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Originally Posted by Faithlove13xxx
Yeah, it's sorta offensive if they're serious because I spent several hours collecting only confirmed Info for my threads.

The 'Lies & Propaganda' title is not at all meant to be serious - just a bit of a joke, and it's not meant for the posters of info at all but for EA itself.

So much that we're told about prerelease stuff in pictures and articles and stuff turns out not to be true - just look at Freetime with the weekly goal that turned out to be nothing like what we were told, and the birds in the sky that they were showing very close to the release date and then pulled too.

It happened with the original TS2 as well - look back at some of the trailers we saw for it and you'll see some amazing things that look quite exciting that you can't do at all in the real game (swinging from ceiling fans, the girl who rips off her shirt and pounces on her boyfriend)... There's TS2 prerelease photos that showed shiny floors, videos done completely outside of the game engine itself so they looked WAY better than the game has ever looked, hairs that didn't get put in, skintones that didn't get put in, and all manner of similar things.

There's still a LOT of time till TS3 comes out and I suspect many of the things we're being told now will change or turn out not to be true - even if it's official info from EA.

This thread is pretty pointless though, so...


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