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Default 6. Decisions
Kanani, eventually left childhood behind. She is brave and good, so she has already decided on a career in law enforcement. She wants to be a forensic specialist.

Kani, the eldest, also reached a new milestone. She graduated from high school. She was the second Kleptos to graduate and have no set plans for her life.

She chose an athletic career like her mom and Aunt Kayla as she too is athletic. Then, she spent some of her saved up rewards to purchase more options and finally chose to live in the lap of luxury. She kept her athletic job and even got her Aunt Kayla to help out with the training.

With a house full of Sims, Aunt Keisha was feeling pressured to leave. She was the only slob in the house, so she often licked the plates clean before putting them in the dishwasher. It was just one of her endearing traits.

The family would miss her occasional explosions at the science lab as well. There hadn't been any mad scientists in the family since Kane departed. What would life be like without scientific experiments?

Keisha had almost maxed her writing and charisma skills, so she stuck around long enough to max those. She had already accumulated over 200,000 reward points, but it would be nice to add a few more plaques next to her portrait.

Kayla got to stick around just a little bit longer as well. After all, she hadn't lost a game yet, and it would be terrible to have her quit the team after moving out on her own. Also, gaining a bit more cooking skills would benefit everyone in the long run.

However, after winning the big game, Kayla too said good-bye to everyone and moved out into her own digs.

The house was emptier than it had been in a long time. Even most of the family ghosts were hanging out downtown more these days. Maybe they like to haunt the old art gallery so much because it was such a source of initial furnishings. Maybe they just like art.

With more room in the house, Kani got a great idea.

It was time to pop the question. She had already developed a good relationship with a frugal guy she hoped would want to swim in cash.

They exchanged vows right away.

With her sisters in school, her dad at work, and her mom at the library, no one else seemed to be around at the time. So the couple took full advantage of that fact.

Kani was really ecstatic to discover that Rusty's lifetime wish was to be swimming in cash. There would be no need to spend any more reward points on that. As the Kleptos had saved up over a thousand money tree harvests and several old paintings, they would both easily fulfill their lifetime wants.

Rusty has chosen a career in science, so he'll follow in Keisha's footsteps. He'll get to know Keisha fairly well as she is his new boss. First things first though, he needs to get some gardening skills; so he heads off to the library as Kani goes to work.

When the teens arrive home after school, they network and work on skills. It's always a tossup as to what to do first: eat, shower, or do something fun. Something fun is usually the first choice.

Now only Kamiya has yet to decide what she wants out of life. Will she be a jack of all trades, a heart breaker, or a gold digger? Until she decides, she'll keep getting to know as many Sims as possible.
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Default * Score Cards (updated)
I uploaded the spreadsheet that I use here, for anyone else who might like to use it. It is a simple one-page tracker that requires just an "x" in most blocks or a number. The excel program does all the math (totalling several columns) for you.

Here's a picture of the simple one for Pinstar's legacy challenge (which I am currently doing):

Here's where you can download it:
Here's a black and white print version:

Here's a pic of the more complicated Aaroc legacy challenge scorecard. It is now updated with all new stuff for the Ambitions EP, though Aaroc hasn't adjusted any rules yet.

The file for Aaroc's version is here:
The Black and White print version is here:

You can choose to type in the name or initials of the Sim who accomplished a certain LTW or simple place an "x" in the box. The program will track how many LTWs were achieved whichever way you chose.

I saved the excel spreadsheet as a 97-2003 version so those with other versions can use it as well. (Newer versions of excel can read the older versions.) Also, Open Office freeware can read this as well.

Note: I have removed the older files' links, though they should still be visible on mediafire if you prefer just the basic game version or the WA one, but this post was getting unwieldly with all of them.
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Default 7. Careers/Retirements

So much can happen in a short amount of time. Then again, not much really changes.

Most of the ghosts are found hanging out at the art gallery.

They do get around a bit.

However, there are still a couple that prefer to stick close to home.

Sometimes that is not a good thing as the newlyweds would prefer more privacy.

Rusty, who switched from science to medicine, followed Kani to the library one day to provide background music while she read.

All of the teens have now graduated. Kalia still dates one of her old beaus. She joined the science career. After all, despite her mean streak, she is a genius.

Kamiya decided on a gold digging life path. She targeted Nathanial Rangel as his mom was a Kleptos who moved out with about 150,000 simoleans. Since he was already in a relationship, Kamiya first asked him to move in.

Then, he called over his fiancée, Kirsten, and broke up with her.

Once he was free, Kamiya immediately snapped him up.

She does feel that he could use some extra caffeine for quick energy though.

She joined the medical field while Nathanial got a job in politics.

No one even worries if he works on electrical items.

One does wonder how long the marriage will last.

Kanani, the youngest, had already decided on a career in law enforcement. As Billy found out several generations ago, painting is an important skill when recreating crime scenes.

One would have thought that all the kleptos around kept the burglars away: 'honor among thieves' and all that. However, one brave guy decided to fence their joint very early one morning. He didn't get anything, but he did get away.

Despite the everyday drama, both Kendrick and Michaela made it to the top of their prospective careers.

The stress of life and surviving the years with four teen-aged daughters is now showing a bit on them though. Oh well, at least they can enjoy their well-deserved retirements.
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Default 8. Gold Digging
Kamiya worried about Nathanial. She was anxious that he might suffocate. She also seemed expectant of fulfilling her gold-digging lifetime desire.

He seemed healthy and looked quite good for his age at their last party.

However, at the age of 89, Nathanial went outside to fish and suffered from heart failure.

Kamiya was there with him when he went, fulfilling her lifetime wish without any negative actions on her part.

It was even nice to have someone else cleaning up.

Other relatives were also getting older. Keisha seemed to be a lot thinner these days.

However, Kayla, the superstar athlete, still seemed to be in great health.

Kani wasn't feeling too well though.

She wanted to ask her great great great ... grandmother if she might be pregnant.

However, she eventually confirmed that fact on her own.

While food was not tasting so great for Kani these days, others still enjoyed a good spread.
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Default 9. Next Generation
Life continued rather smoothly for the Kleptos until the latest excitement over the imminent birth of the eighth generation. Kani wasn't sure if she was really ready for this event, so Kanani got out her cell phone to place a call for any emergency advice. Fortunately, everything worked out okay.

The newest member carries the insanity gene and may, hopefully, fulfill the role of jack of all trades someday. While the delivery wore Kani out, little Kimberly arrived with lots of energy to spare. She just might have her daddy's green eyes along with his darker complexion.

Fortunately, she'll have some playmates her age. Allyson Alfaro, in the ladybug tee, currently thinks more of herself than others. Little Wilson Stover is the same way. They just don't know how to interact with others much yet.

Of course, if their parents are like Kimberly's, there isn't much role modeling. Kani spent her recovery time creating a cool new painting. This one will definitely go on the wall of fame. (It will replace an older, rather abstract version.)

Kani's mother also painted a never-seen-before rendition of a surfer. As there is no ocean in Riverview, Michaela must have been inspired from a visit to Sunset Valley or maybe a travel magazine. Either way, this painting too is destined for the wall of fame.

In addition to painting, many in the household have been writing books and practicing guitar. Kalia is close to achieving her lifetime want of earning the golden tongue and golden fingers title. If her medical career didn't pull her to the hospital at all hours, she might already have achieved her personal goal.

Rusty, Kalia, and Kamiya all ended up in the medical profession. (Two of them transferred over mid-way through other careers.) Though the money is good, they sometimes lament the work load. While Rusty suffers from technophobia, the gals enjoy watching a little television when they get home.
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Default 10. Kimberly
The days of Kimberly's infancy were idyllic. It was hard to remember that she hated the outdoors and was a bit insane. She seemed just like all other babies.

Kani was hesitant to take Kimberly outside for the traditional blowing out of the candles. Even the paper gal expected a bit of violence. However, Kimberly took it all in stride.

She did look like she might want a bit of revenge for that outdoor party though.

However, with a mom as absent-minded as Kani, it was difficult to hold a grudge against her for forgetting that a baby hated the outdoors when she rarely went outside.

Kimberly was just glad that her mom remembered to feed her.

It was her dad who sat down to explain all about the family ghosts.

After all, there were a lot of the family ghosts hanging around.

It was her dad who taught her to walk as well.

Yes, Kimberly and her father shared a special bond.

Kendrick and Michaela also shared a special bond. They spent a lot of time together even while pursuing different interests.

Kimberly's aunts spent a lot of time together too, especially Kamiya and Kalia who worked together. They didn't always get along so well though. Their high-stress jobs could cause a lot of tension to build-up.

The two would avoid carpooling. So, when the tensions rose too high, one would just get away from the other as quickly as possible. Driving such luxurious fast cars was a convenient pleasure.

By contrast, Kanani seemed to get along well with everyone. Her law enforcement career taught her to keep her cool and treat others considerately. This same technique worked well with her family members.

Kendrick too always seemed to be in a good mood. Music was his last skill to max. He often played for fun and to entertain the rest of his family.

His wife Michaela enjoyed a lot of pursuits. She too maxed all of her skills and accumulated over 300,000 aspiration points. Her latest claim to fame was her fishing skills as she did finally catch enough robot fish for the family ponds.

Kani stayed busy harvesting all the money trees while the others worked. After all, her sports career only took a few hours in the afternoon. Now that she and Rusty had achieved their lifetime wants to live in the lap of luxury and swim in cash, the money trees weren't needed; they just never seemed to die.

The whole family stayed busy. They all pursued various interests. They seemed contented.

Of course, time never stands still. Kimberly grew rapidly and Kendrick seemed to age just as quickly.

One day, Kimberly jumped for joy.

She had grown up so quickly, she wasn't sure what to do with herself.
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Default 11. Retirement
Rusty did well in the medical profession. He quickly rose to the top of his career and earned big simoleans. However, he needed to retire in order for Kamiya to continue her climb.

After retiring, Rusty starting working out. Kendrick, who had nothing better to do himself, helped train Rusty.

Kanani needed to maximize her painting skills for work. She created some truly brilliant works of art.

She too made it to the top of her profession, achieving her lifetime desire to be a forensic specialist and DNA profiler. She still had to question Sims and write reports. However, she could write her reports at home in leisure while watching over her niece.

She was always such a good Sim.

Kani followed the same path as her aunt Kayla and became a superstar athlete and a sports legend, though her lifetime want was simply to live in the lap of luxury.

Her aunts, Kayla and Keisha, passed away. Keisha even startled a Riverview resident by dying at the library.

She left her home vacant (as did Kayla). Neither had found another Sim to share their last days.

Kendrick and Michaela managed to hang on a bit longer. They seemed as much in love as ever and quite spry for 99 Sim years of age.

Of course, they would suffer from some mental lapses now and then.

Kimberly too could be said to suffer some mental lapses. She did more than just talk to herself. She had arguments with herself.

Oh well, with a role model like her grandpa Kendrick, one wonders how she'll turn out.

She seems fairly well adjusted most of the time.

If only the same could be said for her grandpa!

With nothing much to do, Kendrick spent most of his time tutoring Rusty.

He and Michaela tutored the others as well.

Not surprisingly though, the cup of life ultimately ran out for one of them. Michaela was the first to go.

With more room in the house, Kani found herself expecting again. She was quick to spread the news of her impending confinement.
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Default 12. Two Tots
Kimberly had a normal childhood and eventually celebrated another momentous birthday.

She turned into an excitable young teenager.

Then she got a job at the local spa.

There was yet another burglary attempt at their home one night.

However, this time, the officer who responded successfully captured the would-be thief.

The policeman took his job of selfless service to the extreme and went so far as to clean up the dirty dishes before he left.

Though Kanani is brave and a police officer herself, she prefers a non-violent way of life and can be found practicing her love of music at various spots around town.

All the excitement lead to Kani starting labor.

Before long, the next heir was born.

Though Rusty's hair was now snowy and he had retired from his medical career, he was still in great condition. He looked forward to watching his son grow up.

The same couldn't be said of Kendrick though. It was nice to live long enough to see such a fine grandson, but Kendrick had already lived a long and fulfilling life. He was now ready for the next phase of the cycle of life.

Rusty consoled Kani on the loss of her father in a way that affirmed that life is but a circle. Kani found herself pregnant once again even though Kaleb was still a babe. She consoled herself with some pampering and shopping downtown.

Before long she was experiencing the pains of labor yet again.

She welcomed another son.

It was, of course, now time for Kaleb to transition to a toddler.

Kaleb had inherited his dad's reddish hair color. Though now that his dad was an elder, it was hard to tell that.

Kimberly discussed the joys and tribulations of having two younger brothers with her aunts while watching television.

She did have to help out with some less-than-pleasant tasks.

For the most part though, Kaleb was a joy. He loved looking at books.

He laughed so sweetly when he was picked up and played with.

It's just that having two little guys to take care of aged their mom so quickly.

By the time Kaden was ready for toddlerhood, Kani was already an elder.

Kaden, like his older sister, inherited his mom's hair color. Unlike his sister, he inherited his mom's eye color as well.

Now there were two toddlers to take care of.

Fortunately, the toddlers played well together.

Unfortunately, Rusty's time among the living was up too soon.

Kani was sad to lose her husband.

She did, however, still find joy teaching her sons about the world.

She also enjoyed helping them take their first steps.

Her daughter, Kimberly, was a great help as well.

She always found time to cuddle Kaden.

She also loved to tickle Kaleb.

Their aunts who disliked children, Kalia and Kamiya, just spent more time fishing when they weren't working at the hospital.
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Default 13. Change
The legacy house hasn't changed much over time, but those within certainly have.

Kaleb, the only red-haired child the Kleptos have ever known, is overjoyed to take his next step towards growing up.

He still enjoys his past pursuits.

Now, however, he has a few new ones. Kaleb isn't sure how much help his mom is with his homework. Kani seems to have become even more absented-minded with time.

She is still a good mom though, even though she passed on that absent-minded trait to young Kaden.

While his sister creatively worked on writing a story about two little brothers and his older virtuoso of a brother painted a picture, Kaden too left toddlerhood behind.

He grew up to look alot like his brother, but much darker with his mother's hair coloring instead of his father's.

The boys still play together well and have become the best of friends.

Not long after Kaden aged up, Kimberly experienced another growth spurt.

She didn't change much outwardly, but she was now much more athletically inclined.

She wondered why they rarely celebrated birthdays with cake. Though she hates the outdoors, she thought they could have a birthday cake inside sometime. She even volunteered to light the candles.

Kamiya, who had lost her husband Nathanial quite a while back, also had a birthday. (She didn't get a cake either.)

She wasn't as excited about the changes she went through as the others apparently were.

Kalia had already turned into an elder earlier. She had adjusted to being older, and she still had lots of energy. She made some great catches as she worked towards maximizing her fishing skill.

She also made one of the new wind turbines more efficient as she maxed her handiness skills.

So, a look at the current household reveals that all of the seventh generation of Kleptos are now elders with the exception of Kanani, the DNA profiler, who has now finishing learning all the culinary recipes. Kani retired from her sports career and both Kalia and Kamiya want to retire from their medical careers eventually, but for now it'll keep boredom at bay. Kimberly has chosen to be a jack of all trades and started a job in the athletic career. As for both boys, they are getting As in school, learning skills, and meeting Sims.
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Default 14. Private Wedding
Kimberly met a Sim who peaked her interest. His name is Russ and he is a bit childish. He is a party animal though, and thus he could end up being a heartbreaker.

Kimberly decided to take things a bit further with Russ.

She even did the proposing.

Before long she was planning a honeymoon vacation by the ocean.

Life soon settled into a normal routine once again. Kalia helped get Russ into great shape for the athletic career he wanted.

Then Kaleb faced a turning point in his life.

He was now a teen, but all the unique lifetime wants had been fulfilled already or chosen by his sister and her husband. As a loner, he decided to concentrate on writing. He hopes to earn 40k in book royalties during his life span.

Kaden too eventually left his childhood behind.

As a snobbish, kleptomaniac slob, Kaden has chosen to be another renaissance Sim. After all, maxing three skills is incredibly easy. Painting could be a good place to start.

Kanani, the youngest of their aunts, was now an elder too. Because she had spent so many hours writing reports for her job, many of her skills have not yet been mastered. She should have plenty of time to do that though when she retires.

Kani thought she had mastered all her skills and just spent her time doing whatever she liked. As a vegetarian, she loved chopping vegetables and making salads.

However, when she realized that she was missing a plaque for her wall, she set in fishing with a vengeance.

Her sisters joined her. Though Kalia and Kamiya had already maxed their fishing skills, they hadn't yet caught all the different types of fish and still wanted to catch the elusive deathfish.
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Default 15. Heartbreaker
With Russ joining the Kleptos, the family again had eight Sims. There was no room for expansion, so someone had to move out. Since Kalia had maxed all her skills and topped 200k aspiration points, she chose to be the one to leave.

She didn't go far. She bought a place just across the street. She retired in style.

Life was fairly calm and uneventful for a short duration at the Kleptos place.

However, Kimberly just couldn't cope well with her marriage to Russ.

Russ, for his part, spent a bit too much time thinking about and flirting with others. It didn't matter if they were young or old. He was destined to be a heartbreaker.

It was, however, Kimberly who decided to break up with Russ.

Being pregnant, she experienced overwhelming hormonal changes. She was also a bit insane, and she just couldn't handle the pressure of a long-term relationship. His desire to befriend most of Riverview's female population might not have endeared Russ to her either.

After their official break-up, they still wanted to be friends. After all, they had made a life together. They were both hoping for a daughter.

Russ did take parenting seriously and he even read books about it.

Kimberly might not have read any books. She did however take good care of herself and her unborn child. She pampered herself and even spent some relaxing time at the spa.

The family held a baby shower and Kyanna Kleptos, the founder of the Riverview Kleptos, came.

She grabbed a plate of perfect food and ate on the back patio.

Then, she just stuck around. She became an active part of the family. She did everyday things, such as supervising Kaden with his homework and keeping Kani company as she cooked.

She soon slipped back into her old routine of playing guitar for hours on end. She enjoyed playing for Kimberly and the newest Kleptos baby. Yes, little Katlyn was the daughter for whom both Russ and Kimberly had longed.

While Kani was happy to be a grandmother. She still wanted to finish maxing all ten skills. Kamiya tutored Kani in fishing so Kani would have all ten plaques before she passed on.

Meanwhile, Russ set about breaking Kanani's heart.

Then, he put the moves on his own mother-in-law before breaking things off with her as well.

After all, even though he was no longer married to Kimberly, they were still very close to each other and continued to share the same bed.

That did not stop him from calling up other ladies though.

He flirted with Kamiya and broke her heart too.

At his daughter's birthday party, he charmed a few more Sims.

As Kanani helped teach his daughter how to talk, he was chatting up yet another future love.

His actions didn't seem to bother Kimberly at all. She seemed to embrace life happily, and she certainly loved their little girl.

Unfortunately, others did not fare so well. They were devastated when Russ decided to drop them.

No one seemed to be off limits. Russ even went after Kalia after she had moved out.

He romanced Sims everywhere.

Then, something inside him compelled him to end the relationships before long.

His daughter was learning to count and she could count the number of broken hearts he left behind.

There was just something so magical about being in love though. Russ loved the fall.

He did, however, feel a bit guilty and ashamed of the example he was setting for Katlyn.

Unfortunately, he couldn't resist the pull of becoming the focus of someone's attention.

Oh, how he loved being loved!

He was intrigued by all the unique aspects of the different characters he met.

After falling in and out of love enough times, Russ finally realized that his first love was his only true love. Partly because she was the only one to ever break up with him, Russ respected and admired Kimberly more than any other Sim. He had compared all the others to her and they all failed to stir him the way Kimberly did.

It was okay that Kimberly didn't want to be married, as long as he got to be a part of her life and share her thoughts as well as her bed.
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Default 16. Continuation
Time goes by and little Katlyn grows. Kanani, her only great aunt that doesn't dislike children, enjoys reading books to her.

Kanani, who retired shortly after her last birthday, will also spend time tutoring the paper deliverer...

... and upgrading the new solar panels. She retired early enough that she had plenty of time to already collect all ten skills plaques.

So, when Kanani has nothing else to do, she collects rocks or bugs.

Katlyn's grandma Kani has now finished her collection of skill plaques. Since Kamiya helped Kani achieve her last skill point, Kani returned the favored. She trained Kamiya so that Kamiya could earn her last skill plaque in athletics. (Notice that as Kamiya is insane, she chose to work out in high heels.)

Kani also trains Russ. There seem to be no hard feelings that Russ flirted with most of the female population in Riverview. Now that he is happy once again just being with Kimberly, he has redirected his efforts to his athletic career.

Kani and Kamiya will tutor the guys, as well. What else should one do after collecting all those skill plaques? The guys seem to enjoy listening to the life lessons shared.

Katlyn's mom has changed jobs again. After making it half way up the sports career, Kimberly is now a journalist. So, she spends a lot of time conducting interviews.

Before long, it was time for another party at the Kleptos house. Little Katlyn was growing so quickly. It was time to celebrate her birthday.

The party would also give the teens a chance to meet some more Sims. In addition to making new friends, Kaden might also be looking for a future roommate. He is already looking forward to getting a place of his own one day.

Kaleb, though, is a loner. While all the others dance or converse, he thinks only of a good book. He truly is a writer to his core.

Eventually, the birthday girl has her moment in the spot light. Her dad had to go to work, but her mom was there. However, it is her favorite great aunt Kanani who takes her to the cake as her grandma Kani celebrates loudly.

It was another epic party. Some cried tears of joy. Others just smiled.

As the party wound down, Katlyn's great aunts were glad to just sit down on the couch and get off their tired feet. Katlyn wasn't sure how she felt. She was a bit overwhelmed by it all.

She did turn out rather nicely. One can't tell by looking at her that she has always been clumsy and a slob. Now, she has decided to be a vegetarian like her uncle Kaleb.

Also, like her uncle Kaleb, Katlyn has decided to be a author. She doesn't want to be a professional author like him, but she'd like to be an illustrative author. So, she spends a lot of time on the computer while her uncle Kaden finishes a portrait of her dad who provides background music.

At this point after the party, Katlyn's grandma Kani decides it is time for her to leave.

Kamiya moves out with her.

They move to a big old place on a hill with a great view of the town.

Life at the Kleptos house continues much the same as before. Kimberly follows in her aunt Kamiya's footsteps wearing high heels in the strangest activities. Of course, playing tag in the pool might be a bit strange itself.

Oh well, at least Kimberly is good at helping with homework.
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Default 17. About Kaleb
Kaleb, a loner in a large family, chooses to invite only his best friend to his birthday party.

Marci is really happy to celebrate Kaleb's birthday. She has just turned into a young adult herself. It is such a great feeling to leave school and homework behind.

Marci is very happy with Kaleb's new look. Maybe his newly-developed evil streak appeals to her as well.

Whatever the main attraction is, the feeling appears to be mutual. Kaleb loves Marci. He knows what he wants in life and wastes no time moving forward.

Russ had a unique comment on that. He thought it was a crazy decision. He might be a bit cynical though based on how his own marriage turned out.

Yeah, Russ felt he had gotten the equivalent of a "Dear John" letter from his wife. He had reacted poorly when she broke up with him and he tried to find love in the arms of others. Yet, there was just something so unique about her that drew him back to her.

Maybe that was the way Kaleb felt about Marci. Marci might be a bit hot-headed with no sense of humor, but she loved the outdoors and had quite a green thumb. She was also athletic and wanted to be an astronaut, so she joined the military.

During this time, Kanani finished upgrading all the replicators.

Then, she had a harrowing experience in the catacombs.

After which, she decided it was time for her to move to her own place as well. She moved right next door.

Additionally, Kaden finally graduated from high school.

He continued to try and paint a good portrait of Kimberly whose dark skin tone made it more difficult to capture her true beauty.

It wasn't long though before Marci was in the family way.

Kaleb pampered her. He gave her massages. And, most importantly, he looked at her with love in his eyes.

This was the woman who would carry the next Kleptos heiress.

Marci took her impending motherhood in stride. She spent a lot of time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, which she loved. She also spent a lot of time with Kaleb, whom she adored.

She had worked hard to get and stay in shape. However, labor is intense no matter how physically fit one is. Kyanna commiserated with her, but offered no real help.

Marci was happy when the final moment eventually arrived.

Kaleb and Marci were both ecstatic to have the baby. Kaleb had wanted a girl, but it hadn't mattered to Marci either way. Little Karrena was now the heiress who would in turn give birth to the last of a legacy.
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Default * Recap (Overview)
Another book ends and the final one begins. As the ninth generation heiress prepares to take up pen and start her diary, here is a look at her family synopsis. Karrena's Aunt Kimberly will complete the last unique lifetime want of jack of all trades. (Though she has now completed three of the four careers, the lastest patch has deleted her career history and she may have to complete three more.)

This legacy has been run according to Pinstar's challenge rules with just the base game to this point. I plan to follow Aaroc's rules with the Ambitions EP after finishing this legacy. Excel spreadsheets for both sets of rules and all EPs are linked earlier:
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Default Beginning of the End
When I was little, I liked playing with blocks
and making music too.
I really love my cousin Katlyn.
She would toss me in the air.
I love my mommy too.
She taught me all about how computers are evil and suck your soul out of you and keep you from really living life. I hate computers and t.v.s too.
Momma also told me some Sims eat meat and others don't, but she didn't really explain how come.
She did explain about how come Aunt Kimberly and Uncle Ross aren't married any more.
This is a picture of my Uncle Kaden, Daddy's brother, and my Aunt Kimberly, who is Daddy's older sister.

And this is a picture of my Uncle Ross, who used to be married to my Aunt Kimberly.
This is my daddy.
And this is my mommy with my baby sister, Klarissa.
She always looked so cute sleeping.
And even awake.
I love my little sister.
I like to exercise.
And I love to slide down our fire pole.
I don't like the little golden fox watching me when I change clothes though.
This is a good picture or me, don't you think?
I still play with blocks
and I like to play chess too.
That's enough for today, diary. I'm going to bed now.
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Default Life, Ghosts, & Gnomes
My cousin Katlyn graduated from high school and had a great celebration. All the family was really excited. Would she pursue the athletic career her dad wanted for her or the science one her mom preferred? (As she just wants to paint and write, you'd think that she would just stay home and write. But no, she took after her father and joined the sports career. Of course, that was the first full-time job that her mom chose too.)

Her dad (my Uncle Russ) is a superstar who likes to wear shades all the time.

Anyway, I too graduated (though it was only from grade school), and now I attend the high school where Katlyn went. I had a great party to celebrate.

I did cut my hair since then, but I decided against wearing shades myself.

Some more shocking news we experienced was the fact that Mom was pregnant again. The look on my Aunt Kimberly's face was priceless!

The rest of us took the news in stride.

We now have a little brother named Kurtis. Dad says he'd like to have another little girl, so who knows, maybe Mom and Dad will surprise us yet again.

Uncle Russ moved out saying something like "Eight is enough."

He now lives here and is trying to convince Aunt Kimberly that she should move in with him. Once upon a time, many generations ago, some old spinsters lived there. It looks like the kind of house a sports legend should have, doesn't it?

After he moved out, my Cousin Kimberly changed to the science career. Now she spends a lot of time gardening.

One morning, we were sitting around eating pancakes and waffles and my little sister complained about a dirty plate someone left lying on the table.

My Uncle Kaden came in and took care of it though. He likes to pre-wash the dishes. He is such a slob, yet his neurotic trait ensures that he cleans up all the plates later.

Of course, my younger sister isn't really my little sister any more. She is now in high school too.

I wish everyone took better care of themselves.

I'm athletic and I like to stay in shape.

I've decided that I want to be a leader of the free world, but my experiments with reading others' thoughts isn't working very well.

I help take care of my little brother sometimes.

My dad is super bad, so you'd think he wouldn't help out much.

However, sometimes, he plays guitar to entertain Kurtis while the rest of us are sleeping.

My great, great, great, ... grandmother Kyanna plays guitar too. She swiped one of the guitars we had and keeps it in her own personal inventory. She's probably the one who bought it several generations ago though, so it's okay.

It is nice having ghosts around. They can help with homework.

They do most the cooking too.

In addition to ghosts, we have some magical gnomes. People say that they never see them move, but I caught a shot on my camera once.

Sometimes they move to really inconvenient spots like right in the way of getting somewhere, but they sure are cute and have the greatest poses.

They can be quite entertaining.

I swear they talk to the money trees.
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Default Passion
My cousin Katlyn got a motorcycle. She's eco-friendly and doesn't like using a lot of gas.

Katlyn looks a lot like her mom.

Or, she did, before her mom got older and her hair turned grey. That really freaked Aunt Kim out.

My sister Klarissa isn't very good at school work.

But it's sometimes hard to concentrate when things like the fire pole just start spinning around.

I mean, it's easy enough to sleep with ghosts...

And get used to having your dad glow red...

And even having strangers get all excited when they see you because your dad or uncle is a sports legend.

The reality is always different than it seems though. For example, Uncle Russ is still heart-broken that Aunt Kim dumped him. My mom listens to him lament his misfortunes and then just shrugs it all off.

Oh well, enough about that family history. I've found a new passion.

Klarissa has too.

I think I'm better at it than she is.

I did discover, however, that you shouldn't slide down the fire pole when you're really tired out from all that sculpting.

Oh, my baby brother's celebrated another birthday.

He's now a toddler with what dad calls "toxic" waste.

He's kind of cute though.

And, Dad really does love him.

Uncle Kaden loves him too. He is hoping that Kurtis will be a vegetarian too.

I've been reading up on charismatic skills since I plan to go into politics.

And, I've been talking to those in the community with grievances.

I spend more time at the library getting to know people...

Especially, cute, tan, blond ones.
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Default A Sculpting Life
Those gnomes like to be right in the way, don't they?

Oh well... My little brother has grown up quickly.

He is starting to wonder more about women and dressing right.

He jokes with Dad about his old toxic waste.

My sister, Klarissa, and I still enjoy sculpting.

She made an important discovery though.

One shouldn't lick the frozen ice.

We actually spend a lot of time sculpting.

My dad spends a lot of time painting. He created a pretty freaky painting the other day.

He also painted my picture and we hung it on the wall with my charisma plaque.

Klarissa has graduated from school now.

So, Dad painted her portrait and hung it on the wall too.

My Aunt Kimberly hates the outdoors but she maxed her fishing skills watching the fishing channel (after first taking a class in it).

With us all growing up, Aunt Kimberly decided we didn't need her hanging around anymore.

And, Uncle Kaden was starting to think more about getting engaged.

So, Aunt Kim and Uncle Kaden decided to move out and left in one of our really nice cars.

They just moved down the street a bit.

I too have been thinking about marriage a lot now, though I really hate the idea of commitment to just one Sim.

However, Domingo and I did get married. He was a gold-digger, but now he is happy to just be swimming in cash.

And, Mom is pregnant again.
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Default Kristina
Well, Mom had the baby - another girl. Her name's Kristina.

She is already toddling now.

My cousin, Katlyn, told her all about her broken family. (Since she's an only child whose parents are both dead, we are all the family she has now.)

Katlyn also explained that though Kurtis wants to be a culinary librarian, we have more food than we'll ever eat stored in our food replicators.

Kristina expressed her desire to follow an artist's path.

Speaking of which, Katlyn painted a portrait of my husband, Domingo.

Domingo wanted a job in law enforcement for some weird reason. I think it was mostly to irritate Dad. He didn't like the work too well and has now switched to the military with Mom as his boss. She has so much leave saved up though, he'll probably never see her at work.

Dad got all excited at the library the other day.

But he was rather bummed about getting older.

Mom was really digging her chess match win...

Until she also turned older.

I'll leave you with this picture of a couple gnomes hamming it up by the pool.
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Default Final Entry: Zeneporting
This will be my final diary entry. I know everyone's just been waiting for me to give birth to the tenth generation of Kleptos; but with a house full already, it hasn't been me dragging my feet.

Anyway, my cousin Katlyn, the superstar sports legend, was ready to move out after accumulating 200,000 aspiration points and getting to the top of her profession. So, we sent off her off on a trip to a desert first. She met a Sim who kept sending her off on missions.

She is very athletic, but not so handy. She did well, but suffered a few setbacks. Luckily, she had a mood adjuster with her and kept going all the way to the end, which ended with a mission to hack into a computer.

Then, we said good-bye to Katlyn in order to say hello to Kyran.

Dad, who has been bored after maxing all the normal skills, decided he wanted to learn the martial arts.

It really wasn't very fair to offer him a brown belt sparring partner when he was only a green belt, but he has learned to meditate and zeneport now. In fact, he zeneported the entire family right out of Riverview into a whole different universe; and, I'm not sure if this diary will even be found or read again.

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oo kool stories!!
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nice story awesome!!
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Thanks so much for taking the time to explore and comment.
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