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Default What's happening in your game right now
I saw a similar thread on another forum and loved reading those stories. So here we go.

This day I spent with the Acosta family.
Terhi and Hairo were living in Huvikumpu with their twins Anita and Annabell. The girls turned into teens and I had them find their own place.

Anita was the first to find her own place, with a bit over 800 simolean in her account, she bought a 1x2 land for 300 simoleans. Then sold the land to John Ross Ewing - so she can get some money to buy a toilet. With the money she had - she was able to build a 3x3 square room, with a bed and a sink, and a toilet behind the house. As a knowlage sim she's suppose to do all kinds of knowlage things, but Anita dreams of becomin a jazz musician. She's an A+ student and is currently working in the local nurisng home, she would have loved to continue working in the music store, but a girl needs more than a bed and a toilet, so she cannot really afford to have days off from work, so she keeps changing jobs to avoid days off. The house is now 4x3 - she has a door but no windows - wooden floor but no tapestry. After a week of washing hands to keep her hygene up, she finally got enough monney to buy a tub. Both tub and toilet are still outside behind the house. Anita's income is not big, but neither are her expenses, she's still getting student discount for the rent and thus only has to pay 25 simoleans a week, but that will go to 500 when she turns into an adult. To get some experience in the music industry, Anita started her own business. It's basically her rapping on her lawn in the hopes for a few tips. Second day of business, her mom came to visit and immediately started poking, slapping, and shuving one guy untill they had a fight. When that was done, she started it all over again, and they had another fight. After winning this one she started poking some female customer. Thanks to mom, 3 customers have negative customer loyalty, and one of these is the mother herself. Way to go mom :handbag:

I love the house the Acosta's were living in but it's a tiny bit too big - it doesn't lag or anything, but I just like them smaller. So - with the girls gone, and no need for so much space, it was time for the Acosta's to move out.
They moved to a small plasticbox city house - did just the tinyest of renovation and the house is now perfect for them. Terhi continued working as a highschool teacher - and Hairo who had stayed home to take care of their four kids while his wife pursued her career, decided it was time he went back to working life and got a job as an army recruit. So they lived this happy middle class life. They went to work during the day, and in the evening had their children (Luna and her husband and Anita) come and visit. Even thou Terhi would have preferred for Anita to pursuit some knowlage carreer - Hairo was happy Anita had found her calling. So to help her out he bought her a guitar. Hairo passed away two days after this, while his wife was just walking across the room to give him a kiss. He was 71.

Terhi inherited 10 000 simoleans, and the girls a bit over 4000 each. This monney is going to help the teens alot, Anita can finally have an indoor toilet. Annabell on the other hand is still in the family bin, she's an D student and has no intention of fixing it - so the monney she inherited has to last her untill she turns into an adult.

I stopped playing after Hairo died - as I have no idea what to do with Terhi. Work home - work home - is a very boring way of life. I wish I had BV - so she could start traveling. It's still over a month before it come on macs, but with the speed I play - she might end traveling after all.

Ok people -that's it for me for the day - whats happeing in your games right now?
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At the moment I have been playing the Lunsford family:

Basically the guy Matt is an immature jock type who'se fiance Persephone Schwarzenberg broke up with after catching him in bed with a teenage girl. Matt was a little dissapointed because having a dutch vampire fiance was cool and he only hooked up with teen Erika Phillips because he fancied her older sister Alexsis. Alexsis is a lesbian though so he had no chance with her.

Things seemed ok till Erika and Alexsis's mother Maire showed up extremely annoyed that he had knocked up her youngest daughter and demanded that the two get married now to make sure he won't run off and abandon Erika with a baby. So reluctantly he married the immature for her age Erika in a small back-garden wedding.

The baby was a girl who Erika named Britney after Britney Spears, and Matt now had to give up his bachelour life to change nappies. Poor Persephone also discovered she was pregnant after breaking up with Matt (which was a total shock to me too inteen can surprise you) but due to the stress of it all she miscarried. Matt soon became infatuated with the hot young Swedish nanny Karin (three bolts of chemistry and everything) and spent all his time giving her generous tips. He also has a rather kinky affair going on with Kaylynn the maid (It's a custom hood so it has the Pleasentview townies and NPCs by default).

Erika is getting stressed with being married with a baby now as she is only 16. Britney grew up into a toddler and Erika decided to go clubbing at Persephone's night club with her best friend Lambrini Chav. Erika then met Abejjiet Delpwhatevercan'tspellhisnamebutthattownieguy on the dancefloor and snuck off with him to the bathroom..*ahem*. After that Erika was caught by Persephone who went mad at having that homewrecker in her club and kicked her out.

That thing with Abejiiet Whateverhisnameis resulted in Erika getting pregnant yet again (she's very dumb), and she had another daughter called Shakira. Erika let Matt believe that the baby was his. Shakira didn't live very long as she was born with the dreaded "Maxis-skin-despite-having-default-replacements syndrome" (minor glitch in my game). After she died, Erika moved her urn into Britney's room so her kids could still sleep in the same room together.

Just before I left the game I had Matt discover that Erika had a one night stand with Abehjiiet and go mad (because he's a hypocrite). Now he's even more determined to get it on with Karin, poor Karin is totally oblivious to it all though.

Abejheiit is now getting it on with Lambrini instead.

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Today I was playing the Ronalds family.

I had just moved them into their brand new modular home. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, and a living room. They have a lovely garden where they grow vegetables and fruits. They also added a nice pond in the backyard so they can go fishing. After they had their first child, Camile Ronalds, Jacklynn and Alexander Ronalds decided to add a sunroom to the backyard. They covered the patio with a glass roof and put glass walls around it and now they spend a lot of time there relaxing and reading in the warm sun. Right now Jacklynn Ronalds is on Maternity Leave because she is expecting her second child, which I am hoping is a girl. If it is a girl, it's name will be Desiree, and if it's a boy, it's name will be Scott. I am also planning on sending the family on a Far East Vacation as soon as the kids are old enough to come along with the parents on the trip.
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I spent a few hours with the Mancuso family.

Nothing dreadfully exciting, elder wife Marisa has had her two oldest sons (Jacob and Liam) move out of home to University, and is awaiting her teen daughter (Amelie) doing the same. Amelie has only 2 years to go until she is eligable (I make teens wait until 5 days before adulthood), and wants to call her brothers everyday to check up on the latest gossip!

Meantime, both Jacob and Liam have live-in girlfriends, which their parents approve of. In fact, Anthony (father) is two-bolt keen on Jacob's girlfriend, though he keeps it a secret!! Liam and his girlfriend are going through a rough patch at the moment, after one of his Professors flirted with him in front of his love (they had never met before). Ivy (the girlfriend) is prone to fits of sobbing, worried that her feelings may be hurt again.
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Right now:

After Edie Rhodes moved to college with her friends, her younger sister Aubrey became a teen. While Aubrey's mother Marianna focused most of her time on hanging out with her best friend Kamaria Billings, and trying to make up for running out on her premature wedding to Corey Pearson, Aubrey began to bond with the neighborhood teens. She became best friends with the Johnston twins, Brynn and Cadence, as well as Jenna Barnett, whose older sister Katherine is the best friend of Edie. Aubrey also has a new boyfriend in Justin Black, son of Sarah Black and Torrey Lange. Through Justin, she met his cousin Johnny (son of Marcus Black and Lucy Burb), his neighbor Sean Simpkins, and his best friend Robyn Carnell (whose big sister is yet another friend and roommate of Edie's). Aubrey and Robyn are not friends, and Aubs is not pleased with the time Justin spends with Robyn. An emotional rant to Sean turns into a makeout session, which Justin sees. Heartbroken, Justin invites Robyn over and surprises her with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Marianna Rhodes is still living uncomfortably under the same roof with former fiance' Corey, trying to patch things up. Little does she know, Corey has a growing attraction to Kamaria.

Down the street Marcus Black finds out shocking news about his wife Lucy Burb. Lucy is much younger, in fact Lucy grew up with his daughter Sarah. They lived together during college. Since marrying Lucy, Marcus has seen his daughter grow distant. Whenever he comes to visit his grandsons Justin and Kingston, Sarah barely says two words. He has just discovered that Lucy and Sarah's bond was not sisterly...they were in love! But who is Marcus to judge...the only reason he went after Lucy was because he couldn't have her mother Jennifer!

Sarah Black lives alone with her two sons while their father Torrey finishes up his last semester of college. Only problem is, Sarah's been engaged to Torrey's roommate the whole time. Which one will she choose? And is she truly over Lucy?

My sims have drama. Blame the soap operas I was forced to watch as a kid, lol.
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This is why I hate twins, I keep messing up with their names. The teen I kept calling Anita in my first post was actually Annabell, and the one I played with today was Anita.

Today was strictly a Anita Acosta day. Conterery to her sister Annabell - Anita wants everything right now. Instead of working on her grades to get a job and survive with that - she took a loan from John Ross Ewing with an intrest rate of 9%. With the money she got from the loan and her inheritance she rented a small house - went on a shopping spree - bought a car - tv - stereo, bar - everything and anything she thought of. Her rent is not that big yet, 170 simoleans a month, but when the student discounts runs out - it's 500 simoleans baby + the loan. But all that is in the distant future - at the moment the only thing Anita cares about are her parties and friends. She started out with a net worth of 20 900 but is currently at about 17 000. She still has a good 10 days before becoming an adult. She's now down to her last 500 simoleans - she should be fine - as there's always furniture to sell if things get tough. She dreams of becoming a star - so when ever she becomes an adult and counterfeits one collage diploma - we can start waiting for the entertainment career to pop up.
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hmm, right now I am trying to focus on my Legacy story, which isn't completely a legacy, more like the trials and tribulations..hehe.....and occasionally I break away from it and play a maxis character of rebuild some houses etc......also building som BV hotels...thats kind of fun!
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Been playing the Goth legacy today. Carla and Tyler (married elders, Carla is generation 1) bought a cabin in Three Lakes and took a trip out. Tyler found the map to the Hidden Burrow, so they go along and try to befriend Bigfoot. All is going well until Carla influences Bigfoot to hug Tyler. Tyler hates his Bigfoot hug and his relationship with Bigfoot goes down. So, I get Tyler to influence Bigfoot to hug Carla, and unfortunately it's not a Bigfoot hug but a romantic hug, for reasons unknown as their relationship isn't even up to friends yet. So Tyler sees the hug, gets the memory of Carla cheating, and then slaps her. She aplologises, goes to hug Tyler, and Bigfoot thinks she's cheating on him, more slaps, and now everyone is furious with everyone else. Tyler and Carla end the vacation early so I can fix it all on the home lot with the L+D tombstone, but just after they arrive home, ...Tyler dies of old age!
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Today I've build Khia Modelling Agency building and started to decorate it. It has one living room/waiting room, one office for the manager, one meeting room and one photostudio. I've only finished decoratig the office and the waiting room. I just have to add some pictures on the wall in the waiting room and then I'm going to decorate the meeting room and the photostudio. After that, I will start landscaping. I'm thinking to make a pond and a bridge that will work as a runway. Because on this lot the motives will be 100% all the time, I don`t need a bathroom, but for the sake of realism I will build one. After I finish decorating, I'm moving the manager there and take photos.
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Aryxa - your vecation was hilarious :D
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The DeBarbarak family had a lovely Christmas vacation to Three Lakes today. BriAnna, her kids Audrey and Gabriel and her hunky neighbor/lovah did normal Christmassy things; baked cookies, exchanged gifts, did a little axe-throwing... if you have a family like mine, you'll agree that that particular activity should be mandatory in real life holidays, too.

I also did a little bit of a photo-shoot for a family-album I’m putting together for BriAnna. She started life in TS1, so it was fun to age her down and play a bit with her as a toddler, child, etc.
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Originally Posted by IntrepidLlama
so it was fun to age her down and play a bit with her as a toddler, child, etc.

how do you age down/up sims?
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honey, with insiminator hack.
7th Nov 2007 at 10:01 AM
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Well...Right now...Is loading.... ....Takes a sim life to do it...

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I'm playing my first ever legacy-type family. Actually it's not even a real legacy, as I made a CAS couple as opposed to a single adult Sim. I made them because I needed a set of parents for townie child Elizabeth Go. Since I'd just downloaded Enayla's Asian skintones I wanted to try out making some Chinese Sims, and I figured I could make them her adoptive parents. So I made Mei Li and Aaron Go (dunno if those names are Chinese or not, and I don't really care). Then I made Randy and Trisha Donaldson, who looked a lot like Elizabeth. With Insim I made the last two Elizabeth's parents, aged her down to toddler, then I killed them both off, and the social worker came to pick up Elizabeth. I went to the Go house (one of the little ones near the Brokes) and was gonna furnish it nicely and everything, but then on a whim I decided to do it cheatless, and they had a very scarcely decorated home. I gave them both jobs, and I didn't use any cheats or anything to keep 'em happy, and it was SO MUCH FUN. Everytime one of them got home and brought money with them, I was like "OMGYAY NOW I CAN BUY CURTAINS!!" So they eventually finally had a nicely decorated house and good jobs, it was time to call the adoption service and adopt Elizabeth. But then I fell too much in love with the idea of tiny little Chinese toddler, so I let them try for baby and I figured I could let the baby, once it's grown up, adopt Elizabeth. And then I checked Mei Li's pregnancy status with Insim and discovered she was going to have twins! I can't wait for two adorable Chinese tots.
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Continuing to fill up the neighborhood population slowly but steadily. I'm up to thirteen sims now in five different households. Not much considering I had over thirty families this time last year, but I'm working on it. Right now, I'm getting ready to decorate Josh Hudson's new house, and shortly thereafter will hook him up with his wife-to-be and start a family.

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Right now i'm playing Trenice Sanchez's house. She's renting a small 2 bedroom house, she has a set of boy/girl twins, and she aspires to be the law. She's struggling right now though. I think she's making about 500 when she goes to work. Can't remember though, but it's something low like that. But she has a ton of overhead. Her rent is 3,000 simoleans a week (monique's automatic payment mod), and her bills are about 2,000 a week (squinge's increased bills x10 mod). She get's 1,400 a week in child support, but that doesn't go too far. She'd like to get her kids into private school, which costs 5,000 simoleans per child, not to mention the fees everyday, but I don't think that's gonna happen. If she can't pay her rent this week, then she's getting evicted. Would hate to see her move into a less than desirable area. :devil2:
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Originally Posted by zizismommy
Her rent is 3,000 simoleans a week (monique's automatic payment mod), and her bills are about 2,000 a week (squinge's increased bills x10 mod). She get's 1,400 a week in child support, but that doesn't go too far.

I love the way you play - keeping those poor sims poor. The Broke's will probably also get a three number rental fee - as they are too rich right now.
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I'm putting one of my story sims, Miera Night, through college. 'Tis a tedious business.
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Originally Posted by ani_
I love the way you play - keeping those poor sims poor. The Broke's will probably also get a three number rental fee - as they are too rich right now.

Lol thanks. That's one of my pet peeve's with the game, how fast they accumulate money. I also use pescado's harder jobs to keep the funds low. :devil2:
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Right now im creating a new nieghbourhood called 'Halliedale'. Its my first ever custom made nieghbourhood as ive only ever played Pleasantview. I never realised how much work it is creating a nieghbourhood, with the making familys, downloading and decorating all the house's, decorating the actual neighbourhood, creating a Uni (Halliedale High), and for that i have to download dorms and decorate them all lol. So much to do so little time!

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Right now I'm playing with Balfour LaCroix.

After being divorced by his cheating wife of many years and losing all of his money, Balfour moved into a small four-room home on the outskirts of town. Quitting his job after several years, he started to seclude himself from the rest of the neighborhood, including his family members. He spends the day building robots and writing news articles for the Sim City Times to make enough money to finish remodeling his house and to make end's meets.

Meanwhile, his friends and family are beginning to worry about him. He has severed nearly all contact with everyone, including his parents, children, and best friends. They try calling several times a day, but he almost never answers the phone. Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, he went out to a public place out of sheer loneliness, only to be assaulted by one of the ladies he tried to talk with. I don't think he'll ever do that again.

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Derange - your guy seems interesting.

After Bob II and his fiance Tara moved in with Brandi - the Pleasentview city counsel decided to rezone the city which led to many houses being demolished. The Broke's had to move out so they rented a house from John Ross Ewing in one of the city's workign class areas - with a weekly rent of 3000. As there never was that much space in any of the houses for three cats and three adults - the Broke's decided to give the two adult cats to Beau - while they kept the kitten. Bob II continued working in the police force - and was recently promoted to vise. After the dust had settled from all the moving, promoting and cat giving - Bob II and Tara decided it was finally time to get married. They said their woes in the local ministry on Bob's day off. The ceremony was small and short - because somebody forgot to invite Beau :/

With Bob and Tara now married - Brandi decided to leave the newlyweds and she moved to a super tiny cottage so she can spend her time working on the garden, practicing yoga and waiting for grandkids. Most likely she is going to take a loan from mister Ewing so she could adopt one of those adult dogs that Cassandra gave up for adoption. Her rent is not yet decided, but most likely will be in the 300 simolean department, her pention is 155 simolean, she has less than 100 simoleans on her account and she just checked she needs about 2000 simoleans to adopt the dog.

Dustin finally moved out of the family bin. He bought a nice little house - that was almost perfect. Only the second floor he had to completely renovate so he could get more space for his study and the attic. The attic he filled with his toys, his chains and his weapons. After the house was done - it was time to play. He grabbed the phone and started to look through his phonebook. He found one guy who's name I cant remember - but he was a thief - so he was a good candidate for a random killing. After inviting the guy over - the guy asked can he bring a friend. Dustin was more than thrilled to oblige. He could kill the guy now - leave the friend for later. Unfortunately the friend turned out to be Cassandra. Dustin send her home and invited the guy over. Now the fun part. Dustin lured the guy to the attic - then locked the door behind them. Unfortunately just at that moment - both the maid and the welcome wagon decided pay a visit. As an artist Dustin needs his privacy. So he leaves the guy in the attic and goes to get rid of all those people. When the house is finally empty of uninvited people - Dustin rushes to the attic - only to find that locked doors don't keep thieves in rooms and the guy was heading home. Disappointed by this turn of events - but determined to get his fix as he had not killed anybody in months - Dustin grabbed the phone and invites the guy over again. After some technical difficulties with his newest toy - a sword - Dustin decided to do it the old fashion way and shot him. The guy's urn is now safely in Dustin's inventory - among the rest of his victims. I left Dusting relaxing on his bed after his work was done - pondering should he kill his maid Remington - or leave him in the gene pool.

Annabell's life really turned around with the guitar she got from her father. Not only was she getting tipped better (max so far has been 150 simoleans) but she also was getting her fun up and increasing her creativity points. Annabell tried performing outside her house but with quite a bad outcome. She chose the worst spot possible - a busy shopping street in the most rundown community districts in pleasentview - near a very busy restaurant. None of the bye-passers gave her a tip - not even her own mother. So she's back to performing on her front yard until the pleasentview central park has been built. With the money Annabell inherited from her father - she finally was able to renovate her apartment. It's now a studio with a tiny bathroom. The left over money she spend on some furniture and a car. She decided it's cheaper to have the car if she intends to start going more often to the city to perform. Annabell has been doing quite well actually - at one point he grades slipped to B because all that performing and working deprived her social meter until she ended up having three undone homeworks and no motivation to do them. That is now fixed, she's back to A+.
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I finally got my living of the land woman setled down. I'v been wanting to do this for quite some time now but it took me for ever to figure out who is going to be the lucky sim to have the honers. Well - meet Arwin Miller - either this one
or this one
Can't remember which one i downloaded - but I'm almost certain it's the second one.
Miller comes from Frank Miller - i was planning to have Marv as my living of the land man - but
1) I downloaded two Marvs but didn't like either of them enough
2) I wasn't able to come up with a deacent last name - Marv Miller is ewh :X
The logical thing would have to create a couple - but I'd rather not handpic a mate for my sims before I see what's out there. Anyhow - this is what happened.

Arwin moved into a small farm house she inherited from a distant relative. The estate - which is called "The Elrond Estate" - was not much to look at. It consisted of the main house and a small shed in the front of the house. With the money she still had she furnished the house and turned the shed into a bakery. She also planned her farm land - and has now three stripes of land - with seven plots on each stripe. As it was the last day of summer - Arwin decided to try to get at least one harvest of tomatoes before winter sets in. She would have planted the whole 21 plots but was kind of running out of money so she only got seven planted. To avoid going completely mad in her isolation - Arwin decided to adopt a dog - Sarah something. She's the second of the adult dogs that Cassandra gave away. Because Arwin was out of money - she took a 2000 simolean loan from mister Ewing to be able to pay for the dog. Unfortunately somebody set up the payments wrong and the next day 1000 simoleans were added to her bills as she didn't have that kind of money to pay. She tried postponding the payments untill the very last - just in case she would be able to get the money - but with only 400 simoleans and one day to come up with 600 more - she was forced to take out another loan of 1000 simoleans to be able to pay the first loan's payment.

The biggest problem with the dog was that it wouldn't eat petfood. So Arwin made some sim food and set it on the ground - and when the dog would eat it she wouls scold her for eating the food. She also bought some flowers in case she wouldn't have time to prepare meals for the dog. At least this way the dog could feed herself. Sarah is still not fully trained in the eating department - but at least she will eat pet food when she's hungry.

Arwin's business is doing well - it's still a gelatin shop instead of a bakery as our lovely lady has not yet figured out how to bake stuff. She is now allegible for one business perk - but I decided she will have none of those - just in case it will make life easier. She is allowed thou to do normal sales with the customers and if she learns fro that - she can use her skills.

Living of the land is quite challenging with one sim, a dog and a business. Arwin's days start at six in the morning and last till three in the morning. The only thing that's keeping her awake is the coffee she keeps drinking. Next summer - when she'll have more crops to take care off - she's not going to operate the shop at the same time - she barely has the time to operate it with only seven plants to take care of. When I left Arwin - her plants were alive but not that good as she didn't fertilize them in the beginning - as only compost is allowed and she didn't have any when she started out. She has the ladybugs but still some plants need spraying - but as this is an organic farm - that's also out of the question. There's still two day's left before winter comes - I really hope her tomatoes grow up in time.
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ani, sounds great!....i would love see pics
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