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2 New Exclusive VIP Screen Shots
For those of you who aren't able to see the two new exclusive VIP screen shots, here they are:


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I love that rocket in the background of the astronaut pic!! The building looks fantastic! Cant wait :D:D
Ooooo just noticed the baby/ toddler in the background of the police pic. Looks much better than that scary looking one from a while ago! Hair and clothes and everything!
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Thanks frankie!

Those screenshots look awesome, I can't wait for the game!
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Originally Posted by tinyhayuk14
Ooooo just noticed the baby/ toddler in the background of the police pic. Looks much better than that scary looking one from a while ago! Hair and clothes and everything!

I agree but that looks like a toddler if you really pay close attention. It's too long and tall to be a baby plus that carrying animation is the same as when teens and older carry toddlers. Remember, when they carry babies it's more that the baby is almost lying in their arms. So if that's the case, then toddlers already have hair in Sims 2 and clothes as well. But I do hope that babies will too have hair and clothes. That's why I never download the default replacement baby outfits because you have to turn the game on and off just to switch and I don't have that kind of patience. EA really needs to learn from this and at least offer a new clothing system for babies and at least SOME hair, even if it's very minimal. Babies are not all bald, in fact, most babies have hair right when they're born. Maybe also make babies's needs, relationships, etc., viewable unlike in Sims 2 without a hack.
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You're killing me Frankie! I'm afraid I won't be able to run it, but the more I read the better it looks. :weep:

I can't wait to make a sim that is Insane, Good, Evil, Paranoid, and Neurotic! Sounds like it'd be an interesting combination. :dumbfunny

I read that some characters may be transeferred. I wonder if Mrs. Crumplebottom will be in this hood... :handbag:

"They can jump, and land, and have no natural predators. Unless, of course, you count me!" *SH-BOOF!* - The Maxx
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Yes, Ms. Crumplebottom is, as it has been stated, but she is the only one we know that will make it into the game.
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Music And Sounds In The Sims 3
Some new info today about some of the music and sounds in the game. It's going to be more realistic and fit specific moods. I've never heard of Jablonsky but he is supposedly a great composer having worked for a few popular games and movies, and he is doing some of the classical and mood music and sounds in the game. I highlighted the new and important parts in bold.

REDWOOD CITY, CA — October 23, 2008 — Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced that award-winning composer Steve Jablonsky will score the theme music for the highly anticipated next-generation flagship PC game from The Sims Label, The Sims™ 3. Recently honored with a BMI Film Music Award for his work on The Transformers soundtrack, Jablonsky has been repeatedly recognized for his contributions to film, TV and videogames. Now, his talents will be used to infuse a rich, orchestral sound into The Sims 3 to reflect the game’s new seamless open neighborhood.“ ,” said Ben Bell, Executive Producer of The Sims 3.

In addition to the theme music, Jablonsky’s score is featured throughout key areas of the game. For instance, in Create A Sim, the music will reflect the creative nature of choosing from a selection of facial features, hairstyles and outfits. There will also be a unique sound to distinguish build and buy modes in which you can create your dream home and design the neighborhood. In The Sims 3, you are able to visit many areas of the town for the first time such as the beach, gym, bistro or even a friend’s home. The music will also follow suit. For instance, when you are walking by the beach, the sound will coordinate. You might hear seagulls, waves crashing and the music will reflect the breezy feeling of being near the ocean. The gym will also feature appropriate music suited for that specific environment such as fast paced disco tech.

The Sims 3 offers you unparalleled opportunities for customization with each aspect of the game including music. You have the freedom to choose the ambient sounds of your game. The stereo feature offers you a wide range of genres to choose from or you can load your own music! In addition, now you have the freedom to completely customise the sound of your Sims voice. You can choose from a wide variety of voices and then alter the pitch to create unique sounding Sims.

“ ,” said Jablonsky. “ .”

Jablonsky was first introduced to music at the age of twelve, when his grandfather bought him a clarinet as a birthday gift. He quickly developed a passion for music, performing in several orchestras during his teenage years and graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Music Study. His interest in film music started at an early age, influenced in particular by film composers Ennio Morricone and Hans Zimmer. He went on to score, compose or direct the music for such films, TV shows and videogames as Transformers (2007), The Island (2005), Desperate Housewives (2004-2007) and Command and Conquer™ 3: Kane’s Wrath (2008).

" ,” said Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Audio at EA. “ .”

Source: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...-the-theme-tune
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Oh MAN now this is great news! Not only a great sound track but unique voices. This is a huge plus for me. Excellent.
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it sounds alot like either A) every lot has a stereo or B) music will always be playing...
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I love the thing that we'll be able to choose from hundreds of voices. There is some variety in TS2, but in TS3 there will be more, you know :tooth:
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Originally Posted by Night Racer
it sounds alot like either A) every lot has a stereo or B) music will always be playing...

Hope it will be just a stereo. Would be very annoying to have music all the time everywhere.
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I like that the voices will be different. I didn't like how all the sims always sounded the same in the sims and ts2.
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Originally Posted by crocobaura
Hope it will be just a stereo. Would be very annoying to have music all the time everywhere.

Even if it was music everywhere, I'm sure there'd be an option to turn it off.

This sounds so awesome! I can't wait for TS3 (:
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WOW this news sounds great, The pitch adjustments you can now make are out of this world amazing!!!
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The only thing is when the Sims generate as townies or NPC's and how their voices will be. Can you imagine a buff masculine guy with a very high-pitch chipmunk-like voice? LOL
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We can haz Political Spoofz?!
i *guess* this whould go here....

lolz political spoofz <3

The Sims 3 Election Coverage Rallying the Voters


The Sims 3 Election Coverage The Last Great Debate


sarah palin sim :Pimp:

edit: there are new pics to?

the only thing i like in the stereo in the haloween party pic and the soccer tabel..other than that..tis all EXACTLY like the sims 2..................
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the only thing i like in the stereo in the haloween party pic and the soccer tabel..other than that..tis all EXACTLY like the sims 2..................

Hey I saw a bicycle too! XD XD XD I hope it makes it into the finished game. XD And those election videos were great! XD
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Thought the videos and pictures were great! Loved the animation! I must admit though I still dont like the sims themselves :S They look more like a step back to TS1. What does everyone else think?
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I still love it! Maybe there won't be some things in the game, like in that first TS2 video, but I think that TS3 will be great.
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Those pictures an videos are so cool :P

I love the Sarah Palin and John McCain sims XD LOL I hope that they'll be in the game as mayor or something (and then your sim can campaign against them)

And a boy and a girl in the children's Halloween picture have the same über-cute flipflops
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The Sims 3 Producer Day: Report & Pictures
Snooty's posted a link to this fan day report and there are quite a bit of new info and some better-explained older info. For the photos, go to the link down below for the actual site because there are plenty of photos that go with this report. I wasn't able to post any of them in this quote. Just scroll down to post #47 on page 2 of that site.

Well I don't really know where to start other than the beginning... so here it goes.

(I apologise for the quality of some of these pictures in advance. Ben moved around a lot and I was quite a way away from the laptop, but I tried my best.)

We arrived at the hotel at around 10am. After a brief wait and a chat with a couple of EA's PR team, we were whisked up into the hotel to meet Ben Bell, the Executive Producer of the Sims 3.

The meeting itself was much more intimate than I imagined. There were 5 of us, including myself, Nicky (EAUK_Aurora) as well as a few other members from the community. Due to a slight technical hitch, we ended up having to huddle around the laptop, which was good in itself. It meant that we got a look at a more hands on approach to the game rather than it being demonstrated remotely on a larger screen.

Anyway, the first thing Ben demonstrated was the new Seamless Neighbourhood. It was truly one of the most impressive things I've seen. Being able to simply scroll right out from birds eye view above the neighbourhood into your Sim's living room. He also showed us how the neighbourhood worked as other Sims continued living their daily lives all the while controlling a singular family. Ben said that he felt that it was something that had really been missing in previous Sims games and really brought a sense of community and larger world to the game.

After that, he showed us his Sims in more detail. He talked about personalities, which was very insightful. He showed us how different Sims in the family behaved and interacted with other Sims differently to each other, based on their Personalities and Traits. He gave us an example of a Sim who had the traits, "Couch potato". This meant that his wishes normally involved watching television.

I also remember him saying that the Sim was also "Innappropriate". This was really interesting and funny at the same time. His unique social interactions meant that he'd take sponge bath's in public of his own accord, as well as freely insult other Sims. I remember one interaction being "Talk about <name's> face".

He then went onto talk about Sim's Wishes in more detail. He also talked to us about Rewards and showed us some examples. A few of which were;

  • Steel Bladder - Which means that your Sim would very rarely have to use the toilet.
  • Perma-clean - Hygiene motive never decreases.
He also touched on the more high-end rewards such as;
  • Fertility Treatment - Your Sim is able to give birth to more children.
  • Tele-pads - Your Sim can teleport from anywhere to anywhere within the neighbourhood.
  • Mood-modifiers - Your Sim uses this on another Sim in order to improve or deminish their motives. The Sim he tried it on passed out from exhaustion. Haha.
Ben then went on to talk about Careers. He talked about how your Sim's career would also play a part in what they did outside of work. An example he gave us was the Politics career path. Your Sim would have to host parties for fund raising if they are on a campaign and make friends and encourage voting.

Another was cooking where your Sim's employer would want your Sim to create new recipes. That would involve searching the neighbourhood and community lots for new ingredients as well as experimenting with dishes at home.

Ben then introduced the Building capabilities of the Sims 3. He said it was something he was really excited about and that players have a lot to look forward to. One new tool that I think made everyone gasp a bit was the "Wall Drag" tool.

He described it by talking about the situation I'm sure most of us get in on the Sims 2 where we've had to rebuild an entire room because we've run out of the space for the things we need. Or we've made the room to large and want to cut it down. On the Sims 2, it would involve deleting walls, re-building, then having to reapply wallpaper and floor tiles, lights, windows, etc.

With this tool, you can simply click and hold the wall and drag it to the desired size. All objects on the walls such as lights will move with the wall, as well as fill the spaces made with matching floor tiles.

The Buy mode was really impressive. He said that the interface for it wasn't 100% finished and many images were placeholders so I can't really comment on the look of it. The layout of it looked great though. I feel that the general user interface of the Sims 3 is a huge improvement on Sims 2.

In buy mode, each object is fully customisable using the customising tool.

You're able to edit patterns, colours, textures of any editable object in the game. He said that pretty much any surface was able to edited in this way. Also, once you're happy with the way a single object looks, you can simply drag and drop the row of swatches you've picked, and that object will automatically update with those colours. I think that we'll all find that really useful, especially when it comes to making our Sims homes unique from each other.

He also explained that you can also share your custom styles and objects with other gamers using the new Sims 3 Exchange which I'll touch on later.

Ben then went back to the neighbourhood. Ben didn't give too much away regarding the storyline of Pleasant Valley. He said that the neighbourhood itself is set before the neighbourhood we see in the Sims 1, as if it's a prequel to the story we already know. He said the Goths are in the town, as their younger selves obviously aswell as other familiar names and faces. Lots of new characters too.

Ben then took us in Create-A-Sim. The layout and tools were quite familiar. The features have changed slightly in terms of where they are and how you interact with them. The skin tone panel is now a slider rather than set tones like in the Sims which I thought was a great addition. One us spotted a green skin tone in with the "extras" panel on that part of the CAS. When asked, Ben didn't give too much away about whether or not we'll expect to see aliens, but said that we can expect "creatures" of that kind.

The catalogue of clothes etc, he said was incomplete as the game hasn't finalled yet and won't do for a few months yet. However, he did explain that each item of clothing was also fully customisable just like the objects in your Sim's homes. That should be good for those of us who tend to only like around 8 or 10 items of clothing or outfits and get more than one Sim wearing the same thing.

The traits panel looked good. You simply select 5 traits from a list. There is also a randomiser for the players that just want to get on with the Simming, or want something out of the ordinary compared to what they'd normally choose.

Ben then talked about Houses. A question was put forward by one of us if Sims are still able to buy pre-furnished houses, which was true. Sims are able to choose from a furnished and un-furnished version of each house depending on their budget.

This was pretty much the end of the session. Towards the end a few questions were put forward. Someone asked about the difficulty level feature and whether it's globally or locally influential over our Sim's lives. Ben said that difficulty can differ from family to family so that players can have more easy going families and some not so.

Another question was to do with pregnancy and how it worked as it hasn't really been elaborated on in similar sessions such as today's. Ben said that they actually haven't decided on the duration of a Sim's pregnancy yet. Either that or he was lying so that we have something to look forward to discovering ourselves later on.

I then followed up with the question, "When the Sims actually give birth, do they still give birth in the same way (ie, scream and then a baby falls out of the air), or is there some sort of hospital involved." He said that hospitals are involved in the birth of babies, which was quite exciting news.

He also mentioned that you're able to adjust the life span of a Sim. This means that all stages of life either become shorter or longer depending on your choice.

He then gave us a quick tour of the new Sims 3 exchange which he said he's also very excited about. The site looks fantastic and has loads of interactive features for online Simmers to sink their teeth into. He also showed us a brand new feature which was the online video editor.

Ben talked about the popularity of movie making was within the Sims community and how many great Sim videos there are out there. So he said it was important to them to try and give movie makers more features and also encourage more people to get into making videos with clips from their games.

It looked really good and I'll be making sure to have a go when it's up and running.

After we finished and gave our thanks to Ben, we were whisked away again to Be The One for more fun and games. I got to share a cab with Ben, so we got to have a more informal chat which was nice. Overall it was a fantastic day and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, it was a truly insightful experience.

Hopefully this "report" has been some sort of consolation for those of you who couldn't make it. Hopefully more of you can attend the next Sims 3 event.

Source: http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/...s-pg-2-a-2.html
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Wow, what great info! The Goths will make it into game but as a younger version than in Sims 1. The storyline is now taking place BEFORE Sims 1 as like a prequal. So that means that we'll get the Goths and the Newbies so far. I wonder if Casandra will just be a baby or a toddler. I think they did this because they knew that if they continued with the future after Sims 2, Bella would either be old or dead from old age and so most people who want Bella back in the game want her young. So now it makes sense as to Ms. Crumplebottom being the original.

I love the fact that we are getting a true color palette of millions of colors to add to objects and clothes. Finally no more Sims with the same outfits.

That new wall tool is freakin' amazing! Now we can just expand or shrink the size of rooms without having to delete walls and lose wallpapers and objects, we can now just drag to the desired size to make the entire room smaller or larger.

And we are getting creatures in the game so those who like creatures will be excited about that.
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Zomg zomg zomg!!! I can't wait for it! There's still nothing that would disappoint me.
And there'll be a storyline before Sims1? This is interesting! I really love what was said about careers! And the palettes are the one of the most incredible things!! I just can't wait to see it!!
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What i think is most exciting about the fact that they decided to have the "young" goths now, and have the story pre sims 1.

Is because, now their story will unfold in a unique way due to the seamless neighborhoods.

Instead of the story changing on every "update" if you know what i mean.
Now they live on their own!

I'm also happy that pregnant sims will go to the hospital! instead of magically giving birth from thin air 8D
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Wow, this is great. Creatures again, I'm a happy camper. And the wall drag sounds great! I also love the fact that the difficulty is adjustable per family, that'll be great for a legacy family when things start to get a little boring. Lots of great info. I think I'm in love. hehe
2nd Nov 2008 at 1:27 PM
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