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#26 Old 20th Jun 2009 at 11:56 AM
Ohai everyone, this is my first post! So be easy with me.
I see a lot of you have all sorts of problems and complaints about Sims 3, and that is fine, but tonight, while he was fishing the graveyard for Deathfish, my Alpha-male Sim met a poor ghost girl (Opal) who had drowned, and he (me) went all soft. Then next day I got a random oppo to take a ghost to the science facility so I grabbed her gravestone.. but it didn't work. But she WAS added to the screen and to my surprise she then rode her bike to my house and started living there! So I gave her Ambrosia and she came alive! The look on their faces and the joy they showed was awesome and something you would not have had in Sims 2. It was...emotional. And I now have a fambly!
Sims 2 is a different game, and the people at Maxis are just human, give them a break and enjoy this game. It has it's own charm.
And a BIG thanks to ALL the mods and great guys on MTS2 who made all the fab customs for Sims 2, love ya!

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#27 Old 20th Jun 2009 at 1:22 PM
Originally Posted by Manymee
As a Second-Life- resident, the CAS screen is highly overdue and nothing too astounding, I would also appreciate if we could still hone our sims faces after creating them which is easily done in Second Life but apparently a no-go in TS3.

But then SecondLife does not have any procreation at all, so no problem with endlessly changing a feature that is supposed to be fixed in your genes at the time you finish the creation process in order that the game knows what you should give to your offspring .

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#28 Old 20th Jun 2009 at 1:38 PM
Locking previous thread, Not too happy with the Sims 3....
- more opinions can be found there.

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#30 Old 20th Jun 2009 at 5:46 PM
I do love the ability to color-coordinate items. It was my main pet peeve in Sims 2. I just wish that EA didn't fill up slots with the same item in different colors, though I am hoping that gives us room to insert different items later.

I do not need a lot of choices for furniture, deco, or clothing. I just need some reasonable choices. In Sims 2, elders and younger sims had severely limited choices in all clothing categories and hair styles. I wanted then, and still want now, the option to chose all hair and clothing styles for all ages.

I have always loved challenges, but the mini challenges to collect more do not interest me. I enjoy the challenge of making a house better or playing an extremely challenging family. So far, I haven't found the level four and five families that challenging. I need to play a challenge at the neighborhood level; such as, "Can I keep the families I like from moving out through enough socialization with them?" Awesomemod is helping.
#31 Old 20th Jun 2009 at 10:20 PM
I am really enjoying it. While I certainly haven't stopped playing World of Warcraft, I have played WoW less since Sims 3 entered our house.


CAS. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it. From making faces that are unique to clothes that, while having the same shape, look completely and totally different, I spend lots of time in CAS.

Story Progression. At first, I was scared to try it but then I did and...I love it. After discovering that I need to play the Sims 3 differently than I did the Sims 2, it made my game so much better. Basically, rather than populating the town with all of *my* Sims, I needed to pick just one Sim or Sim family per town and make them mine while I let the game do all of the rest of the work. It's wonderful.

Designing the houses. I had a lot of CC for the Sims 2 mostly because I really like things to match, from the woods in a set of furniture to the furniture pattern containing some of the same colors as the curtains or the floor to the wallpaper having a neat pattern or texture. Now that I can control that, I spend less time decorating houses because I don't have to spend time searching through my tons of CC or time setting up all of the "sets" in their correct places (though I did like that aspect of Sims 2 and kinda miss it).

Rabbit Holes. While I do miss restaurants and bars, the ability to "buy" new clothes without having to go to a shop is awesome to me. I also don't really care to do more than the Sims 3 lets me do with my Sims at work; while I enjoyed a lot of the ideas and objects from OFB, I detested taking my Sims to work. I don't care to have to control my Sim in the bookshop or grocery and designing businesses was never my thing, so yeah...I kinda like the rabbit holes.

Moodlets. This makes keeping my Sims happier so much easier. I like the duration on all of them and enjoy the different ones different Sims get for different things.

Traits. I had some pretty interesting Simmies in Sims 2 and after switching them over to Sims 3, with the awesome CAS and trait system, they have really come alive for me. I also feel like I can tell some stories in a new way than I could in Sims 2 because of traits - for example, my young male Sim who married young and lost his wife soon after their first child really is more like I thought he would be since I chose neurotic as one of his traits.

Whew. I like it a lot, can you tell. Now:


Expansion Pack goodies. There were a lot of things from the expansion packs that I absolutely adored. There were the apartments in Apartment Life (I loved when your neighbors were so loud they woke you up and felt it was much more realistic that a young Sim just starting out would be more likely to rent an apartment/duplex/townhouse than to have the cash to buy their own home) and the weather from Seasons (though please please please don't make me micro-manage the length of them!). I also liked the *idea* of University, though the implementation was lacking (it was a chore more than fun to send a kid to college). Gimme Free Time back completely, please and if the Pets have traits, I want that one, too!

Collecting/Mini-games. If I want to spend hours mindlessly farming for ore, fish or gems, I'll go play my fishing/mining/jewelcrafting warrior in World of Warcraft and even then, ugh, it's my least favorite part of playing WoW. Maybe if I make a Sim who just lives off of that stuff, I like it more but I doubt it.

While I like the seamless neighborhood, I honestly thing part of it is lost on me. I tend to have Sims who stay home. A lot. Heh.

Edit: Oh, and no more weird things like aliens and plant sims and the like, pretty please (yay for them not being in base game!). I never played with 'em and in fact, rarely used the telescope because I didn't want pregnant men. >.<
#32 Old 21st Jun 2009 at 8:59 PM
I (just) like it I guess. The not family album and memories make me incapable of making stories like in the Sim 2 and it's too bad, really too bad.

But there are this lovely landscape, these beautiful sunsets, this easy way of recoloration... The game isn't too bad finally.
But I'm not sure at all to continue to play with it a long time.

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#33 Old 21st Jun 2009 at 10:26 PM
I LOVE THIS GAME. While I miss Sims 2, I'm not too positive I'll play it ever again, cause I like Sims 3 so much. And with expansion packs in the future, it will make it even better!

My likes:

Textures: Being able to color almost everything how you want it. I spent so much time, when building my house, coloring objects differently. This is awesome! I love this. From the fire in the themed category (which blazes on everything from my bed to all over the new Prius!) to the wood and stone/rocks which I really love. This is one of the best parts of this game.

Working: Lovely new updates with the working. While we can't watch 'em work (and don't you think, still, after a while it would be boring anyway) you can still do so much with it. And if you get bored watching the building they work in, watch the others sims... which leads to...

Seamless Neighborhood! Love the very little loading times and the way we can go around the neighborhood in a snap and watch all the sims go about their day. Just fantastic!

The graphics: Scenery, details, etc, all just amazing. From the beautiful sunsets to the lovely... well, everything! Just awesome. I had to make a beach house just so I could get a wonderful view of the sunset over the lake... whew, boy, did I get it! Love it!

Traits: Imagine the possibilities! you could have a, say, evil genius who loves to steal. Or a Romance kind of sim with all of the trimmings (flirting, great kisser, etc.) And of course a whole lot more!


CAS: I used to spend a lot more time in CAS on Sims 2. But, while some might disagree if they watch me, I don't spend too much time in it. The men's hair definitely needs more, and I hope we get more soon. The creators focused on a bunch of hats! Eww. Well, at least the coloring and texturing helps.

The only other dislike is the few options of objects. We need a lot more, which is why I say bring on the expansions! Yeah!

But overall, love this game. Right now I can't tell if I am going to be obsessed with building houses like I was in Sims 2, or whether I'll be playing the gameplay more.
#34 Old 21st Jun 2009 at 11:10 PM
Originally Posted by ~Po~
I loved it, I hated it, but apparently can't stop playing it every chance I get. lol

Saving one house to play another, the story progression thing, it's still confusing. I'll probably get Pescado's hack this weekend, but I wanted to play vanilla for awhile.

I love the way the sim can be across town, and that little button will zoom the camera back to your sim's house (so I can click the mailbox and refresh their needs). I'm dying for Murola's hacked painting, as playing with needs set to static is too boring. And the camera swooping is annoying. But overall, my sim addiction has returned and I don't think I'll be playing sims2 again unless it takes months to get new furniture meshes into the game.

I don't like playing with static needs either but I do want to be able to control certain needs. What I do is use the bars themselves to control their needs, and not the mailbox. When you have testingcheatsenabled true, activated, that gives you the control to use your mouse to slide the needs bars into whatever direction you want them. You just click on the bar and hold down the mouse key and drag the mouse in the direction you want. You should try this out.
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#35 Old 22nd Jun 2009 at 3:43 AM
I love it very much, if anything could be added I'd say memories and a better body slider. (Nothing dramatic- just bwh) xx
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#36 Old 22nd Jun 2009 at 6:03 AM
Originally Posted by Verno77
Social interaction in The Sims 3 fails to achieve realism, because all the sims love one another no matter what. there's no fear of rejection, because it's as if all sims are attracted to one another and everyone's a perfect match to one another. Sims with all opposite traits could probably get married after a few 100 flirts and hugs in a row. It just doesn't matter, which ruins the significance of any romantic relationship. In The Sims 3, the teen boy doesn't need to watch the teen girl from the window, because he can just go right up to her and start flirting, without any fear of rejection, no matter how pretty she is, how ugly he is, or how incompatible they may be.

In real life, many people marry after excessive flirting and then find it takes a lot of work to get to woohoo. Sims with stuff in common can be queued with a single interaction and quickly end up married and pregnant. Only Sims with nothing in common require a lot of flirts and such.

I've had plenty of sims be humiliated by flirting with someone who was unreceptive.

Use one of your playable sims and send them to work or school. Set their work or school behavior to socialize with co-workers or friends. Then find the person they naturally get along with best, queue up one flirty interaction and then let them take it from there. It is amazing how well they do on their own if they have anything in common. Try it, I think you will like the game more when you see this happen.
#37 Old 22nd Jun 2009 at 5:15 PM
Is the poll locked? I can't vote in it.

Anyway, I'm more of a fan than I was the first day. Sims 2 was too fresh in my mind so I tried to judge Sims 3 against it, which was a mistake. I realize now what the problem was. We went from a complete, in depth Sims 2 with hundreds of mods, thousands of pieces of cc, and a buttload of eps and sps, to a base game. Now, I'm trying to judge Sims 3 against the Sims 2 base game. Well, yes, there are some improvements, but it almost seems like a lateral move, overall. Things are different, not necessarily better (or worse). The more I play and learn about all the things I can do in Sims 3, the more I like it, so I'll keep going until something better comes along.

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#38 Old 22nd Jun 2009 at 6:07 PM
The worlds best-selling computer game
Originally Posted by HystericalParoxysm
Got an opinion on TS3? Of course you do! Whether you like it, hate it, or anything in between, this is the thread where you can post your opinions about it and discuss the finer points of what you think about the game, what it is, what it could have been, and what it should be!

I love the entire Sims line of games. I would have liked to have the abilty to travel from one world or neighborhood to another, though. Here is an interesting article from EA, that I read the other day;

Electronic Arts Inc. video game franchise, announced that 1.4 million copies of "The Sims 3" were sold in it's first week. That makes the "Sims 3" the best-selling PC game launch in EA's history.
EA also said more than 7 million user-designed items were downloaded from the game's Web site.
The entire "Sims" franchise sold over 100 million copies since 2000, making it the world's best-selling computer game.
#39 Old 22nd Jun 2009 at 7:26 PM
I voted for "I like it" but where are the llamas!?
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#40 Old 22nd Jun 2009 at 7:42 PM
Originally Posted by Verno77
Overall it's really good, but there are a few things that bug me.

Rabbit Holes: I really don't like rabbit holes, because, as a lot builder, I would rather have the opportunity to create my own restaurant or theater or store and upload them to the exchange. Currently, there's a limited amount of community lot types to build.

Useless Seamless Neighborhood: I love the idea of the seamless neighborhood, however household you aren't in control of do nothing. It would be cool if your household and other households affected each other in meaningful way. Why don't they throw their own party's or drop by for a visit instead of just calling your sim. Why not have Sims in the law enforcement career cause problems for the criminal career and vice versa. Maybe a journalist can get a sim in a government or law enforcement career fired and blacklisted from the neighborhood. Also It would be nice to have gobs of info on the neighborhood on demand. Maybe have a "view neighborhood history" option in the menus.

Needs More Events: In relation to the above complaint, nothing really interesting or unexpected happens to your household or neighborhood. I would love to see alien invasion or a zombie outbreak occur. Maybe an economic depression can make your sim lose his job and prevent him from getting a new one. More stuff needs to happen to shake up your sims lives a little.

Little Death effect: When a family member or a well know sim dies it seems to have no effect on the sims, especially if they have a many good moodlets. It would be more realistic if deaths dramatically decrease a sims mood no matter how many good moodlets they have.

The Trait Fit: There are a lot of traits to choose from, but if you’re trying to create an actual sim it can be difficult to select traits that fit the character. They need to be more simplistic. Often, a part of a trait fits a character well, but not the whole trait. Also some traits fit a character, but are more extreme then the characters actually trait (e.g. neurotic vs worrywart).

Limited Male Hair (With Limited Appeal):
Ok, the male hair in The Sims 3 sucks. It's just a bunch of emo and goofy hair styles. There's nothing normal for an adult sim to have.

Well that's all the bad stuff I can think of. I can't think of an good things specifically. I do like the game, but all I can think of are ways to improve it.

there's suppose to be a neighborhood editor coming, but there hasn't been any news on it recently.

I wonder if EA will stick the Neighborhood Editor in with the First EP, maybe thats why, they quit talking about it.
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#41 Old 22nd Jun 2009 at 8:34 PM
Default Graveyard
Originally Posted by Flaygor
Ohai everyone, this is my first post! So be easy with me.
I see a lot of you have all sorts of problems and complaints about Sims 3, and that is fine, but tonight, while he was fishing the graveyard for Deathfish, my Alpha-male Sim met a poor ghost girl (Opal) who had drowned, and he (me) went all soft. Then next day I got a random oppo to take a ghost to the science facility so I grabbed her gravestone.. but it didn't work. But she WAS added to the screen and to my surprise she then rode her bike to my house and started living there! So I gave her Ambrosia and she came alive! The look on their faces and the joy they showed was awesome and something you would not have had in Sims 2. It was...emotional. And I now have a fambly!
Sims 2 is a different game, and the people at Maxis are just human, give them a break and enjoy this game. It has it's own charm.
And a BIG thanks to ALL the mods and great guys on MTS2 who made all the fab customs for Sims 2, love ya!

Yeah I agree, the graveyard is pretty cool! Iv'e befriended alot of the ghosts there. Thanks for the info about fishing in that pond. I only fished for a few moments, before being interupted by some of my ghostly friends wanting to chat.
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#42 Old 23rd Jun 2009 at 4:59 AM
despite the little bit of lag during some events with my laptop. Can't argue about the seamless neighborhood.

Still getting the hang of the game, but the create-a-sim part is a bit more interesting though it does seem to be lacking a bith. But then that's what the downloads part of this site is for,lol
#44 Old 23rd Jun 2009 at 11:21 PM
I noticed that if you make your sim best friends with most of the townies, then businesses and parks become pretty much dead after a while, since the game's purpose it seems, is to have the townies out in the town when your sim needs to get his charisma maxed out. I don't like this. I'll look at the town during different times of the day and night and see what looks like a ghost town.
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#45 Old 24th Jun 2009 at 4:16 AM
I give a big thumbs DOWN to:

* Lack of hairstyle selection
* Lack of empty towns
* Lack of matching build sets

I do love the way we can colour everything... but I can't wait for new objects to come out. We had such gorgeous user-made doors, windows, and so on, for Sims 2.

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#46 Old 24th Jun 2009 at 3:49 PM
I am eagerly awaiting a mod that determines who would be around in community lots depending on whether they work, etc. You'd think at the very least the thieves who all work nights would hang out in town at night, looking for people to mug -- and the heartbreakers, looking for people to, er, yes, woo hoo with. It may not rhyme but it passes censorship.
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#47 Old 24th Jun 2009 at 6:10 PM
I've been dragging my heels on getting the Sims 3. Mainly because I'm a builder. I develop characters mostly so I can animated the lot I've designed. I wonder how alone I am in this catagory?
(J. and I built our own home, piecing together various kits, ( seriously) and I have used the Sims 2 exhaustively to show how additions would look. I have used this as a tool for other home improvements ideas for friends.)
From what I've read, my building options are very limited in the S3 version. Before I amass the files of architectural custom content I have now with my Sims2, I will have to wait for expansion packs, or wait for more gifted gamers to develop the custom content.
That could take years....Like I said, I have not tried Sims3 yet, but from that standpoint, it doesn't look encouraging to me. I'm not thrilled about going back to Sims1 graphics either. Is there hope for a simple builder like me?
#48 Old 24th Jun 2009 at 7:11 PM
Originally Posted by caroneko
* Lack of hairstyle selection

I couldn't agree more!!!
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#49 Old 25th Jun 2009 at 4:56 PM
Awful, awful game.

They focused completely on character and pretty much removed the best part of the game: building.

You can't make your own neighborhood, you can't build new lots or pick lot size. The user interface for build and buy mode is atrocious. And for god sakes the pools don't even have diving boards!

The game only comes with like 10 hairstyles. Limited clothing. only about 4 objects per object type in buy mode. The sims all look like cartoonish pigs. You can't enter community lots. The camera interface is downright stupid.

I will be removing the game from my computer and returning it to gamestop. Thanks for nothing Maxis, next time advertise your games without lying about how versatile they are.

Time to return to TS2
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#50 Old 25th Jun 2009 at 5:40 PM Last edited by arkieft : 25th Jun 2009 at 7:27 PM. Reason: new info
I agree with a many of the likes and dislikes that I read in these posts. There are a couple that I did not see so I will add those.


I am learning to enjoy the controls. Using the mouse took some getting use to, it is different than with TS2.

I am enjoying being able to send my sims off on different tasks and being able to check in on them every once in a while to see how they are doing. If I do not get to them for a while, they take care of themselves.

I am looking forward to getting mods for the game, especially cloths and hair.

Dislikes that I have not seen in other posts.

I can not invite other sims to play in the pool. Once they are in there they can splash or hold their breath, but I miss them playing Marco Polo.

I miss Jacuzzies

When a Sim is on the computor or doing other tasks, interactions are limited to telling them to stop and a one or two other tasks. I liked in TS2 that you could set up the next action then and there. Also when a Sim relaxes in bed or sits on the couch, you have to wait until the sim is fully on the furnature to invite another sim to join.

Final comment. I have not tried this yet, but keep seeing it in many threads. Why does it take a hack to turn off story progression? It is in the option menu. ### Spocky but after posting this comment, I launched TS3 and got update 1.2.7 which includes ---- "Fix to story progression on/off selection toggle."
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