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I decided I'm going to do one more chapter, so this is not the last one. I love update chapters. They're cute.

Dear Mrs. Barrows,

I’m writing this to you because I am apparently extremely whipped. I’m hoping you remember me, this is Shae Caldwell. The memories are just flooding back now, aren’t they? Well, I was actually thinking about those journals we wrote in the last few weeks of highschool. I found it when I was moving back home from college. That’s right, I graduated that too. You would never guess what I majored in, either. Art. I want to be a chef. Shocking, right? Well, all of those times I burnt the life out of macaroni and cheese taught me something – make something else up. Apparently, I’m very good at that. So, anyway, here are some pictures.

That’s me now. I’m back to my natural hair color (how awkward did it look to have black hair with blonde roots? Backwards much, Mr. Caldwell?) and I’ve also become visually impaired. I’d get contacts but, well, I’m awful lazy. You should remember that, Mrs. Barrows.

College was a blast. I know what you’re wondering. A. Why I told you I was whipped at the beginning, and B. Where the hell is Jill. Guess what. She’s the whipper. …Not literally. But you get the point. Me and her stayed together all throughout college. Shocked that I can stay with one woman? …Me too, kinda. Except for the fact that I love Jill more than anything in life. Is this an AWW moment? Because if it isn’t, I have one. I proposed to Jill our last week of college. I did it all cute, too. I got her favorite song on CD, and then played it. So she came into the main room of the dorm, and everyone was standing around and I proposed to her in front of the stereo.

Yeah, I thought it was pretty cute. I may be a complete *** sometimes, but I can be extremely adorable when the time comes. Oh, and if you’re wondering, she said yes.

So I guess the whole point of this was to say thank you. Sure, making us do a project the last few weeks of highschool was a bit mean and ridiculous, but it made us think. And actually learn how to write. That too.

- Shae Caldwell
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That last shot is SO AWESOME. BUH.

And that's so sweet. :3

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That was so cute! I love it! Eeeee, I'm all happy now. :D
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awww that was a cool short story thing, I wish it was longer though. Great job! :gidea: And I want your graphics card T_T
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There's one more chapter left, and I'll just say it now, it's really, really cute.
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Dear Mrs. Barrows,

It's your favorite student ever again, Shae! I figured I'd send you an update since graduation.

Well, me and Jill moved into a really nice house on the total opposite end of town from our parents houses. Yes that was on purpose. Jill had so much fun redecorating that thing...she hated how it looked before. We both got some great jobs...Jill's doing commercials now, you might've seen her on a bunch. I'm working in a restaurant, and totally not burning stuff, it's excellent.

So you might be wondering how come you didn't get any wedding announcements and such? CAUSE YOU AREN'T INVITED. Just kidding. We haven't gotten married! We were going to this winter, but, well, something got in the way.

I knocked Jill up! Please don't give me a high five like my dad. Extremely awkward. Especially since Jill was two feet behind me. Honestly, I could not be more excited. We're going to get married when the baby is a bit older. I think I'll be an excellent (and probably one of the sexiest) dad. And who knows, maybe him or her will be in your english class in highschool as well!

That just forced you into an early retirement, didn't it?

- Shae Caldwell

The End.
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best story award ^^.
I loved it.
I wish it was longer though..

But great job. (:
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Yeah, I wanted it to be longer as well, but I'm afraid I won't have time...'eh. Maybe it will come back with the new baby writing, who knows?
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omg. that would be sweet.
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that a cool but very short story, i like it
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XD *is loling* i loved shaes hes so cocky, very well done!
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Shae's my favorite sim ever, I love him too much. *squeeze*

I'm honestly really thinking of bringing the story back...maybe with a slightly different format, with Shae writing to his grandfather instead...what do you think?
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Awww, I love it! Shae is wonderful. I just love that he's still writing to his English teacher. Oooh, I'd love to see more story - that sounds good!
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I know this thread is old but I LOVE IT!
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