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#26 Old 12th Nov 2007 at 5:57 AM
The house just after I Arwin moved in

The happy moment Sarah Sarah ate dog food for the first time

Arwin multitasking as usual - while the customers are pondering to buy gelatin or gelatin
#27 Old 12th Nov 2007 at 2:04 PM
Pascal Curious' son is in college- he and his adopted brother live in a Greek house (omg it took forever to find them, but I finally did on another campus- weird). So I've been in the process of putting them through college. Sunne (the alien child) is a history major while Alec (his brother) is still undeclared.
I never make Alec do anything, I just let him have total free will- and he's passing every semester with a C average. Which is odd cause he never does homework or anything, and is undeclared. He just has waterbaloon fights all the time, hehe.
Last night I had my first toga party- it was pretty fun. Lots of drinking, hehe.
That's basically it- pretty boring right now.
#28 Old 12th Nov 2007 at 3:16 PM
I deleted the base neighbourhoods but retrieved them (sadly without my sims) but here's my Sim Story;

Kali Doohickey was a CAS Sim, along with her two CAS daughters, Angela Kate and Some-Sim-My-Sister-Made-Who's-Name-I-Can't-Remember. Let's just call her daughter 2. Kali was on the politics track, even though she was a Family sim. Her LTW was reach Golden Anniversary. Sadly, that did not happen. Kali got married, though, to a downtownie called Elmer *can't remember his last name* He makes surprisingly HOT babies. Take into consideration, Kali was really, really hot.

Angela Kate grew up into a gorgeous adult, whereas Daughter 2 was shipped off to college with Alvin Futa. And was left to rot in college for all eternity, living in Spares Land. Angela Kate got acquainted with one of Elmer's friends who would turn out to be her eventual husband. Fugly lil' dude. Their baby was fugly, too. I gave him surgery, of course.

Kali was pregnant with Elmer's baby, she was called Sallie. Sallie grew up into a gorgeous woman, having babies with a GORGEOUS townie named Colby Riley. Of course they had GORGEOUS babies, but they were all mean except for 2 babies (out of 6!). So I boolpropped 4 of their butts to be NICE.

Their first daughter, Cynthia fulfilled her LTW to Max Out 7 Skills. So I shipped her off to college, where she dropped out because - honestly, who goes through college in my game? A rarity, that one.

But she hooked up with a hunky professor - ironically she only had 2 kids of her own, the other 3 of them were adopted. The 2 girls she adopted were carbon copies, except that one of them had black hair, and the other red hair. The adopted boy was MEAN! But the naturally-born boy was nice and neat. His naturally-born sister was mean as hell, and sloppy! The boy and the 2 adopted girls were shipped off to college afterwards.

Yepp, Kali NEVER grew up, so I had 4 generations of adults!

Pretty boring, my story, but I like waxing nostalgic.
#29 Old 13th Nov 2007 at 8:14 PM
well in the lovely town of river blossom hills greeted some new arrivals last night, Coast Portier and his dog Gage as well as his best friend annie and her dog daisy (both a new breed called giant zephers,basically tweaked grey hounds). they were awfully close before both living and working together as game testers, but Coast finally got up the gumption to ask Annie out and they have fallen in love...sigh,how romantic. they are expecting the pitter patter of little feet any day now...since daisy is pregnant with her first litter!

i'm simply in love with this new family and apparently Sims do more autonomsly than i thought since Coast proposed to Annie while i was busy keeping an eye on the dogs. scared the crap outta me when it went into a cut scene all of a sudden..lol

My policy is: If you have any complaints about anything at all...I hate you.
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#30 Old 13th Nov 2007 at 8:24 PM
Autonomus proposal? That's so awesome! Do you have ACR installed or something?
#31 Old 13th Nov 2007 at 8:45 PM
I do in fact...i thought they only do things like that once they have been directed to do it before..like they will randomly kiss thier spouse once they had already kissed once. never thought about the fact that my game is hacked/modded 6 ways to sunday..LOL

ETA: Annie and Coast got married! they are expecting thier first baby soon and daisy gave birth to 3 pups, 2 boys and a girl: Zap,Link and Pippa...although they quickly gave up pippa and link once they learned that puppies are hard work for a two-income family in a small cottage. yay for births! i'd still be playing but while converting Annies old bedroom into a nursery i was greeted by the most infamous of all game problems (all computer problems to be honest) the dreaded Blue screen of death....le sigh...oh well to quote scarlet "tomorrows another day"!

My policy is: If you have any complaints about anything at all...I hate you.
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#32 Old 14th Nov 2007 at 9:34 PM
Arwin got her tomatos just in time. Her fridge was completely empty in the beginning of the last day of autumn - so I had to let her sacrifice one gelatin for personal use. The tomatos grew on her second serving of gelating. I wanted to see how long can she survive with her 84 tomatoes, best case scenario she could survive untill the next harvest. Unfortunately her 900 simolean fridge didn't have a stock option so I had to buy her a new one - and thus my 84 tomato experiment was ruined. On the bright side - at least now she can continue working in in her bakery during the winter. If the 84 tomatoe experiment would have succeeded - I would have let her sell what ever she shad in her inventory - but not make any new products untill the new harvest. She is now finally skilled enough to do some serious baking - when the crep suzettes run out - my woman is making pie.

Brandi finished up renovating her cottage. She took a 2000 simolean loan from mister Erwing but the dog we wanted was a bit over 2000 so we took another one - a small pudell who had been rescuded from a animal testing facilitie. Brandi is now building a relationship with her new pet. Brandi also joined the gardening club - and is currently growing tomatoes.

Chester Gieke loves his job but still managed to miss work on friday. He's currently working as a hacker - it doesnt pay much but he's happy. Chester spends most of his time programming and playing his retro games. Luna on the other hand is not happy with her job, she's currently working as a project manager in the sience field but wants to do something different.

As you can see nothing that interesting is happening in my game right now. Then again - how could anything happen when I only have time/energy to play 1-1.5 hours a day. Cant wait for the weekend so I can do some serious playing.
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#33 Old 17th Nov 2007 at 11:15 PM
Cassandra and Timothy got their one and only biological child and called her Apple. She grew up to toddler just a few days ago. She got her dad's eyes, haircolour and custom skin - she also seemed to have inherited his five o'clock shadow - but without the hair. Hopefully she will grow out of it eventually. Anyhow it cant' really be worst than the shiny skin of the Acosta girls.

A set of new rules have been set for the Timberlands. As I'm trying to get rid of money from no-where - the Timberlands are no longer allowed to sell their products straight after harvesting - but instead have to physically sell them (Cassandra has also stopped selling paintings - but will from now on hang them or give them as gifts). So just as almost all the sims in pleasentview - they as well took a 3000 simolean loan from mister Ewing so they could build a small shop to sell their harvest. As growing things in the greenhouse is just too easy - that has to go too. The money that comes from demolishing the greenhouse will be used to buy something that will be added to Angel's inventory - so when he moves out - he doesnt have to move out empty handed.
Even thou the Timberlands don't have to pay rent because they own the property the farm is on - they do have to pay a weekly fee of 500 simoleans as extra loan expenses - for as long as they have some of the loan left. So far they are the only family that has actually payed back some of the loan - from the 3000 they took - they only have 2000 left.

Age updates:
Angel will grow up to a teen tomorrow.
Cassanra has about 5 days left to become an elderly.
Timothy got fat but we fixed that - he's five days younger than Cassandra - so he stil has some days to go - (actually Cassandra was over ten days older - but I let her drink - what in Pleasentview is called - "mommy's medicine" to shorten the age gap).
Apple has three days left to become a child.
OMG has one or two before becoming an elderly
#34 Old 17th Nov 2007 at 11:54 PM
As of right now

My favorite family the Anthony Family(Custom Family) moved into their new home finally, and nothing too much exciting. Well then their daughter befriended the neighborhood teen hunk. they fell madly in love and sadly his WHOLE family burned in a fire. so he moved in with the Anthony's. NOW she is pregnant, VERY actually and they got married yesterday. Mind you these are teens. but they are very happy together.
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#35 Old 18th Nov 2007 at 1:12 AM
I just killed off my evil tyrant dictator, Alice.
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#36 Old 18th Nov 2007 at 1:15 AM
YAY... no more dictatorship from alice.... hurrah... haha why was she so bad bacon?
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#37 Old 18th Nov 2007 at 6:21 AM
Originally Posted by TingTong
YAY... no more dictatorship from alice.... hurrah... haha why was she so bad bacon?

True - what did she do so bad she had to be killed?
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#38 Old 18th Nov 2007 at 7:35 AM
My sim Yuki just bought a new house, and a real estate agency thing. She's doing pretty well :P

There's a thunder in our hearts, baby.
#39 Old 18th Nov 2007 at 3:18 PM
ok, here's my little update on the Curious family.
Pascal had met and married a native of Twikii Island. Pascal's alien son and their adopted son went off to college together and are now out of college. Sunne (alien son) built a nice big house and moved his parents in with him. Alec (adopted son) married and moved in with one of his frat brothers.
Sunne married a girl he knew in college and she quickly became pregnant with his baby.
Well this was a really hard pregnancy and her hunger was declining faster than I've ever seen a pregnant sims' hunger decline. She died of starvation (she actually sat down to eat and died). Now her pregnant ghost wanders around (pretty creepy).
So a few days later Pascal, Cara (his wife) and Sunne were all eating lunch together when Sunne threw some food at Cara. Well that must be the secret language of love because they fell in love right there at the table.
After lunch Sunne made his move and kissed Cara (the woman who taught him to walk and talk....). That didn't go too well with Pascal and slapped her silly.
But that didn't stop Sunne and Cara- she's now pregnant with Sunne's baby.
#40 Old 18th Nov 2007 at 7:50 PM
Right now I'm shoving the Combined hoods into Pleasantview and I'm updating everyone's looks.
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#41 Old 23rd Nov 2007 at 6:33 AM
Nothing much - for the exception of 1.5 hours yesterday - I haven't touched my game this week - stupid real life :handbag:

Anyhow - I played with Anita yesterday. It started with a party she was having since last play. She ended up woohooing with Goopie. The next morning I left her in her underwear eating cereal while I went to take a shower - when I came back - it was already eight in the evening - she was fully clothed, the dishes were done and she was reading the newspaper - I'm so proud of her. Only her social meter was down as she lives alone. Anita seems to have a bit of a drinking problem - if you leave her alone - she'll go to drink. Excellent poverty material. To raise her social meter she invited Goopie over. She goes to greet him and starts kissing and flirting like crazy. I turn my back for a second to put on some cream so I wouldnt get wrinkless - and when I glance a look at the screen I see some sim walk past them - then I hear the romance music and the next thing I know she has a dagger through her hart. I checked her memories and friendship status but she's still in love with Goopie and only has the momorry of falling in love with Goopie - so I'm assuming it's the romance hack that kept their relationship intact. She asked Goopie to stay the night - he accepted and she went to bed. Goopie on the other hand didn't sleep a wink - instead he roamed around the house - turned on all her noise making equipments - drank some coffee and left at six in the morning. The next evening (Sunday) Anita decided to go out - the plan was - she parties - and then goes to school very exhausted. So she jumped into her car and drove to the Foundry. After a dinner and some lonely dancing - she left the place and drove to the crypt o night club - which fortunately had more people in it. Anita got into a fight with her sister Luna - first she was dancing with her - but then both of them got negatvie relationship points - so I thought - what the heck - fight. So after a bit of slapping all from Anita's side - Luna hates Anita. Then she wanted to get accointance with this one guy who I think is the son of Thomas Zarubin (he has the same last name) - but he was having dinner with some lady. So Anita takes the woman's food when it arrives - and then goes on a slapping cometition with her. After the woman was out of the way the man was all Anita's now - so she asked him to dance. They danced for 10 seconds or so - then got negative relationship points and stopped - furious at this Anita threw her drink on the guy - now he hates her and has stolen her paper at least once. The night was successfull otherwise except that I think the sleep on communitylot hack turned into no decay of any kind while on community lot - so the going to school exhausted part didn't happen. So Anita is now home with more energy than what she left with.
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#42 Old 23rd Nov 2007 at 4:26 PM
My newest project is the Hogan family, in Legacy Heights (an all Legacy Neighborhood).

Kevin and Ray, are two best friends that bought an awesome beach front property for 8k. That didn't leave much to build their house with, but they managed. Ray married the ever popular Marisa, and Kevin married Katy the bartender.(Both bringing a nice little nest egg and inventory with them- Marisa is a shop-o-holic :D) Marisa gave birth Ray Jr., and Katy gave birth to Rebecca. Could these two kids have a future together? I think so!

After adding on to their beach home, Katy decided to work at a home business and built a Florist shop. Shes working hard at floral arranging and working that cash register. Marisa was well on her way to being Mayor when she joined the family, and has decided to continue that track. Kevin and Ray are continuing their occupations Adventurer and Natural Scientist for the time being.

Working, raising their young ones, sunbathing and sandcastles. Life is pretty good right now for the Hogans.
#43 Old 23rd Nov 2007 at 9:24 PM
My (millionth) self-sim and her husband Israel had their first child, Alice, the other day. She's already grown to a child (in platinum, w00t!) and she'll be a teen soon! They grow up so fast.. *tear*

Sim-Punky is in the Artist field and Israel is a doctor. Israel has high creativity, too, and the first thing he does when he gets home from work is to paint. I'm thinking about having Punky retire and start up an art-gallery at home, where they can sell some of their extra paintings.

This is the most attached I've been to a family in a long time..

waiter, there's a conundrum in my soup
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#44 Old 24th Nov 2007 at 10:07 PM
1,5 hours of play - even thou it's saturday

I'm still considering creating New York - but still have not done it for several reasons 1. Haven't found a good terrain yet - I found a few possible ones - but not THE one. 2. I still haven't finished detective Stabler. 3. I really like my people in pleasentview. I almost decided to delete the whole pleasentview so then I would have to start over - but decided to postpone it untill I'v packaged one community lot that I really like. Then I went to play with the Churcill family and noticed that I can't delete them - I like them too much. The other reason I wanted to start fresh was my download folder - specially the one with all the installed stuff in it and no names to tell me what package is what. I removed it already once - and all was good untill I played with Anita - her custom skin was there - and without it she - as well as the rest of the Acosta girls are white. So now I have to wait untill that skin is no longer used by anybody and then I can delete that folder.

Anyhow - about the Churcills. Conrad Leroy and Beau Broke had a wonderfull date in a run down community lot called the dark alley. It started with dinner in the local diner - and ended up with some woohoo in the stinki motell and the car. They look so cute togeather - it's a shame they can never be togeather for real. After the date - Conrad Leroy got his wife pregnant by accident even thou they were not suppose to have babies for another ten days. They are both trhilled about the baby - especially Betty as it has been on her aspiration list for ages. Other than that - they live a very ordinary quiet life.
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#45 Old 26th Nov 2007 at 8:33 AM
Yesterday was another Acosta day
As Annabell only had the weekend left as a teen, it was time to start thinking about adulthood and what career to choose. As she still wants to be a Jazz musician - she decided to start her own cafe. So she borrowed mister Ewings last 10 000 simoleans and bought this tiny place for 11 000 - unfortunately she had to sell her guitar to afford it but it's her's now. As I wanted it to be a cafe I thought to turn it into a restaurant where you can only order desert. The first day Annabell did all three tasks alone, hostess, server, cook. It was quite energy consuming but she pulled it off - as there were only two tables. The next day she hired her sister Anita to wait tables - while she did the hosting and cooking. This worked up better - but because it takes so long for her to stop cooking when she starts - it wasn't the best way to do it. On the third day she hired Goopy to be the host - but he was completely useless. So the forth day she fired Goopy and turned the place to a real cafe.

Unfortunately down the lane - Annabell did a few bad economical choises. I'v only runned a community lot business once before - but due to long loading hours on my old hp - neither my sim or the manager I hired were that eager to show up for work in the morning so it kind of didn't go so well and after that I only did home busineses. Anyhow - so basically I didn't remember that you can use buy and build mode and *gasp* save while you are in your business. So if she would have bought the building without furnishing - she wouldn't have had to sell her old guitar for 1500 and buy a new one for 2500 and she wouldnt have a 10 000 loan bringing her down. Oh well - what's done is done.

So now Annabell is an adult and her business is a cafe with the espresso stand - one couch, two arm chairs and her guitar. Her new rutine is to open the business in the morning - and call Anita in - the first five-six hours Anita servs coffee while Annabell pays Jazz. Then she sends Anita home - tends the coffee bar and lets the customers play - then after four hours calls Anita back for work and plays Jazz herself. This way she's able to maximize the time Anita works and the shop can be open quite long but best of all she doesn't have to pay Anita while she is on a break. She's able to make about 500 simoleans a day after paying Anita's salary. The total amount of loan was 10 000 + 900 in intrest. The loan is still 10 000 but the intrest is now only 100. After I get the loan to be closer to 9000 she'll put the loan paying aside for a few days and spend the money to improve her business.

Anita on the other hand isn't doing so well. I let her run loose on sunday evening while I had to do something else, I was only away for 15 minutes but when I came back - she had lost her job at her sister's cafe, missed school - she's now an F student and had fun and social one pixel above zero. She still has another 5 days before she's an adult, maybe I'll just let her run loose for the remaining five days just to see what happens. She's too boring to micromanage.
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#46 Old 26th Nov 2007 at 11:08 AM
I just moved my two ladies, Bailey & Hilda DeSieppe into a new home outside the center of the neighborhood. They explore the house, and get new jobs the minute they got the paper--which is becoming my habit, by the way.
By 12:00 noon, three guests start to show up. One of them was Soundwave, a blue robot, who later confesses his love for Bailey. Meanwhile, her sister, Hilda plays poker with the other two visitors.

That evening, after dinner, Bailey & Soundwave have a pillow fight, while Hilda and the two other girls watch some football on the TV. Later, the visitors say goodbye, and the two sisters call it a day.

A few days later, and more visitors come over. Two of them were Megatron, who fancied a water balloon fight, Bumblebee, who had a great billiard game with Hilda, and Optimus Prime, who kept sitting next to Bailey at dinner time. But then, she gets a great surprise from two people. Now, she knows that Soundwave, Optimus Prime, and Megatron have a crush on her.
#47 Old 27th Nov 2007 at 12:48 PM
I've been playing the Sky Family(I RULE at last names =3=)

There's the mom and dad and three teenagers...one girl and two boys-one of the boys being the youngest...the other two are pretty much the same age. The mother is the only blonde in the family among 4 brunettes because of the father,who has black hair. The two boys came out exactly like the father,with red eyes and black hair. The only thing the girl got from her mother was the emerald eyes but that's about it...
I made all of my sims drink pureed boot last night.It was funny to see the two boy teenagers pretend to be shocked by electricity. I thought they really would get smoked,cuz you can see the electricity and everything,but no. The mother,once she drank the pureed boot,started dancing,the dad kept kicking an imaginary box or tombstone and pretended to be a vampire,and the oldest teen boy farted 2 times DX
I made them fish for hours just to get boots. It's amusing. What do they have now?A fridge full of fish.
Also, a random sim decided to take the "mi casa es su casa" saying and put it into action,he just came in through the door while the family was talking at the dinner table and started watching TV. That's about it for now...not really interesting.
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#48 Old 27th Nov 2007 at 2:32 PM
Ark_Sky: pureed boot - first time I hear about this - must try it out
#49 Old 27th Nov 2007 at 5:42 PM
I'm making a new town- the land of Oz.

I just finished making a big ole community lot of the Emerald "city," and I made Munchkinland (I made Glinda and a bunch of kids).

I'm gonna make Bigfoot be the cowardly lion, and a robot be the tin man, and zombie be the scarecrow.

And I'm gonna make Dorothy and Toto in Pleasantville and establish them there and then after a bit move the house to Oz.
#50 Old 27th Nov 2007 at 8:34 PM
Originally Posted by ani_
Ark_Sky: pureed boot - first time I hear about this - must try it out

XD have fun with it...I did like...7 times?It's hilarious...
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