fact her hidious trailer was all pink, pink and OH LOOK more PINK!!! argh, so i redid that. and left her to be again. :P
#4 Old 22nd Sep 2008 at 3:06 AM
I've been playing the Baldwins a little.They live next door to my self sim and Isabella and my simself are good friends she's always coming over to visit him when I'm not playing her.Her daughter is friends with him to.I haven't done a lot with the Baldwins yet.I think I'm going to let Isabella have another child.

Armond Dabaugh has fell in love with Samantha Cordial.He started automously kissing her on a community lot and they fell in love.Samantha however has met someone else.She was talking to a townie and the townie asked if she would like for her to set her up on a blind date with her friend.She accepted and they had a dream date and major chemistry.They have 3 bolts so now Samantha has two loves at once.She still wants to marry Armond thou because it's in her wants.Armond's daugter isn't dating anyone at the moment but she has 3 prospects.I'm going to get her and that other families son togeather I forgot their name.The father has blond hair and the mother black.

I played the Patel family a little and she's very pregnant.I'm hoping she will have a girl.

Chasity and her roomate the Green guy are now in love.She automously kissed him when I started playing.His wants is to marry her but she's a romance sim and doesn't won't to get married.
#5 Old 22nd Sep 2008 at 9:08 AM
In my game the Cordial sisters were turned into witches. Samantha fell in love with Gabriel Green. They got married and had a child together with another on the way. Kimberly is in love with both Chastity Gere and Armand DeBateau. I don't plan on having her settle down anytime soon.

Chastity Gere is enjoying being a romance sim although she got pregnant with Malcolm Landgraab's child. She and her girlfriend are living together and raising her son.

The Patel's had a baby girl but I haven't played them much beyond that.

Armand's ex Jessica Peterson had a baby boy with Carlos Contender. She moved out of the trailer park and is pregnant again with some random townie's child.

Timothy Riley and Vivian Cho are engaged.

I've played all the families but those are the only significant events that have happened so far.
30th Oct 2008 at 4:19 PM
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#6 Old 30th Oct 2008 at 5:01 PM
I mostly played with Armand I melted a bit when I found he was a family sim instead of an overambitious careerlock I assumed he'd be. I moved a CAS sim into his building who quickly built up relations with him, and eventually a large family.

But now I'm in my fully customized neighborhood, I liked him well enough to 'move' him into that new neighborhood. I scaled him back to a YA and he is attending Academie college with Bella, Don, and Malcolm Landgrabb. Jessica is at Sim State with other cloned maxis characters. The two haven't met, so we'll see where that goes...
#7 Old 30th Oct 2008 at 5:12 PM
Deleted each and every one of them along with the land they lived on. Belladonna Cove is extinct!
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#8 Old 30th Oct 2008 at 10:30 PM
I deleted most of the families, but kept Belladonna Cove because I thought it was pretty, and moved my own sims in

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#9 Old 31st Oct 2008 at 7:18 AM
I'm playing in HP's Uber-Megahood, renamed to "Maxis," so the sims of Belladonna Cove are mingling with the other premade families. I've spent most of my time just setting up the families in the main hood (whew, that took forever!), but I did play a bit with Jessica Peterson. She lives in that horrible trailer park along with her neighbors the Newson clan, Antonio Monty and his family from Veronaville, and the Jocques from Desiderata Valley. The fifth trailer was occupied by a townie named Phil Jitmakusol, who moved into Jessica's place pretty quickly! I think "Jessica Jitmakusol" sounds pretty nice, but Jess definitely doesn't want to get hitched since I gave her the secondary aspiration of romance!
#10 Old 1st Nov 2008 at 10:29 PM
I don't know who to match Jessica up with I was thinking her and the Riley guy might make a good match.
#11 Old 2nd Nov 2008 at 4:40 PM
I have done alot!!!

Firts off I played the Cordial's Samantha is the good witch and she moved in Armand he became a good warlock. Tara, Armand's daughter, moved out and went to college. Sam and Armand had a son name Dickenson. Kimberly, The evil witch, married a townie name Kacper Shaw he beacame evil. they have one son Named Garett and a daughter name Aurora.

I have then played the Newson's I remade them from head to toe. They are all at Uni right now.

I played The Patel's she had a boy named Seth and then I swapped Ramir for Armand. I hooke Ramir up with Samantha. Dickenson moved in with Armand and Amanda (? I think thats her name)

Oh yes last but not least Jessica Peterson I am haveing her have a child with every playable sim in Belladonna cove. She has a son with the contender guy. A daughter with the Gabriel Green (?), and another boy with someone else. Seh is now pregnant by that Timothy Riley Guy. that just about does it.
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#12 Old 3rd Nov 2008 at 5:17 AM
I haven't really played it aside from the sisters, which I of course made witches! The Newsons I thought I would like, I played them for a bit, but got annoyed by the fact that they show up in all hoods, and gave up on them just because of that. Other than that I just kinda started each family, looked at the stories and exited. I have been debating whether or not to get HP's Megahood, so I can actualy try the Maxis families, I have never played ANY of them.
#13 Old 5th Nov 2008 at 7:19 PM
Originally Posted by maven2379
I have been debating whether or not to get HP's Megahood, so I can actualy try the Maxis families, I have never played ANY of them.

Get it! It's a good way to get started with them, and since it encompasses so many sims it feels like a real town (granted, you will have between 60-70 Maxis families living there if you have all EPs). There's bound to be at least a few sims that capture your attention. :D

Forgot to add: I couldn't think who to pair Samantha Cordial up with, but then I remembered there is a "Darren" - Darren Dreamer! It's gonna be just like Bewitched, lol.
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#14 Old 5th Nov 2008 at 7:35 PM
I played Jessica for a bit but mostly just stopped in one or two families to see what is what. I think I also played one other family -- a female and her little girl but can't remember the name of the family.

For the most part I've created families and moved them into the apartment buildings that have sims already living there and most of them have become friends. I am hoping to play the Cordial sisters soon and see what happens.
#15 Old 6th Nov 2008 at 8:37 AM
I've made the Cordial sisters into witches (1 evil and 1 good.) I went and downloaded my first mod to the game, a camera one, in order to see that mysterious house! Might move the evil sister in some day when she's old and a widow.. oh, I might make her kill her husband... *lightbulb*
Vivian Cho got married to Timothy Riley, have moved into a house, and are expecting.. I'm hoping a boy this time.
I'm gonna continue the storyline about Tara DeBateau and the boy she likes. I haven't played the Rutherford household yet, but I'm keeping them in the neighborhood due to their ties to one of the witches. The ex-DeBateau wife is still living in the trailer park, might make her the new Brandi Broke!
Also moved some created families in, I love the Belle Townhouses of Red, White, Blue and Yellow! So cute~
As for everyone else, I evicted them and they're just sitting in the toolbar.
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#16 Old 6th Nov 2008 at 9:05 AM
I played that one family (can't think of the last name) that has the dark haired son named Isaiah. I actually really liked this family. Moved them into a nice apartment and made them over. The mum got preggo. The kid became a teen. Life was great.

I did a big makeover and remodel of the Baldwin family and their apartment. Gave them a lap dog. But, aside from that, I didn't really play them. I found Isabella to be very pretty.

I did a makeover and remodel of Armad and his daughter and their apartment. They turned out nice. I had Tara become friends with Isaiah and planned on sending them to Uni together. Oh, and she made good friends with an evil witch. She was suppose to become one...

I made over Jessica and her trailer and played her only a little. Didn't plan on getting her knocked up, just played her as a hussy.

I moved one of my own sims into one of the apartments and I was going to have her hook up with that Green guy (he's the one with the roomate, right?). He looked qiute attractive but, by the time I discovered this, my computer started having issues.

I moved that elder pair into a nice, quaint home and had fun redoing it and making it conservative and a little retro. Gave them both a cute makeover. They turned into rather popular people (I was planning on making them related to the first family I mentioned but never got around to it).

And now... it no longer exists. It has since been deleted (along with the other maxis 'hoods) to make room for a couple of my own 'hoods. I do plan on re-installing my game and playing with all of them all over again, tho. ;]

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#17 Old 8th Nov 2008 at 2:10 AM
Originally Posted by sharkloverplayer
I don't know who to match Jessica up with I was thinking her and the Riley guy might make a good match.

T Riley should go with the Cho woman in the same apartment!
#18 Old 8th Nov 2008 at 12:08 PM
Gone! they're allll gone! Mhuhaahahahahaha..

Er.. ahem yeah..
I looked around the 'hood, evicted some peeps whom houses I liked, popped some houses in the housing bin to use in my regular hood, hen deleted Belladonna Cove I only have my own custom neighborhood I play, and I've deleted all Maxis 'hood that came with the game or any expansions.

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#19 Old 26th Dec 2008 at 9:09 PM
I've had Tim Riley and Vivian Cho get engaged, then move in together, and then take the kids and move to a nice house, they then got married and are FINALLY expecting a baby (took long enough!).

I'm going to have Tara DeBateau date...that boy that she's friends with at the beginning of the game, not sure what I'm going to do with her father and his dating potential.

I think I'll have Armand's ex-wife, Jessica, marry that Contender guy and have a baby with him and then, when he dies, she'll start sleeping around XD

Moved the Newson family in to an apartment, while they have plenty of money it is a small apartment so the beds are squashed together, and their neighbour is a mean person that plays loud music at 1 in the morning so it keeps waking the girls up and they have to bang on the wall XD thankfully the toddlers grew up quickly as both the teenagers were exhausted from looking after them and doing homework (even with the help of the Nanny). Not sure who I'm going to marry them off to, might have Gallagher marry Sophia Baldwin since the Baldwin family lives on the floor above.

I finally used the Ramaswami couple, moved them in to a flat and will have them have several children, one of whom will marry one of the Patel children (they already had a daughter that I named Ana after her Mum).

Aaand, I think that's it for now ^_^
#20 Old 28th Dec 2008 at 8:24 PM

Well, first of all I've rearranged Belladonna Cove partly so it looks a bit less scattered and has shopping areas, residential areas, apartment areas, agricultural areas and... the park, of course!

Then I've moved all the existing Sims into the appartment area so that they'd make friends easier, and created my own family and moved them into that area. I played them until my Simself went to college, then moved on to send a few other Sims to college, and I started to play the DeBateau family (although DuBateau would be more appropriate according to French grammar :spin: ) and sent Tara to college after making her an overachiever and upping her skills a bit :D

I'm in the college now, getting them all out and back to Belladonna Cove, so that's about all I've done in there. I don't know if I'll play any of the other families. But I want to turn my Simself into a witch!
#21 Old 7th Jan 2009 at 5:16 PM
Hopefully I can edit them soon!!
I'm excited to! I'm about to run off into sims land. Woopeee!!
I'll bring pictures!!
I was thinking about editing the Cordials, Hopefully!!
#22 Old 8th Jan 2009 at 3:00 PM
I've done a lot. That's the only 'hood I really play. The Patel's wound up having 6 children. Good lawd lol

Etsu Cho married Isaiah Gavigan. They have twins a boy and girl. Isaiah has a brother named Jacob and a little sister Carley as well.

All the Newson's are grown and I think Ginger and her red headed brother (can't remember the name are the most attractive. Well there is another one of the boys who grew up to be gorgeous. That one is with Nina Caliente.

I deleted some of the families in Belladonna Cove who I just couldn't get into playing.
#23 Old 30th Jan 2009 at 8:21 PM
I'm just now messing with other people besides the Newsons.

Matthew Picaso and Jessica briefly moved into a cheap apartment until they saved up some money for a townhouse.
There he gets demoted and fired 3 times (I suck at chance cards) and ends up deciding he'd rather be in an athletic career.
Oh, he also knocked up Ginger Newson (with the help of ACR or my friend tiffani xP) and became furious with her after losing a game.

It eventually wore off and he started rolling wants about Ginger and Jessica was too busy/tired maxing out her hobby enthusiasm and going up the career ladder, so he makes friends with the first girl he sees and they head off to the local motel.

Me, being a total idiot, hasn't looked at all the Belladonna Cove residents and thinks Tara DeBateau is a downtownie, so there won't be any complications. They only have crushes on each other, so they'll soon forget anyway, I'm thinking.

Matt & Jessica eventually move and start a family. I move the family Gavigans in a house by their's and they're all good friends now.

I look for a new family to play and low and behold - Tara DeBateau is NOT a downtownie, but the daughter of the wealthy Armand who is the sim I got the Good Witch Sister Cordial engaged to. Oops.

Me: Oh well, it was only once, right? Risky woohoo only has like a 40% chance... Her friend Heidi has woohoo'd like 8 sims and is fine. And Tara isn't even sick at all, so we're in the clear! ...please?
Tara: Pop!
Me: >

Tara decides to give her baby Amy up for adoption and goes on to college. I let the old couple in the Family Bin adopt her, and all is well for them until the old woman leaves her toaster pastries in the oven too long and dies in a fire while Amy and the old man are at school and work.

I've thought about it, and since the man is going to die any day now, when Tara graduate from college, I'm going to change the family ties and let Tara take Amy back.

And that's about it. I only play Bella when I'm not working on my custom 'hood, so not much has happened.
#24 Old 30th Jan 2009 at 9:44 PM
Ok well Isaiah Gavigan has two other siblings in my game. A brother named Jacob and a sister named Carley (she's a teen) at some point while I wasn't paying attention Jacob became a werewolf. He has twin daughters with Jodie Larson lol She came with Open for Business.
#25 Old 1st Feb 2009 at 5:43 PM
Vivian Cho and Timothy Riley got married and had a son named Seamus (after one of Timothy's family members, can't remember if it was his Dad or Grandad). They live in a nice house now with the two girls.

I had one of the Newson boys take their girlfriend on several dates Downtown. Evidently Samantha Cordial and Gabriel Green had been spending time there too because at one point they were autonomously making out and fell in love! I hadn't played with the Cordial sisters since turning them in to witches (Samantha good, Kimberly evil) so I went back to playing with them.

Samantha Cordial is now married to Gabriel Green and they live in a nice big house which includes a room that she can practice her witchcraft in (not the house that Gabriel was living in with Chastity, I thought that was horribly ugly). Kimberley was quite attracted to Armand DeBateu so I had him and Tara move out of the apartment and in to a huge house that was in the Houses bin from the Sims 2 base game, then once they were moved in and settled he called Kimberley and she moved in and they will soon get married and have a few children of their own!

I think I'm going to have the Cordial sisters have 3 children each, all magical, one good, one evil, and one neutral (and if I get really bored, a 4th that will have no magic at all).

Carlos Contender retired from his job so he more time to dedicate to chasing skirts. While Chastity is out at her little job he looks after their daughter, Prudence, and the son he had with Jessica, also named Carlos, and invites women round and seduces them XD
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