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#26 Old 26th Jun 2007 at 12:59 AM
Well, I don't have a lot of variety right now. Naming just goes on a real theme. Nyestaville only has two families right now and a couple of single sims. I don't really have any favorite names.

The Tourney family consists of:
Marek(father is Ian Vindiscar, not Phillip)

The Santeros family is:

My single sims are:
Ian Vindiscar
Narcissus Umathe
Quinn Whitman
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My favourite family to play is made up of BriAnna DeBarbarak, her daughter Audrey DeBarbarak and her son Gabriel DeBarbarak, and her adopted twins Akina and Takai DeBarbarak.

Some popular first names in my game are Gabriel, Noah, Julian, Jonah, Jordan, Issac, Ivan, Charlie, Jasper, Eli, Xavier and Liam for boys; Rayanne, Elenora, Felicity, Elia, Katya, Imogen, Isabella, Emilie, and Orchid. Last names I use frequently really depend on the family theme (Gothic, Medieval, ect), but a few of them include Harrows, O'Donahugh and Hollingsworth.

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Originally Posted by Zixx
The names i'm using waaaay too much at the moment?

Amaryllis, Ky & Zane.

Amaryllis! *bounces* I have an RP character called Amaryllis (Ama), she's basically... me. Only shorter. So I get confused whenever I see anybody else using it. I love it, though, it's a beautiful name!

I tend to use different names for each sim, I get confused otherwise. But I have really weird systems...
For families who are only going to have a few kids (say, 1-3), I take the first letter of each of the parents' names, and find the letter exactly inbetween. The name of the first kid starts with that letter. Say they're going to have another two kids... it gets 'quartered', so the letter between the first letter of the oldest kid's and the first parent's name, then the same but for the other parent. If that makes any sense at all.
The other system is, with big families, the kids' names start with the same letter as one of their relative's names. That one's easier. :P

I'll list a couple of names later - suppertime! :D
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Forel Family

Schmidt Family
(Demi, but she's Maxis')

Those are the people living in my selfmade neighborhood. There hasn't been a baby boom recently as you can see...
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Hmmm ... we both try very hard not to use the same first name twice, though we've accidentally done it.

I've used gemstone names for first and last names (Amethyst, Topaz, Diamond), flower names as first names (Lily, Violet), favorite musician names (Tomas, Guy, Paul, Noel and Liam, and Gallagher as a surname, though not Noel's or Liam's!) started a few Zodiac names for last names (Aries, Taurus, Gemini). I've used herb names for surnames. (Wintergreen, Basil, Cinnamon, Beebalm.) I've anagrammed a couple of surnames. (Danzer). I use a LOT of names from baby name websites based on particular characteristics. A blonde Sim might have a name meaning "golden", for instance. Many Sims have names of family members and friends. Oh, and many of my Sims have seasonal last names ... Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

My largest family is the Summer family. Rebecca and Guy are the matriarch and patriarch of that crew. They have twelve kids ... I think. At least three or four of the kids have married and have grandkids of their own. Most are single, a couple are still in college, and three live at home. I haven't even counted how many kids and grandkids there are in total!

Thanks to ALL free-site creators, admins and mods.

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My legacy family I guess you would call it is The Songs.

It all started with the girl I made: Kiwaley Dzieciol

I made 3 Song siblings: Chi Song (m), JaeJoong Song(m), and Lime Song(f).

Chi Song married Kiwaley Dzieciol, they had 3 kids:
Ch'un Song(m), Mao Song (m), and Chi Yang Song (f).

Ch'un Song marries Ophelia Nigmos who have a male child named Hsi Sheng Ell and have one on the way as of right now.

Mao Song marries Renee (maiden name I forgot) and have 2 male children: Chueh Ts'un Len and Ching T'ai.

Chi Yang Song marries Gordon the delivery guy and has one male child name Raphael Lee.

My family keeps having male children. I don't know why lol
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I use various forms of Elizabeth way too much.
(As in Elise, Alyssa, Beth, Elsie, Isabel, Liz, Liss, etc.)

I do have a Sim in every neighborhood by the name of "Adelyn Ellis" though.
She's my favorite. ^^
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My legacy family: Dean Spirit (he's indian) and his wife Peyton Spirit (she's white). I'm only saying this because it makes for gorgeous kids! Their oldest son is named Craig Spirit. Their middle daughter is named Ely Spirit and their youngest kid is named Echo Spirit. She's a girl.
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Vlad LaCroix
Cyd Deshere/LaCroix
Raphael LaCroix (RIP)
Balfour LaCroix

Silas LaCroix
Naomi Kritzinger/LaCroix
Imogen LaCroix

Blair LaCroix/Wyatt
Travor Wyatt
Rylie Wyatt
Trot Wyatt

The LaCroixs are fond of giving their children unique names and dislike the common ones.

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I usually use The Sims 2 Family Creator made by mike at I love it there are lots of different names!
#36 Old 1st Jul 2007 at 4:30 PM
If I'm having a really hard time coming up with a name I just go here.
I don't do themes either. Usually if I do anything special to a name it's when I mess with the spelling.
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#37 Old 2nd Jul 2007 at 3:05 PM
I was playing with my first legacy family [got up to Gen4 and my laptop bust!] and I use supernatural skintones (mostly ones by Enayla). They were the Myth or Spirit family, so I used names of mythological animals, Greek Gods etc.

Spirit Family: Hades, Oceanus, Pegasus, Selkie, Chimera, Flame, Salamander, Siren, Hex, Saturn, Glory, Leviathan, Phantom, Chaos, Incubi, Deity, Knowledge, Pixie etc.

I think these names are beautiful and unique, but I admit I use 'Hex' far too often.

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As of current, I have 3 large families:
Adam Starkly
Sussanah Starkly
Alkexander Starkly
Sylvester Starkly
Amelia Starkly

Lafont Family:
Javier Lafont
Miranda Lafont
Lucien Lafont

Vishnikov Family:
Vladimir Vishnikov
Veronika Vishnikov
Viktor Vishnikov
Viktoria Vishnikov

And singles- Sammy Sparazzi, playboy artist, and Markov Chaine, maniacal Cult Leader intent on causing trouble for everyone else in the neighborhood
#39 Old 4th Jul 2007 at 10:47 AM
I started a new neighbourhood a few weeks ago and these are all the sims in it at the moment.

Seamus Verona
Ruby Verona
Kyal Verona

Felix Mort
Peaches Mort
Belle Mort

Minnie Six
Harmony Prospero
Zak Trollop
Ava Flare
Jochabelle Palm
Florian Darling
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My main family is the de Scie family started with Adam (RIP)

Like the LaCroixs, the de Scie are fond of giving their children unique names and dislike the common ones. (5th and 6th generation)
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i like 'J' names for some reason, jo , jason, jackie ect. but i don't stick with familys much i get easily distracted ( i also name sims by combinign people in my classes names
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Most of my sims have ordinary names like George, Peter, Becky. But sometimes I go overborad with names like Aurora, Anderson, or Telemachus.

I also like names that aren't gender-specific or switch genders, so in my game I've got a guy named Gretchen, and a girl named Ryder.
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#43 Old 10th Jul 2007 at 8:13 AM
I deleted my old neighbourhood and made a new one. Here are the names of my main family:

Gen. 1: Hermione and husband Stuart
Gen. 2: Edrik, Sarah and Sam
Gen. 3: James, Kiki, Finn, Jess, Kristian, Dominic and Jenny
Gen. 4: Ian and Martin
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I love Italian names...they sound so romantic and flowing to me, but my favorite of all time was Bella Donna DiPotere. Since her there has been:

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#45 Old 11th Jul 2007 at 5:22 PM
My favorite family (The Hughs)
Cassandra : Mom
Samuel : Dad
Cassam : Son
Sandy : Daughter

My most played family (The Fordes)
Jean : mom
Hugo : dad
Ella : daughter
June : daughter
Cori : grandson
Cai : son
Sue : grandaughter
Jean : great grand daughter
Cori : grandson
Gale : great great grand daughter
Jeanne : great great great grand daughter
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#46 Old 11th Jul 2007 at 9:47 PM
The Macbeths are my longest running family, whom started out with fairly traditional names and progressed to the bizarre.

Gen 1 Edward Macbeth / Eurydice Macbeth
Gen 2 Isolde Dour, James Macbeth-Hart, Madison M-H, Ingrid Finn (née M-H), Alexander M-H and Theodore M-H / Verity Macbeth.
Gen 3 Christopher Dour / Eleanor and Ruby Macbeth-Hart / Helix, Panic and Mercutio Macbeth-Hart / Patrick, Murder and Redrum Finn / Ushabti Macbeth -Hart.

I've grown to prefer gender-neutral names, too.
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#47 Old 12th Jul 2007 at 4:09 PM
Hi there

I generally use names of people I know, such as friends and relatives, when I'm starting out a new family. For example, my legacy founder is Rob Shumaker, after two friends of mine from college.

The names I use for the children come from a few different sources. Some are names of friends and family, some are just names I like. Others are names that I randomly pick in a babyname book.

My favorites so far (and most commonly used..) are:

Grace (Gracie)


My legacy sim, Rob, has married the maid, Kaylynn, and they have twins, Isaiah and Gracie. The twins are children, and they also have a baby named Isaac.
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#48 Old 13th Jul 2007 at 2:09 AM
I'm playing an alphabet legacy family, and the theme of their family is pi (you know, 3.14159265358979...) with the length of the name corresponding to the digit of pi they fall on--the founder has three letters to her name, the first Sim born into the legacy has 11 letters to his, and so on. Their last name is Perimetron, the Greek word for "perimeter" (the perimeter, or circumference, of a circle divided by its diameter = pi).

My Poverty Challenge founder is named Penny Penury ("penury" means poverty, kind of), and her firstborn daughter is named Millicent .

Favorite first names for Sims: Lily, Madeline/eleine, Julia, Phoebe. I don't use any names too often because I try to find names that "fit" the family.

Lucidity: Love your family's naming scheme!

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Originally Posted by angel f
I deleted my old neighbourhood and made a new one. Here are the names of my main family:

Gen. 1: Hermione and husband Stuart
Gen. 2: Edrik, Sarah and Sam
Gen. 3: James, Kiki, Finn, Jess, Kristian, Dominic and Jenny
Gen. 4: Ian and Martin

Next kids from gen. 4: Alistair, Lucy, Simon and Melissa
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I can never come up with good names. I allways use names like Smith or Jones or the more common names.
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